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Abdominal Supporter.
Patent for a new and improved abdominal supporter. This design "consist[s] of the waist-belt, the abdominal sector-shaped pads hung from the waist-belt by elastic straps, the straps buttoned to the belt behind and to the bottom of the abdominal pads in front, the side straps connecting the abdominal pads with the pieces at the back, and the front strap connecting the two abdominal pads together with the shoulder-straps" (lines 70-79).
Abdominal Supporter.
Patent for a new and improved supporter for the abdomen during pregnancy. This design "consists of an abdominal sack for the support of the abdomen in pregnancy, which is contrived with supporting-bands adapted for supporting it from the shoulders of the wearer, where the weight can be best sustained, and so as to entirely avoid the belt commonly used, and thus relieve the stomach and liver from the pressure and irritation which it produces" (lines 7-15).
Account Book
Patent for an account book that is to be used "to receive in condensed form the dates and other particulars when sums are due to and from a person or firm are payable" (p. 2).
Adding Machine.
Patent for a new and improved adding machine. This design "consists in the combination, with a box, of a spindle in the same, a sleeve surrounding the spindle, a hand on the spindle, a hand on the sleeve, devices for turning the spindle from the sleeve, a cog-wheel revolving from the spindle, and an extra hand in connection with the cog-wheel" (lines 10-16).
Patent for a new and improvement in adding-machines in which a mechanical wheel has teeth. " The object of the invention is to provide the means for adding columns of figures by machinery"(lines 13-15), with instruction and illustration
Patent for "an adding-machine which, while being constructed of but comparatively few parts, will be so adjusted as arranged as to allow an operator to make rapid and correct calculations; furthermore, to produce an adding-machine in which the operator will be enabled to detect immediately any mistake which he may have made, and, finally, to produce a simple, efficient, and effective adding-machine" (lines 13-22).
Patent for an improved addressing machine, which will "paste, cut, and attach the slip simultaneously, or with one operation" (lines 26-27), with instructions and illustrations.
Adjustable Attachment for Freight-Car Doors.
Patent for a mechanism that creates "an adjustable attachment for freight-car doors, for preventing sparks and other objectionable matter from getting into the cars, and means for operating the attachment that is adapted for use in securing the door in different positions of adjustment, and for connection with the body of the car by means of a seal-support, in order that the fixed adjustment of the door cannot be changed without breaking the seal" (lines 12-21).
Adjustable Bench Hook.
Patent for a new and improved bench hook. This design "consists in a bench-hook constructed with a plate carrying a sliding bar, to which is adjustably secured a hook. The sliding bar and hook are locked in place by a clamp and cam attached to the plate, and the plate and its attachments are locked to the bench-front by a stationary lug attached to the plate, and a moveable lug attached to a lever pivoted to the said plate and locked in place by a cam, so that the said hook can be readily adjusted upward, downward, forward, and backward" (lines 20-30).
Adjustable Book Support.
Patent for a new and improved book rest. This design consists "of an upright pivoted in a support or base, a sliding lower supporting cross-bar, an upper sliding supporting-bar, both bars having sockets upon their rear sides sliding upon the upright and provided with set-screws, and leaf-clamps consisting of a piece of spring doubled at one end to form slides sliding upon the arms of the upper cross-bar, forming curved yielding portions, forming transverse eyes at the other ends, having flat blocks hinged at the said eyes, and provided with thumb-pieces" (lines 72-83).
Adjustable Stool.
Patent for an adjustable and foldable stool for but not limited to field workers, including instructions and illustrations.
Advertising Device.
Patent for a new and improved advertising sign. This design "consist[s] in the fixed staff or upright having pulley, bent rotary vane having the opening, and adapted for the display of advertisements, inside [the] bent rotary vane, and the governor adapted to regulate automatically the speed at which the vanes are to revolve" (lines 68-80).
Agricultural Implement.
Patent for a device related to plows, with a corn-planter and a cotton-planter attachments, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "new and useful improvements for air-compressors" (lines 5-6), with instructions and illustrations.
Air Compressor for Deep Well Pumps.
Patent for a new and improved air-compressor. This design "relates to improvements in air-compressing mechanism for the purpose of pumping for forcing from deep wells and performing similar work; and it consists in the construction and arrangement of a larger and smaller air-cylinder, and the combination therewith of mechanism to force the air from the larger into the smaller cylinder to increase the air-pressure in the latter" (lines 22-30).
Air Motor.
Patent for a new and improved air-motor. This design is of an "air-motor, consisting of an engine, single-acting air-pump, air-receiver, and the double-acting exhaust-pump, with the valves and connections . . . [and] the levers and segments" (lines 81-87).
Air Ship.
