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Acetylene Gas Generator.

Description: Patent for a new and useful improvements in apparatus for generating acetylene gas. This design is to "provide with few applicances a simple and compact apparatus requiring little attention for generating acetylene gas for light, heat, and power purposes" (line 11 - 14).
Date: February 15, 1898
Creator: Dederick, Zadoc P.

Animal Shears.

Description: Patent for new and improved animal shears. This design consists in "mechanism for imparting a combined reciprocating and edgewise play to the cutting knife or knives in order to cause the teeth of said knife or knives to follow or describe a curved or oval path, and thus insure greater efficiency of operation; to provide for the proper lateral contact of the knives in order to insure their proper action and to regulate the pressure or force with which one knife bears on the other; [and] to provide a peculiar form of cutter-teeth which shall be automatic or self-cleaning" (lines 19-30).
Date: February 11, 1890
Creator: Bechtol, William S. & Bessonette, William T.

Apparatus for Baling Cotton.

Description: Patent for a cotton baling machine in which, it would provide a mechanism for baling the fiber in packages, for the ease of transporting and handling; and to prevent the loss of cotton or fiber in transporting from the gin to the baling-press. Illustration is included.
Date: February 24, 1891
Creator: Rembert, Henry

Apparatus for Barreling Soap-Stock.

Description: Patent for "an apparatus for filling barrels with soap-stock or other thick liquid of similar consistency, the object being to provide a machine whereby the barrels may be filled quickly through the bung-hole." (Lines 12-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 9, 1897
Creator: Ahrenbeck, William C.

Artificial Leg.

Description: Patent for an artificial leg that has an improved ankle joint and a socket for the stump. It is also more comfortable than other artificial legs.
Date: February 12, 1895
Creator: Chapman, Edward

Artificial Tooth.

Description: Patent for an artificial tooth with an improved crown so that "it can be attached to the gold cap that has been made to fit the end of the root that is to be crowned, the manner of attaching being materially facilitated" (lines 15-19).
Date: February 27, 1894
Creator: Harrell, Hardy B.

Attachment for Chairs.

Description: Patent for a new and improved chair. This design consists "[i]n a reading and writing attachment for chairs, the combination of a bail-shaped clamp adapted to be applied to a chair-arm, an upright slotted arm, a set-screw passing through said slotted arm and engaging the clamp, a plate carried by the upper end of said slotted arm, and a table pivotally connected to said plate, whereby the table may be adjusted vertically, horizontally, and obliquely" (lines 66-75).
Date: February 25, 1890
Creator: Hutton, Milton C.

Attachment for Cultivators.

Description: Patent for a cotton-chopper attachment for cultivators. It can fit to any cultivator with some modification. It is a wheel that rides "upon the row and presses down into the ground parts of the cotton in the row, leaving the other standing, and of the necessary mechanism for attaching and controlling said wheel" (lines 20-24).
Date: February 4, 1896
Creator: Ray, William T.

Attachment for Vehicle-Brakes.

Description: Patent for "an extension-handle for the manipulating-levers of vehicle-brakes" (lines 9-10). This invention was designed especially for vehicles with extra side-boards, so the brakes can be employed as conveniently as possible while the driver would normally have a hard time reaching the brake-lever.
Date: February 2, 1897
Creator: Edwards, Joshua H. & Edwards, Willie W.

Automatic Danger-Signal for Railroads.

Description: Patent for a "device for indicating at railroad crossings and other points, the approach or departure of trains within any given distance of such crossing or with relation to any point where persons might come into dangerous proximity to the train if they were left unadvised by some such signal as this." (Lines 19-26) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 26, 1895
Creator: Lee, Horatio Grooms; White, John P.; Ball, Thomas & White, James L.

Automatic Railway-Gate.

Description: Patent for an automatic railway gate that consists of a picket shaft under the rails, cranks between the rails that are connected to the picket shaft, springs holding the shaft, tread rails that run along the rails and join the cranks, and guide blocks along each tread rail.
Date: February 13, 1894
Creator: Warren, Governor D.

Back-Band Buckle.

Description: Patent for an inexpensive and simple back-band buckle that doubles as a trace-carrier and locks the trace into place. It secures to the carriage and locks the trace into place with a snap-hook.
Date: February 20, 1894
Creator: Ware, William J.


Description: Patent for "a double-acting [screw] baling press...capable of exerting pressure from two directions and operated by two independent mechanisms" (lines 15-18).
Date: February 14, 1893
Creator: Kenner, William Housenton


Description: Patent for "an exceedingly rapid baling of the hay, to provide for the easy transportation of the press and the power employed in connection therewith, and to provide for the adjustment of the size of the baling-chamber" (lines 9-13).
Date: February 25, 1890
Creator: Mattijetz, Andreas


Description: Patent for a bed brace that consists of end-loops that are held by engage hooks at the ends of the bedstead, fixed draw-wires that connect the outer and inner sides of the end-loops, a tension-loop that is connected to the side rails, tightening link with duplicate rings that slide onto the tension loop, and a transverse twisting-bar.
Date: February 21, 1893
Creator: Pool, David Preston

Beer Tapping Apparatus.

Description: Patent for a new and improved beer tap. This design calls for the air pipe to go within the beer tapping pipe and for a pump to supply the air pipe with air. This eliminates the need of a rubber nipple to connect the air pipe, easily cleans the pipe coil, and allows for the tapping of the keg from without the icebox.
Date: February 2, 1897
Creator: Haenig, Emil


Description: Patent for a bicycle that has a drive wheel, a ratchet wheel attached to the drive wheel, a chain that goes around the ratchet wheel, an apparatus for reciprocating the chain, a guideway from the chain to the ratchet wheel, a knob on the chain that engages the guideway, a pair of levers connected to the chain, and a chord that connects the levers to the chain.
Date: February 19, 1895
Creator: Williams, Elbert D.


Description: Patent for a bicycle that is safer than other bicycles. It has compensating gearing so that "the variations in leverage in the various positions assumed by the pedal crank are equalized" (lines 12-13).
Date: February 20, 1894
Creator: Lillibridge, Freeman