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Apparatus for Steaming and Cleansing Barrels, & c.
Patent for an improved apparatus for steaming and cleaning barrels for the reception of resin, turpentine, oils, molasses, sirups, and other like liquids.
Apparatus for Transmitting Power.
Patent for a new invention which uses a combination of radiation and levers in order more efficiently transmit power. The patent includes instructions and illustrations.
Attachment for Wheel-Plows.
Patent for "invention has relation to improvements in attachments to sulky and other horse-plows" (para. 3). Combines a circle-plate, transverse clamp-ridge, clamps, a bearing plate, a king-bolt, a transverse sleeve, an axle, adjusting collars, and transporting-wheels on said axle.
Automatic Bale-Rolling Attachment for Compress.
Patent for improvement in automatic bale-rolling attachments for compressors.
Patent for improvement in the construction of hooks used to join the ends of ties "for packages or bales of cotton, hemp, rags, or other substances in which a divided metallic band or hoop encircling the package or bale is used, and the ends whereof are joined by a hook at one end of said band, arranged to interlock with any one of a series of mortises in the other end of the band" (para. 2).
Patent for a new and improved bale tie. This design utilizes a strap-iron binder with notches along the sides that allow for a bail to clamp firmly within them; thus, the bale is fastened.
Patent for a new and improved bale-tie that eliminates the need for buckles. This design achieves this with a hook and a U-shaped piece of iron to be riveted to the band, thus fastening the bale without buckles.
Band-Cutting Feeder for Thrashing-Machine.
Patent for a new and improved band-cutting and feeding attachment for thrashing machines. This design receives grain bundles "upon an endless traveling apron provided with teeth or claws, and by it conveyed under rotary cutters, which sever the bands, the grain being then scattered or spread out by a vibrating rake into a thin sheet as it passes to the toothed cylinder. The invention relates more particularly to the construction and arrangement of parts" (paras. 3-4).
Bee Hive.
Patent for improvements to "that class of bee-hives or bee-houses having a series of compartments..." (lines 15-17) with instructions and illustrations.
Binder for Paper Tablets.
Patent for improvements for tablets for blank paper, leterheads, etc. that holds content securely, including illustrations.
Board Roofing.
Patent for a new design of roofing board. The wooden boards are designed to "contract and expand with changes of temperature" (para. 3) and to allow rain to run off without seeping into the joints of the boards.
Boiler Washing Machine.
Patent for "Improved Washing Machine" in combination with a boiler, "and with a furnace on which the boiler rests".
Breech-Loading Fire-Arm
Patent for a new and improved breech-loading firearm. This design "consists in the devices for opening the breech-block and ejecting the cartridge-shell by one and the same motion that cocks the gun, and also in a spring and pitman arranged with the breech-block" (para. 2).
Car Ventilation.
Patent for an apparatus to improve car ventilation, including illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved carburetor. This design calls for "the apparatus [to be] submerged in water for the purpose of equalizing the temperature of the carbureting-liquid, and thereby imparting a more uniform illuminating quality to the gas; also obviating the danger of explosion from access of flame to the exterior of the apparatus" (para. 2).
Patent for a more animal-friendly saddle to attach a horse to a cart by adjusting the way the girth is handled as the cart is loaded.
Combined Shawl-Strap and Head-Rest
Patent for a head rest to be used in cars and other places and can be attached to a seat or shawl, including illustrations.
Construction of Roofs.
Patent for improvements in the construction of roofs, including instruction.
Cotton - Bale Ties
Patent for tying the ends of cotton bale wires or bands.
Cotton-Picking Shade.
Patent for a cotton-picking shade that will furnish a portable shade or shield for the use of cotton-pickers to protect them from the direct rays of the sun while at work.
Patent for a improved cradle with a fan attachment, including instructions.
Design for Sash-Holder.
Patent for "the design [of] a sash or window-frame fastener" (lines 28-30).
Device for Ringing Bells.
Patent for improvements in the construction of devices for ringing bells, including illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved earth auger. This design calls for "a hinged door having its edge folded or bent to form an air-tube . . . [and] a pair of hemi-cylindrical doors having on one or both an air duct or ducts," as well as interchangeable bits with a shouldered and threaded shank and a nut combined and arranged in a novel way (paras. 12-15).
Fire and Burglar Proof Safe.