Patent for air ship design lifted by balloon with vertical adjustable sails. Accompanied with illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved amalgamator. This design "consists in placing in the bottoms of the chambers a number of iron balls or other suitable-shaped pieces of amalgamated iron, which have sufficient room to move freely among themselves, and then forcing up through the balls or pieces of iron, in contradistinction to forcing it down over their tops, the amalgamated ore and water, so as to cause the pieces of iron to vibrate, and thus to grind and break the pieces of quartz passing up through them" (lines 14-24).
Patent for improvements to andiron or "fire-dogs".
Animal Power.
Patent for a new and improved engine. This design has a "tread-wheel on which the animal is placed, and which is provided with a cog-wheel on its under side to mesh with a pinion placed on one end of the crank-shaft, a connecting-rod which is attached at one end to the crank and at the other to a pivoted lever . . . a second connecting-rod which is fastened to the upper end of the pivoted lever . . . a balance-wheel, and the main driving-shaft provided with a number of arms, each one of which carries a planet-wheel for the purpose of moving around a fixed wheel" (lines 15-29).
Animal Power.
Patent for a new and improved animal power (engine). This design "consists in an animal-power constructed with a small wheel placed loosely upon a stationary upright shaft, and connected by hinges with the inner ends of arms and sweeps attached to the main wheel, which is mounted upon caster-wheels to support the weight of the wheel and its attachments. . . . The object of this invention is to economize power and promote convenience" (lines 16-25).
Animal Shears.
Patent for new and improved animal shears. This design is "of a platinum or other wire or conductor heated to a high temperature, sufficient to burn through the fibers of the wool or hair, and [is] passed over the surface of the body as close as may be deemed desirable to the roots. No injurious effects are produced upon the animal or upon the wool or hair removed, while at the same time the same may be removed with great uniformity and expedition" (lines 28-36).
Animal Shears.
Patent for new and improved animal shears. This design is "to secure an equal wear of the teeth of the stationary and the revolving cutter-plates . . . whereby the instrument may be run double the usual time before it is necessary to grind the plates, and enabling the tool to be used as a right or a left hand cutter; also, to render the cutters separable without arresting the motion of the rotary blade . . . also, to provide means whereby the rotation of the cutter may be reversed . . . finally, to provide a simple device for throwing the miter-gears into and out of mesh" (lines 15-29).
Animal Shears.
Patent for new and improved animal shears. This design calls for a spring with eyes at the ends so that the handles of individual blades may be inserted through them. Then, nuts fasten the individual blades to the spring, which makes sharpening easier and breakage less likely.
Animal Tag.
Patent for a new and improved animal tag. This design "consists in an animal-tag formed of a tube provided with a removable cover and an elongated staple for the strap, by which this tube is held to the animal" (lines 11-14).
Animal Trap.
Patent for a new and improved animal trap. This design consists in "a platform having a rod or bar secured to its upper face, and having the ends of the choke-spring coiled thereon, pins or prongs extending from one edge of the platform for engagement with a side of a box, a box having one of its sides elevated, against which the pronged end of the platform abuts for engagement therewith, and having recesses in its opposite ends for the recession of a loop, which passes thence over the free end of the platform for binding the same to the box" (lines 3-14).
Animal Trap.
Patent for a new and improved animal trap. This design consists in "the combination of the wire frame having the parallel base-arms, the coiled-springs, the upwardly-extending arms, and the downwardly-extending loop, the loop or ring on the bend and engaged portions of said wire, and the trigger-wire having the frontwardly-projecting point engaging said ring" (lines 80-87).
Animal Trap.
Patent for a new and improved animal-trap. This design consists in "the combination, with the frame, of the spear fitted to slide therein and provided with a notched shank, spring for forcing the spear down, and the trigger pivoted to the frame and provided with a forked plate at its lower end, and with a toe for engaging the notch of the shank of the spear" (lines 8-15).
Animal Trap.
Patent for a new and improved animal trap. This design "consists in the combination of a suitable frame upon which a revolver or pistol is secured, a treadle which is secured to the front end of this frame, and a suitable spring and levers, by which the fire-arm is discharged when the animal steps upon the treadle" (lines 14-20).
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design consists in "the combination of a tube having a longitudinal slot in its top at one end and a transverse slot in the bottom near the other end, the top of the tube on each side of the longitudinal slot bent downward, a pen secured to the end of the tube having the longitudinal slot, a portion of one side piece of the pen forming an end for the tube and the other side piece being cut away and secured to the tube, and a receptacle under the end of the tube having the transverse slot, the upper edges of the pen and of the receptacle being bent" (lines 65-77).
Patent for a new ant trap design using a conical shape and reservoirs for holding kerosene to destroy ants, including illustrations.
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design "has for its object the production of a simple, cheap, and effective device whereby the ants are confined to a space within the circle of the trap, speedily captured, and exterminated. It consists in a trap constructed with a circular flanged pit provided with tubes leading therefrom to a central ant-receptacle; also, in the details of construction of the trap" (lines 8-16).
