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Adjustable Pipe-Wrench.

Description: Patent for an adjustable pipe wrench "in which the opposing jaws of the wrench are maintained at an angle to each other, so hat they converge toward their extremities, thus enabling a firmer hold to e obtained upon the pope or other article to be gripped by said jaws." (Lines 15-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 20, 1897
Creator: Fauver, Addis E.


Description: Patent for "a direct air brake system [that is] adapted to be used in combination with an automatic system, whereby the brakes can be applied by either the automatic or quick system, or the direct, or by both, as the conditions may require" (lines 8-13).
Date: July 11, 1893
Creator: Pinkston, Lucien A.


Description: Patent for "a light and effective head-frame for horned cattle, designed to prevent their going through or injuring wire fences or from goring persons or animals." (Lines 14-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 20, 1897
Creator: Moore, John H.


Description: Patent for an improved animal trap that can catch a large variety of animals, including fish, and does not injure the animals. Bait is placed in the trap, and the door on one end is spring-activated. A hinged door on the top is where the operator can take out the animal.
Date: July 18, 1893
Creator: Crockett, William E. & McAdams, Richard E.

Anti-Oscillating Attachment for Street-Cars.

Description: Patent for an improved anti-oscillating attachment for street-cars. It has a car truck, equalizing pivoting bars secured between the truck ends, cushions on either side of the bars, adjustable bolts that hold the bars in place, and springs between the bolts.
Date: July 10, 1894
Creator: Chollar, Benjamin F.


Description: Patent for improvements in atomizers or instruments for distributing powders or liquids in which it provided “provision for closing the exit-passage and preserve the strength of the medicated powders or fluid and permit of the carrying of the same within the body of the device without danger of spilling.” (Lines 17-21) The rubber bulb is detachable and is used as a powder-box or as a bottle for fluid. Illustration is included.
Date: July 21, 1891
Creator: Robinson, Henry

Automatic Cotton-Weighing Scale.

Description: Patent for an automatic cotton-weighing scale that is designed "to be used in connection with pneumatic conveyers, and it is of such construction that it will automatically weigh any amount that its scale may be set at, cut off the supply from the conveyer, empty itself, and immediately reset itself, the resetting of the machine opening the supply-valve from the conveyer, so that the weighing operation can be repeated" (lines 13-21).
Date: July 9, 1895
Creator: Schulze, Andrew

Automatic Weighing-Scale.

Description: Patent for an automatic weighing-scale meant to be connected to a pneumatic conveyer to weigh cotton, grain, or other products. The invention weighs "any amount to which its scale may be set, and then cutting off the supply and emptying itself, when it may be reset, preferably by hand, to repeat the weighing operation" (lines 18-22).
Date: July 9, 1895
Creator: Schulze, Andrew

Bale-Wiring Tool.

Description: Patent for a bale wiring tool that "consists of a shank of proper length and diameter, with wire clamping and cutting mechanism on its lower end, and mechanism on its other end to rotate said tool" (lines 23-27). It also has "two independent clamping and cutting jaws, so that one wire can be clamped in the tool, while the other wire can be drawn tight around the bale and then placed in the tool and clamped and cut off, when the tool can be rotated by a brace or by a rack and pinion...and the wire twisted to form a tie" (lines 28-35).
Date: July 18, 1893
Creator: Schubert, George

Bicycle Alarm

Description: Patent for a "simple and cheap as well as ornamental bicycle-whistle...of novel and peculiar construction, adapted for attachment to the bicycle and made to sound at pleasure" (lines 14-18). Illustrations and instructions are included.
Date: July 13, 1897
Creator: Crump, William E.

Billiard-Ball Holder.

Description: Patent for a simple billiard-ball holder that is meant to "provide a means for holding the balls when not in use, so that they will not fall out of the holder to the floor, and means to provide for the tilting of the holder out of line, so that the balls will roll to the opposite end, and out of the opening into the triangle, thereby saving a good part of the time in taking the balls out of the holder" (lines 20-27).
Date: July 11, 1893
Creator: Rohrbach, Gabriel


Description: Patent for a durable, simple, and easily applied bolster-standard meant to be secured to the bolster and does not allow the bolster to split or crack.
Date: July 30, 1895
Creator: Bennett, Thomas H.

Boot Upper.

Description: Patent for a new and improved boot upper. This design "relates to improvements in boots for use by lumbermen, laborers, miners, and others requiring a stout heavy boot capable of withstanding great strain, water-tight, and durable" (lines 7-11). It "consist[s] of a front and rear section, each of said sections being made in one piece and the edges of the rear section doubled over upon themselves and having their edges secured to the edges of the front section by edge stitches passing through said edges of the front section and said edges of the doubled edges of the rear section" (lines 74-81).
Date: July 12, 1892
Creator: Baker, Oscar