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Apparatus for Cooking Cotton-Seed Meal.

Description: Patent for an apparatus for cooking cotton-seed meal meant to get the maximum amount of oil for the meal used and puts moisture into dry meal and evaporates excess moisture in meal. Meal is continuously supplied through the machine and water-bath. The steam does not burn or harm the meal.
Date: August 27, 1895
Creator: Dabney, Benjamin & Yopp, William I.

Apparatus for Heating up Locomotive-Boilers.

Description: Patent for an "apparatus for kindling fires in locomotives; and it is intended to provide an improved apparatus by which the fires may be rapidly and economically kindled and steam may be gotten up without much of the tedious delay now ordinarily incident to raising steam in a cold locomotive-boiler." (Lines 13-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 21, 1896
Creator: Connor, John T.

Apparatus for Washing and Scrubbing Gas.

Description: Patent for a washer-scrubber that cleans gas from "tarry matter, ammonia, sulphureted hydrogen, carbonic acid and other impurities" (lines 14-16). The machine divides gas into streams, sprays it with washing liquor, spreads it over reticulated and perforated plates.
Date: March 7, 1893
Creator: Fitzgerald, John H.

Artificial Stone Block.

Description: Patent for a new and improved artificial-stone block. This design "consists in the particular formation of the protuberances by which interlocking joints or seams of the building-blocks are attained, the object of which is to so form the prolific protuberances of said blocks as to permit joining them in close proximity on all the sides or faces of the seam, to reduce the binding material for the same and increase the strength of the same" (lines 14-22).
Date: May 3, 1892
Creator: Graham, George M.

Attachment for Penholders.

Description: Patent for a simple and effective attachment for penholders. It is "readily and easily attached to a penholder, and which is adapted to protect the fingers of the hand and prevent them from coming in contact with the pen or with the inked portion of the holder" (lines 15-19).
Date: November 12, 1895
Creator: McDonald, Michael Shaw


Description: Patent for improvement in axles by using a “combination of a bar, two skeins and means for holding the skeins in place upon the bar,” (lines 17-18) includes illustration.
Date: March 31, 1891
Creator: Stewart, John A.

Bale-Band Tightener

Description: Patent for a bale-band tightener, for "baling-presses; and its object is to provide a new and improved bale-band tightener which is simple and durable in construction and arranged to permit the operator to conveniently place the bands in position and fasten the ends together after the bale is pressed." (Lines 7-13)
Date: October 5, 1897
Creator: Duval, John L.


Description: Patent for a bale-fastening device that "may be applied with facility to a cotton-bale or to an equivalent package." (lines 9-11) including instructions and illustrations. The tie comprises "a band, a key engaged with the band and rotatable to coil the same therearound, and a lock fitted upon the band and engaged with the key to prevent reverse rotation thereof" (lines 105-109).
Date: August 30, 1898
Creator: Campbell, Douglas M.

Bale Tie

Description: Patent for a new and improved bale tie. This invention is to "provide a new and improved bale-tie which is simple and durable in construction, not liable to become accidentally unlocked, and arranged to permit its use on ordinary compresses" (line 7 - 11).
Date: December 14, 1897
Creator: Edmonston, Thomax Cole


Description: Patent for a bicycle-holder that holds the bicycle upright. It consists of "a pair of plates clamped upon a portion of the frame of a bicycle, two pairs of ears formed integral with and depending from said plates, one pair of ears being formed convcavo-convex to form a socket between them and constructed with semicircular notches in their lower edges, a rod having a ball or spherical body on its upper end that is located and held for movement in the so formed socket, a lug formed integral with the lower end of one of the remaining pair of ears, and an arm pivoted between said remaining pair of ears, said arm having a bifurcated lower end that engages the rim or tire of the front wheel of the bicycle" (lines 40-54).
Date: February 11, 1896
Creator: McKanna, John J.


Description: Patent for a simple, inexpensive blind stop that adjusts and locks "the slats of window blinds in any position desired for the purpose of regulating the light, and to prevent the rattling and wear and tear on the slats, and to lock the slats so that they cannot be opened from the outside at all" (lines 8-13). It is easy to operate and does not use screws.
Date: August 1, 1893
Creator: Hoskins, William Wharton


Description: Patent for a new and useful improvements in bottles. This invention is to "provide an improved vessel of this class the neck of which is formed in such manner and provided with attachments so constructed that when the vessel has been filled and the attachment applied the vessel may be emptied of its contents, but cannot be refilled or reused" (line 12- 18).
Date: December 14, 1897
Creator: Saunders, David Robert

Box Fastener.

Description: Patent for a new and improved box-fastener. This design "is an improvement in cover-fasteners; and it has for its objects to produce a cover-fastener which will securely fasten the cover to a box, which will be simple, cheap, and effective" (lines 8-12). It consists in "the base-plate provided with a perforation adapted for the reception of a bolt, a movable plate mounted on the base-plate and having a perforation and a slot connected with the same and having its movement limited by guides and provided with an outwardly-turned lug, a bolt provided with a neck, and a gravity locking-pin" (lines 90-98).
Date: July 26, 1892
Creator: Giesberg, John George


Description: Patent for a button that can fit in any buttonhole. It is "a bar having a button or know affixed thereto and having key-hole-slots, of a button attached to an arm having a tongue and a contracted offset portion adjacent thereto and between the same and the button carried thereby, the said tongue being of a thickness substantially the same as the width of the slot" (lines 55-62).
Date: July 21, 1896
Creator: Burroughs, John J.


Description: Patent for improvements to the monthly reference calendar, which includes note space and a monthly index. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: April 6, 1891
Creator: Sittig, Alexander Franklin


Description: Patent for a car brake that has independent brake shoes and brake pressure is equally applied to all the wheels of the truck. The invention is meant to "obtain in a car brake of this class a central transmission of the applied brake power to the different groups of brake mechanism whereby the brake power is distributed equally to each wheel and the brakes are not only rendered more stable and certain in their operation, but are better adapted for the application of either hand or air brake or pressure" (lines 22-31). The brake shoes are operated by a lever that is suspended from the truck body and pivots.
Date: December 12, 1893
Creator: McGee, James

Car-Shading Adjuster.

Description: Patent for a car-shade adjuster in passenger-coaches of street-cars that allows shades to "be raised or lowered at will and held firmly in any desired position" (lines 18-19). It is set in tracks in the window frame, held in place by springs, and bearings to keep friction between the shade-roller and track.
Date: July 28, 1896
Creator: Smith, Earl W.