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Cotton-Tie Buckle.

Description: Patent for a new cotton tie buckle "that will prevent the band engaging the same from slipping, forma a reliable securing means of simple and cheap construction and also economize in the use of the band length, with considerable consequent by saving in expense, the positive retention of the band b the improved device as required rendering the bale of uniform density and the strength of the device resisting breakage and consequent expense of repair frequently necessary in the ordinary uniform of buckle-ties now in use." (Lines 11-22). Illustration is included.
Date: March 26, 1901
Creator: Ragsdale, William C. & Eddleman, Dudley E.

Cotton Topper

Description: Patent for a cotton topper. This invention is designed to deal with weeds and is attached to the frame of an ordinary cultivator or plow. Illustrations included
Date: October 14, 1908
Creator: Bickers, Lucius T. & Lee, Thomas J.


Description: Patent for improvements in cotton-valve by providing a valve which may be used in connection with an elevator that carrying the cotton to the gins; to have two batteries or divisions, so that one division may be cut out while the other is in operation. (Lines 10-15) Illustration is included.
Date: October 2, 1900
Creator: Williams, George W.

Coupling for Wagon Tires.

Description: Patent for a new and improved tire tightener. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the wheel-fellies, one of which has a longitudinal socket, of the overlapping sections secured to the contiguous ends of the tire, and having projecting lugs, an adjusting-bolt carried by one of the lugs and bearing against the other lug, and a protecting-plate having a threaded opening for the passage of the bolt and interposed between the end of the felly in which [a] socket is formed, and the lug adjacent thereto" (lines 80-90).
Date: June 15, 1886
Creator: Simon, Henry Joseph

Cover for Culinary Utensils.

Description: Patent for improvements in covers for culinary vessels in which “the cover will confine the odors arise from the vessel and at the same time the steam may be allowed to escape at any time without removing the cover from the vessel.” (Lines 16-20) Illustration is included.
Date: January 11, 1910
Creator: Reeves, Bell N.