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Description: Patent for a new and improved bedstead. This design consists of a frame with tension wires "extending diagonally across the bed-frame to the side pieces thereof at points intermediate between the corner posts, and independent tension devices to which the ends of the wire are connected, whereby a longitudinal and lateral strain is exerted upon the bed-frame when the wires are adjusted" (lines 1-7).
Date: November 24, 1885
Creator: Clowers, William B.


Description: Patent for a new and improved bedstead. This design "consists in the provision of adjustable hangers for mattress-supports" (lines 12-13). To this end, it consists, "with the side and end rails having vertical mortises or grooves, the cap-plates covering the upper ends of the grooves or mortises and having threaded apertures, and a mattress-support, of the hangers respectively comprising the vertical shank or body seated in the grooves or mortises of the rails, and the horizontal branch extending inwardly from said shank or body and having a slot to seat the side and end bars" (lines 83-93).
Date: September 20, 1892
Creator: Currey, George Henry


Description: Patent for a bedstead on rubber wheels which allows easy removal of the wheels to fit the bed through narrow doorways.
Date: August 27, 1907
Creator: Blacknell, Elihu

Bedstead Attachment.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bedstead attachment. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the side rails and head and foot boards, of the plates having angular projections provided with wedge-shaped grooves and small inclined recesses at their upper parts, and the plates having the tapering wedge-shaped projections provided with the lugs integrally formed with their upper portions and adapted to engage the recesses, whereby when the projecting engaging portions of the plates . . . wear and become loose they are prevented from disjointure by the engagement of the lugs" (lines 83-94).
Date: December 27, 1887
Creator: McCormick, Henry Jasper

Bedstead Brace.

Description: Patent for a new and useful bedstead-brace. "This invention is an improved construction of bedstead-brace, the object being to provide an exceedingly cheap, simple, and efficient device which can be applied to any and all beds" (line 7-11).
Date: January 21, 1902
Creator: Campbell, Ike W.

Bedstead Brace.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bedstead brace. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the side rails, the end rails, and posts, of the hooks secured to the inner faces of said posts, the eyes on the inner sides of the side rails and located a slight distance apart, the wires secured to the hooks and passing through the eyes, the plates having openings, through which the wires pass and the screw bolt and nut connecting said plates" (lines 60-68).
Date: December 29, 1885
Creator: Durham, John William & Alexander, Winston Buchanan

Bedstead Fastener.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bedstead-fastener. This design "relates to the construction of a fastener for bedsteads, the object of the invention being to provide a fastener by which the parts are firmly held together and prevented from springing; and to these ends the invention consists of certain details of construction and combination of parts" (lines 8-14).
Date: August 3, 1886
Creator: Dickey, John S. & McKinney, William P.

Bedstead Fastening.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bedstead fastening. This design "consist[s] in the locking-pin, the sections which are . . . provided with the laterally projecting alternating studs . . . having aligned vertical perforations to receive the said locking-pin, and their faces provided with the outer beveled flanges at the base of the studs, extending the entire length of the sections, so that when the sections are connected together they will meet each other in angular form, whereby the strain on the locking pin and the lateral studs is equalized" (lines 59-70).
Date: October 7, 1884
Creator: Stewart, John Adkerson

Bedstead Tie.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bedstead-tie. This design "is to obviate the spreading of the side bars of a bed, which allows the bottom slats to fall, especially those near the center of the bed; and [the design] accomplish[es] this object by providing one of the slats, preferably at or near the center, with adjustable keepers" (lines 21-27).
Date: February 12, 1889
Creator: Fernau, Magnus

Bee Feeder.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bee feeder. This design consists in "the vertically oblong box or case having an opening in one side of its lower end, a trough or basin projecting in front of said lower opening, and lateral attaching flanges or wings" (lines 68-72).
Date: February 8, 1887
Creator: McWilliams, Wright H.


Description: Patent for a bee hive which has multiple compartments which the bees can travel through and, when keeper wants to remove honey all the bees can be sent into one compartment to avoid the danger of being stung. It also has ventilation and rain protection.
Date: November 5, 1907
Creator: Caperton, William Elson

Bee Hive.

Description: Patent for improvements to "that class of bee-hives or bee-houses having a series of compartments..." (lines 15-17) with instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 21, 1878
Creator: Walton, George Slaughter

Bee Hive.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bee hive. This design consists of "the combination, with the removable section, having the right-angled slots and the comb-frames of the securing-bar" (lines 95-98).
Date: September 20, 1881
Creator: Norwood, John M.


Description: Patent for an improved hive, in which bees are fed and watered more efficiently and honey can be removed without the loss of bees. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Date: December 13, 1882
Creator: Meyer, Edward

Bee Hive Stand.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bee-hive stand. This design consists in "the combination, with a floor, of a frame provided with opposite side standards and a row of central standards, the longitudinal side bars, and a central longitudinal bar connected with said standards, tie-bars constructed to hook on said longitudinal bars, and a roof provided with hinged lids and supported by said side and central standards" (lines 85-93).
Date: December 10, 1889
Creator: Lipp, Simpson

Beef Tenderer.

Description: Patent for a new and improved meat tenderizer. This design consists in "the combination, with the triangular end plates having the bearing-notches, the detachable connecting-bar provided with the threaded ends and shoulders, the thumb-nuts, the smooth rollers, and the coiled springs, of the crank-handle and the [other] roller provided with the teeth having square flat faces and flat sides at right angles to said faces and arranged in aligned longitudinal series and spirally arranged circumferentially, the areas of the teeth being one-fourth of an inch" (lines 7-18).
Date: July 17, 1888
Creator: Welch, Lee L.