Patent for a safe "constructed as to be safe from fire and burglars, and at which the same time may be made lighter, and may be less expensive in manufacture than when made in the usual way." (para. 4). Additionally, safe is airtight and water-proof.
Fumigating Apparatus for Exterminating Insects.
Patent for ant extermination device. Injects gas into the entrance of (primarily) ant or insect nests.
Patent for a new and improved "horse-power" (motor). This design utilizes a central pinion and a counter-wheel to accelerate the rest of the motor with minimal friction and minimal complicating of design.
Ice-Making Apparatus.
Patent for an ice maker that more effectively handles the chemicals used to freeze water. Use of a more strategically placed condenser keeps steam and liquids separate.
Imporvement in Combined Spades and Hoes.
Patent for a new combination/convertible spade and hoe design with instructions and illustrations.
Improved Bedstead-Fastening
Patent for improvements in the mode of fastening the rail to the post of bedsteads.
Improved Bridge.
Patent for an invention that "is to provide certain improvements in the construction of bridges, whereby the parts thereof, of wood, may be readily removed for the substitution of others, when decayed or broken, without interfering with the use of the bridge or weakening it (lines 10-15)". The patent includes instructions and illustrations.
Improved Double Pincers.
Patent for the improvement of double pincers by way of "double jaws, by which both sides of the shanks of a boot of shoe can be clamped and held at the same time."
Improved Head-Rest.
Patent for a new and improved head-rest for railroad-car seats and other seats, that can be applied to or removed from the back of seats without the use of clamp-screws, and are adjustable and adaptable to the convenience and comfort of different persons. It includes a description and illustrations.
Improved in Medical Compounds or Liver Invigorators.
Patent for a new medical compound to improve liver function.
Improved Side-Saddle.
Patent for "a new and useful improvement in side-saddles, and consists in forming the saddle-tress hollow, or with air-chambers within." (Lines 9-11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improved Washing-Machine.
Patent for a machine for washing and wringing clothes, which can be used with a furnace for heating the water but has legs for support when being used separately from a furnace. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement for Apparatus for Cutting Glue.
Patent for a design for a battery-powered wire glue cutter/slicer including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement for Axle-Boxes for Vehicles
Patent for an improvement in axle-boxes for vehicles which incorporates an adjustable tube that may take up the wear on its ends.
Improvement for Machines for Washing Photographs.
Patent for an improved machine for washing photographic prints allowing metallic or other rigid plates to be washed in addition to flexible prints.
Improvement For Trees In Riding-Saddles.
Patent for a stronger, more durable, and light saddle-tree fork.
Improvement in Adding-Machines.
Patent for an improved adding-machine design.
Improvement in Addressing-Machines.
Patent for a new and improved design of addressing-machine which is intended for use in newspaper offices and business purposes in general. It includes illustrations.
Improvement in Adjustable Hammers for Fire-Arms.
Patent for "the particular construction and arrangement of such swiveling striker with its locking devices, and its combination with a double-barreled gun, whereby a single hammer may be employed for both barrels, the striker being capable of such adjustment as to bring it within the range of either nipple, or into an intermediate position between the two, for the prevention of accidents." (Lines 17-26) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Adjustable Hats
Patent for an improvement to adjustable hatband which includes directions and illustrations.
Improvement in Adjustable Hats.
Patent for a mechanism improving the ability to adjust the shape of a hat to fit different sized heads. The patent is for an "adjustable attachment for enlarging and contracting" the hat's design.
Improvement in Adjustable Saddle-Trees.
Patent for "improvements in saddle-trees; and the invention consists in constructing the forward ends of the trees with the hinged connection between its sides, to allow lateral adjustment of the sides to and from each other..." (lines 10-13) including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Agricultural Implements.
Patent for improvements to a corn and cotton-seed planter with instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Air-Cooling Apparatus.
Patent for "the construction and arrangement of a refrigerator for the purpose of cooling and maintaining a low and dry temperature, for preserving fresh meats and vegetables, and for cooling rooms for any purpose." (Lines 10-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Air-Pressure Fluid-Vents.
Patent for "new and useful improvements in air-pressure automatic fluid vents for the use in the discharge of all liquids" (lines 3-6), including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Angle-Plates for Doors.
Patent for a strengthening bracket for improving angle-plates for door hinges, such that the door will be supported from sagging at the hinge.