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Adjusting Device for Compressing-Rolls.

Description: Patent for adjusting devices for compressing rolls which “employed for compressing into a continuous thin sheet cotton fiber; and the objects in view are to provide a simple and convenient means for binding the rolls in contact, and when so bound to prevent any undesired yielding.” (Lines 10-15) Illustration is included.
Date: June 16, 1891
Creator: Goldthwaite, Joseph G.

Apparatus for Handling Lint-Cotton.

Description: Patent for an apparatus for handling lint-cotton that allows air to move freely without back pressure while putting the fiber into a bat. It has a "trunk into which a series of gins deliver, of a primary condenser having a high surface speed, so that it will rapidly remove the fiber and prevent the bat from building up of such thickness as to check the escape of air, and a second condenser having a slower surface speed and arranged to receive the lint from the first condenser and form it into a thicker bat" (lines 29-37).
Date: March 19, 1895
Creator: Campbell, Douglas M.

Automatic Type-Writing Machine.

Description: Patent for improvements to the type writer which allow for automatic, proper spacing between letters and words; will automatically return the carriage to the beginning of the page; and will automatically feed the inking ribbon so that the entire surface is used. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: April 13, 1897
Creator: Templeton, Allison

Back-Band Buckle.

Description: Patent for an improved back-band buckle and an improved hook that connects the buckle with the trace-chain. The lever-hook snaps "into position and is held secure in a pane substantially flush with the lower portion of the buckle-frame when the buckle is closed by the forcing down of the lever" (lines 15-19).
Date: April 20, 1897
Creator: Brown, John Staddart


Description: Patent for a "cotton bale provided with a fire-proof covering in the form of a box or casing of sheet metal, and to have the same so applied to the bale in the process of compressing the cotton in forming the bale, that the said covering will of itself form the entire means for holding the bale intact and in its tightly compressed condition, while serving its additional function as a shipping case which will protect the bale of cotton from fire, and from all possible damage incidental to transportation and storage." (Lines 16-27) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 29, 1895
Creator: Hutches, Benjamin F., Jr.


Description: Patent for improvements in baling-presses by “simplify and strengthen the frame and operating parts, to secure a better distribution of the strains between the operating parts and the frame, and to increase the speed at which the press may be operated by permitting the platen to rise and fall to a limited extent independent of the power mechanism, so that after the loose fiber is introduced the platen may be dropped instantly a portion of the distance to effect a partial compression of the charge by its weight before bringing the power mechanism into play.” (Lines 17-29) Illustration is included.
Date: September 22, 1891
Creator: Goldthwaite, Joseph G.


Description: Patent for "gearing for bicycles, and has for its object to furnish a train of gearing for the connection of the treadles with the rear wheel of a bicycle, whereby the usual sprocket-and-chain gearing may be dispensed with." (lines 7-12).
Date: August 16, 1898
Creator: Brown, Wilson


Description: Patent for a new and improved bicycle lock for "application to bicycles and comprises the novel features hereinafter described and claimed" (line 11-13).
Date: December 26, 1899
Creator: Nordhausen, Otto Von


Description: Patent for an improved rear bicycle-wheel. It has one hub, two rims, two sets of spokes and tires. This invention is meant to be safer and has the qualities of a tricycle. It is meant for a woman's bicycle.
Date: January 14, 1896
Creator: Broers, Henry


Description: Patent for improvements in blind-slat adjusters and locks by providing a plate to secure the cross-stile of the blind; in which the plate having a slotted right-angled portion. “A bar pivoted to the slat-rod and having its lower end bent at the right angle, a screw passed through the slat and provided with a handle. (Lines 96-99) “When the handle is turned to the left, the slats can be adjusted into any desired position, and when in their adjusted position all that it is necessary to do is to turn the handle to the right which binds the parts together and holds the slats against movement.” (Lines 82-87) Illustration is included.
Date: August 18, 1891
Creator: Roll, John F.


Description: Patent for "a combined hand-blotter, ruler, paper-cutter, and pen-rack... especially for the use of book-keepers and accountants," (lines 12-15) with instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 14, 1891
Creator: Betts, Walter & Herbert, William B.


Description: Patent for a new and improved boot-jack. This design is for an addition to existing boot-jacks that allows for wet or tight boots to be removed completely after the heel of the foot is loosened, all without the use of hands. This additional apparatus can be adjusted to different angles by way of eye-holes and screws.
Date: June 16, 1896
Creator: Ulferts, Ulfert Harms


Description: Patent for a bottle that has a mechanism near its opening, and when the cork is pulled out, it becomes impossible to refill the bottle and use it again. The point of this bottle is so that after it has been sealed, it cannot be opened and emptied without apparent evidence that it has been opened.
Date: May 4, 1897
Creator: Phillips, George C.

Bottle-Filling Machine.

Description: Patent for a bottle-filling machine in which "a number of bottles of equal capacity may be simultaneously filled from a common reservoir by the single movement of a lever" (lines 13-16), illustration is included.
Date: February 24, 1891
Creator: Baldinger, William H.

Breakwater, &c.

Description: Patent for an improved way of constructing piers, jetties, breakwaters, and similar structures. "It can be constructed from boats, barges, or from a trestle, or can be built continuously from a starting-point on shore to the objective point in the lake, bay, gulf, or other body of water" (lines 17-21). This invention is especially useful for places that don't have banks or ledges.
Date: August 9, 1892
Creator: Shannon, Alexander M.

Cabinet for Holding Postage Stamps, &c.

Description: Patent for a new and improved cabinet. This design "consists in a commercial postage-stamp holding, preserving, and denomination-indicating book, the same having its blank leaves formed of paper so prepared that postage-stamps will not adhere to them, and some of said leaves being provided at intervals with exposed tabs which have numerical indices marked upon them and serve for indicating the denomination of the stamps placed between the leaves at different parts of the book. It also consists in . . . a rigid outer supporting-cabinet provided with means for confining the book" (lines 12-27).
Date: May 24, 1892
Creator: Exline, Marcus P.


Description: Patent for "a simple, safe, and practical coupling for cars, arranged to couple at one time as many cars as may be desired, and to operate automatically so as to avoid all necessity of going between the cars, and adapted to use the ordinary link and to couple with cars having a higher or lower draw bar than itself." (Lines 7-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: December 25, 1894
Creator: Elliott, James W.


Description: Patent for a simple car-fender that improves on the types of "fenders which are attached to the front end of street and other car trucks for the purpose of saving human life by preventing a body from being thrown under the car wheels" (lines 10-14). The invention does not let a body under the car wheels.
Date: May 22, 1894
Creator: Rau, William J.