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Centrifugal Machine

Description: Patent for centrifugal machine. This invention is specific to centrifugal machines used as sugar-driers to separate the molasses from crystallized sugar.
Date: August 25, 1903
Creator: Kennon, James Daniel; Dobbins, G.W. & Shields, L.T.
Item Type: Patent

Chain Jack.

Description: Patent for new and useful improvements in chain-jacks. "This invention aims to provide a chain-jack for lifting the boxes of axles, so that the bearings or brasses therefor can be readily replaced, and is designed especially for use in cases of hot boxes on railway-cars" (line 11-15).
Date: February 18, 1902
Creator: Phillips, Henry S.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a harness ring for connecting and disconnecting from other fastening hooks, chains, or rings, including illustration.
Date: November 13, 1860
Creator: Kirk, John P.
Item Type: Patent

Chain Pipe-Wrench.

Description: Patent for certain new and improvements in chain pipe wrenches, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: December 26, 1899
Creator: Bohner, Philip Henry
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a chain steamer that has an improved means of propulsion with a uniform speed despite a changing current. It does not allow the boat to laterally deflect. It is especially meant to be used with tow boats that travel on fast-moving, shallow streams. It can be used to move ferry boats across fast-moving rivers as well.
Date: February 7, 1893
Creator: Pfeifer, Edmund I. & Pfeifer, Eduard A.
Item Type: Patent

Chainless Bicycle.

Description: Patent for a new and useful chainless bicycle, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: March 20, 1900
Creator: Baker, Erle K.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a new and improved knockdown chair. This design of a knockdown chair (a chair that isn't fully assembled until at its destination so that it may be collapsible, saving space until then) marks improvements over previous models. This design calls for side-rails that extend through the mortises and countersunk apertures so that the ends of the side-rails can expand in the countersinks.
Date: October 19, 1880
Creator: Creager, Frank A.W.
Item Type: Patent

Chair for Railroad Rails.

Description: Patent for a new and improved chair for railroad rails. This design utilizes a metal key and wrought-iron straps so that "the rails are held firmly both laterally and vertically, so that they are kept level at the joint and any sagging is prevented. At the same time endwise movement by expansion or contraction is not hindered, and the chairs being fastened to the ties, the expansion and contraction will take place entirely between the several chairs" (lines 49-57).
Date: February 20, 1883
Creator: Armstrong, Charles & Abbott, George
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for "improvements in money-drawers which are designed to separate the coin placed therein according to the various denominations, and at the same time providing means whereby change may be readily had" (lines 8-13) with instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 1, 1891
Creator: Johnson, William W.
Item Type: Patent

Changeable Gear For Bicycles.

Description: Patent for a new and useful changeable gear for bicycles, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: November 29, 1898
Creator: Maxwell, Fietcher Edgar
Item Type: Patent

Changeable Gearing.

Description: Patent for changeable gearing by using an axle, bevel-gears, stub-shafts and a crank-axle to construct the changeable gear, so that the “sprocket is locked to rotate with the crank-axle in one direction, while it may rotate freely of the axle in opposite direction, and, furthermore, that the sprocket may be locked to rotate with the axle or may be caused to rotate at a higher-speed than the axle.” (Lines 8-14.) Illustration is included.
Date: January 8, 1901
Creator: Brady, Alford
Item Type: Patent

Channel Cleaner.

Description: Patent for a new and improved channel cleaner. This design "is to construct an apparatus which may be anchored in a channel where there are sand-bars, for the purpose of agitating the water and stirring up the sand, so that the current may remove it. [The] invention consists in a trunk or large tube perforated along the bottom and provided at one end with a flaring mouth for concentrating the current within the trunk; also, in the combination, with the trunk, of a stirrer and a motor-screw for driving the same" (lines 17-28).
Date: April 22, 1890
Creator: Evans, William
Item Type: Patent

Charger for Loading Revolvers.

Description: Patent for a new and improved charger for revolvers. This design "consists of a cylindrical case of metal, pasteboard, or other suitable material, contrived with a centerpiece, by which a number of cartridges corresponding to the number of chambers in the cylinder of the fire-arm may be located in the charger suitably for being simultaneously entered at the points in the chambers of the cylinder and be discharged from the charger into the cylinder all at once to facilitate the loading of revolving fire-arms" (lines 8-17).
Date: October 7, 1884
Creator: Munch, John Henry
Item Type: Patent

Check - Book

Description: Patent for a new and useful improvements in check-book for " customer's use, such as are employed by banks for free distribution" (line 11 - 13).
Date: November 2, 1897
Creator: Exline, Marcus P.
Item Type: Patent

Check Book.

Description: Patent for an improvement to check books and covers.
Date: April 10, 1900
Creator: Exline, Marcus P.
Item Type: Patent

Check Book

Description: Patent for a check book. This inventions improves upon removable covers for check books.
Date: June 2, 1903
Creator: Exline, Marcus P.
Item Type: Patent

Check Book Cover

Description: Patent for a check book cover. Illustrations included.
Date: February 12, 1904
Creator: Templeton, David A.; Exline, Marcus P. & Bourke, Edmund
Item Type: Patent

Check Hook.

Description: Patent for a new and improved check-hook. This design is "composed of the U-shaped frame having a threaded stem projecting from its lower end, and having the lugs extending from its vertical branches, the spring, and the cross-bar pivoted at one end between the lugs, and having side depressions near its other end to receive the lugs, and having its end adapted to be engaged by the spring and provided with the thumb-piece or horse-head" (lines 90-100).
Date: August 14, 1888
Creator: Matchette, James S.
Item Type: Patent

Check-Line Buckle.

Description: Patent for "...a novel means for connecting a check-line to the main line..." (lines 11-12) including illustrations.
Date: April 22, 1902
Creator: Snell, David C. F.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and compact check-punch that can be operated by one hand and doesn't take much power to operate. The machine consists of two movable members, "one of which carries all of the male and the other all of the female dies, said members being so related that when moved relatively to each other in one direction all the male dies move as a single member...and enter the female dies, and when moved in the opposite direction all of said male dies are withdrawn" (lines 12-20).
Date: March 17, 1896
Creator: Woodworth, Charles H.
Item Type: Patent

Check-Row Attachment for Corn-Planters

Description: Patent for "an improved check-row attachment for corn-planting machines, the object of my invention being to provide an efficient mechanism for actuating the seed-dropping mechanism of the corn-planter and which my be operated by the feet of the driver or by a check-wire in such manner as to cause the seeds to be planted in check-rows." (lines 8-15) including illustrations.
Date: June 9, 1903
Creator: Agee, George S.
Item Type: Patent

Check Row Planter

Description: Patent for check row planter. Illustration included.
Date: July 22, 1903
Creator: Perkins, Albert L.
Item Type: Patent

Check - Spring.

Description: Patent for a new and improved check-spring. This design "relates to check reins; and its object is to provide a new and improved check-spring for preventing sudden jars to a horse's mouth when the animal throws his head forward" (line 7 - 11).
Date: January 18, 1898
Creator: Walker, Fred B. & Reid, George W.
Item Type: Patent