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Description: Patent for a new and improved bale-tie that eliminates the need for buckles. This design achieves this with a hook and a U-shaped piece of iron to be riveted to the band, thus fastening the bale without buckles.
Date: January 29, 1878
Creator: Lenard, William R.

Improvement in Adjustable Saddle-Trees.

Description: Patent for "improvements in saddle-trees; and the invention consists in constructing the forward ends of the trees with the hinged connection between its sides, to allow lateral adjustment of the sides to and from each other..." (lines 10-13) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: June 16, 1874
Creator: Heaton, George & Eckley, Charles

Improvement in Coffee-Pots

Description: Patent for the design of an improved coffee and tea pot with an internal water reservoir, dripping cup for coffee or tea, gauge for water level, and two separate valves for the hot water and resulting coffee or tea. Includes illustration of both a sectional and horizontal elevation of coffee-pot design.
Date: June 27, 1876
Creator: Sherwood, Willis H.

Improvement in Combined Planter and Cultivator.

Description: Patent for a new and improved planter and cultivator with illustrations. The invention furnishes a combined planter and cultivator constructed in such a way that "the seed dropping appliances can be readily detached and the machine adjusted for use as a cultivator." (lines 18-20)
Date: December 16, 1879
Creator: Tanner, James Henry

Improvement in Cotton-Condensers.

Description: Patent to improve the compressing-roller design in a cotton gin, to keep the mechanisms from clogging. This is an addition to a previous patent by the same inventor that improved methods of cleaning the cotton. It includes an explanation with references, and illustrations.
Date: December 10, 1878
Creator: Donovan, John T.

Improvement in Cotton-Planters.

Description: Patent for a cotton-planting machine which "consists in a distributing-drum, having seed-openings through it, and inclined distributing-agitators inside of it, said drum being applied to turn in a frame which is pivoted to the beam of a shovel-plow, whereby the roller will accommodate itself to inequalities of surface passed over, and uniformly discharge the seed in the drill-rows, after which a drag or coverer will cover up the seed." (Lines 18-26) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: October 13, 1874
Creator: Remsen, Byron & Russell, John E. S.

Improvement in Door-Checks.

Description: Patent for "a device for holding the doors in open position, which is readily applied to the door and worked without noise or jamming; and the invention consists of a holder or knob, with recessed front end, attached to the base-board, and of a counter-sunk door plate or case provided with a rubber block, that binds on the recessed part of the holder to retain the door in open position." (Lines 10-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 17, 1877
Creator: Francis, John

Improvement in Ice-Machines.

Description: Patent for improvements to the construction of "of the various parts of the [ice machine], whereby the reconversion of the ether into liquid before it reaches the freezing-vessel or chamber is better assured" (para. 3).
Date: December 12, 1871
Creator: Mühl, Andrew

Improvement in Plows

Description: Patent for improvements in the constuction of plows in order to obtain the "best" (line 50) results of "cleanness in furrow, lightness of draft, and facility afforded in constructin the plow" (line 51-52).
Date: October 23, 1879
Creator: Woodward, Lewis E.