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Automatic Electric Alarm.

Description: Patent for an automatic electric alarm meant to be hooked up to an automatic dry-pipe sprinkler system, and protects against fire. The alarm goes off when the air in the sprinkler pipes falls below a predetermined level. This invention also signals an alert when there is a leak in the pipes, and is an improvement on the circuit-wires for similar alarms.
Date: January 7, 1896
Creator: Williams, George Bayley


Description: Patent for an ax that is "provided with a poll made in two sections adapted to be clamped or secured to the handle and receive a removable bit or hardened section presenting the cutting edge" (lines 16-20).
Date: January 5, 1897
Creator: Crabtree, James G.

Cotton-Seed Linter

Description: Patent for an improvement "to prevent the accumulation of lint within the lint-chambers; to provide for the automatic discharge of the lint from the saw-teeth; to provide for a thorough agitation of the seed within the seed-reviews, and, finally, to provide for the delivery of the stripped seed from the machine" (lines 12-19).
Date: August 5, 1890
Creator: O'Brien, Edward J.

Electrode for Secondary Batteries.

Description: Patent for improvements in the manufacture of electrodes for storage batteries or accumulators by using “two corresponding plates, each having flanges on three sides of one face, said plates being united to form a central space open at top by securing together corresponding flanges on the respective plates.” (Lines 5-9, page 2) Illustration is included.
Date: June 23, 1891
Creator: Anderson, Boyd

Gin-Saw-Filing Machine.

Description: Patent for a machine that is meant to file circular saws. The invention files "saws while mounted side-by side upon a saw arbor, as cotton gin saws usually are; means for moving the file carriage along upon the frame of the machine to locate it in front of the individual saws which are to be filed; means for raising and carrying the file over the saws when the carriage is to be moved; means for securing the file sash on the file carriage and of securing the file carriage upon the main frame by a single act; and means for converting a continuous rotary feed motion of the saws while being filed, to an intermittent motion which rotates the saws step-by-step from tooth to tooth" (lines 15-28).
Date: December 19, 1893
Creator: McCurry, James C.


Description: Patent for an improved lumber-trimmer that has "a suitable carriage or number of carriages for conveying the lumber a series of swinging frames, which carry belted saws and also supporting-wheels, which wheels, if not tripped, will ride over the lumber, carrying the saws up with them out of an operative position, but which wheels, if tripped, will ride over the lumber, but permit the suspended saws to remain in operative position to trim the lumber at different points in its length, as may be desired" (lines 23-33).
Date: December 3, 1895
Creator: Coleman, Thomas A.

Pad for the Backs of Horses.

Description: Patent for a new and improved pad for horses. This design consists in "the air-tight cushion composed of opposite blanks of elastic air-tight material secured along their adjacent edges, and a central longitudinally-disposed dividing strip dividing the cushion into opposite compartments, and provided with openings affording communication between the compartments" (lines 62-68).
Date: April 22, 1890
Creator: Mudford, Charles

Support for Cutter-Heads.

Description: Patent for a support for cutter-heads that allows the operator to easily sharpen, dress, and treat the bits or cutters of the head. It has a spindle that turns and slides in a bearing and supports a cutter-head a pin in the spindle that is seated inn the grooves in the bearings, and a spring loaded bolt in the end of the spindle.
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Kendig, Andrew

Tension Device for Band-Saw Mills.

Description: Patent for "a new and useful improvement in tension devices for band-saw mills; and it consists, generally stated, in mounting the upper wheel in standards which are vertically movable in suitable guideways, said standards being secured to the plunger or cylinder of a direct-acting medium, such as compressed air." (Lines 24-31) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: March 23, 1897
Creator: Coleman, Thomas A. & Coleman, Nathan


Description: Patent for a turnstile-gate meant "to provide a gate of novel construction to be used at the intersection of a number of fences that access may be had through the gate from one to the other of the inclosures formed by said fences" (lines 13-17). It is especially meant for stockyards when several fences come together in one place.
Date: September 3, 1895
Creator: Cowley, Benjamin T.