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design "consists in a frame which is adapted to be placed over the ant-hill, so as to surround the entrance thereto, and provided with parallel surrounding flanges or sides which converge to each other and lead to an exit-spout . . . [and] is to provide an ant-trap which is adapted to catch the ants both on their attempt to leave the hill or to return to it, whereby the entire colony may be exterminated" (lines 9-21).
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the side pieces, of the traps located between opposite ends of said side pieces and separated by an inclosed space, the openings communicating with said traps and the slides for closing said openings" (lines 61-66).
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design consists in "[a]n ant-trap, comprising the body and the inward-projecting tubes having the protecting-caps on their inner ends, the outer faces of the caps being convex and provided with apertures of greater diameter than the bore of the inner end of the tube" (lines 90-95).
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design consists "[i]n a device for catching ants, the combination, with an open frame, of the end piece or trough, having a concave bottom and overturned edges" (lines 84-87).
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design consists "[i]n an ant-trap, the combination, with a trough formed with a top [that is] flanged . . . of a box connected thereto by a tube terminating in a disk . . . [and] of the connecting-tubes, box, and fence" (lines 62-68).
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design calls for a tank of water to be buried in the ground and a collar of cheap material to be attached to the tank and placed over the mouth of an anthill. The concave nature of the collar prevents ants from climbing out of it, so they are forced into the water tank, where they drown; the design is cheaper and less toxic than previous designs.
Patent for an ant trap,with illustrations. Purpose of the invention was to be efficient more efficient in both cost and use in comparison to other ant traps being sold at the time.
Anti-Freezing Tank Valve.
Patent for a new and improved tank valve. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the tank, its valve and lever, and valve-rod, of the frost-chamber having an annular space to receive the non-freezing compound, the stuffing-box around the rod and screw-threaded at the ends, and the screw-threaded caps . . . having necks and flanges" (lines 7-13).
Anti Friction Journal.
Patent for a new and improved anti-friction journal. This design "relates to anti-friction devices adapted especially for hoisting pulleys; and it has for its object to provide a device in which the shaft or axis of the main hoisting-pulley shall be supported or mounted upon the peripheries of wheels of a considerable diameter as compared with that of the hoisting-pulley, whereby the friction may be lessened to the greatest possible extent" (lines 24-32).
Anti-Friction Wagon Slide.
Patent for a new and improved anti-friction wagon slide. This design "consists of flat side pieces provided with bolt-holes near their ends, and connected to diametrically-opposite points of nearly-cylindrical end pieces, which have holes through their axes for the reception of the roller-shaft. The recess is so formed that the lower portion of the end pieces shall bear against its ends when the frame is put in place. This arrangement, together with the bolts through the corners of the frame and the coupling-tongue, prevents any tendency of the frame to displacement" (lines 42-54).
Apparatus for Cleaning and Handling Seed-Cotton
Patent for "improved means for conveying seed-cotton from wagons or store-houses to a series of gins, to clean it during its passage, and to avoid clogging the gins or the devices themselves by rapid feeding of the cotton" (lines 14-18).
Apparatus for Destroying Insects.
Patent for a new and improved apparatus for killing ants. This design "consist[s] of frame, levers, pivoted arms, piston-rod, piston provided with valves and openings, air-tight iron chamber having opening pipe, furnace provided with double lid, lugs, pipe, clamp, and wedge . . . whereby the flame as well as the poisonous vapors are injected into the insect chambers" (lines 50-58).
Apparatus for Distilling Wood.
Patent for improvements in wood distillers "wherein the liquids of the woods are extracted by subjection in a closed heated chamber or retort and carried by vaporization through the process of distillation to condensation" (lines 18-22).
Apparatus For Emptying Barrels Or Other Receptacles Containing Liquids.
Patent for a device to empty barrels and other receptacles containing liquids, including illustrations.
Apparatus for Extracting Oils
Patent for a new and useful improvement "in a novel process and combination of devices or apparatus for extracting the oil from cotton seeds and other oil bearing seeds" (lines 8-12). Includes instructions and illustrations.
Apparatus for Forcing Beer from Kegs.
Patent for a new and improved apparatus for forcing beer from kegs. This design "relates to an improved method of keeping atmospheric pressure upon beer or other aerated liquid contained in a keg or similar receptacle, so as to prevent the same from becoming stale or flat from the evaporating of its dissolved gas. It consists in improvements in the apparatus by means of which the above-stated result is accomplished; and it further consists in the construction and novel arrangement of parts" (lines 16-25).
Apparatus for Forcing Liquids from Barrels.
Patent for a new and improved device for extracting liquids from sealed containers. This design utilizes a bellows apparatus, and "by simply compressing [it] air is forced into the space in the barrel or vessel above the liquid, when the pressure of this air will exhaust the liquid through the faucet at the bottom under pressure" (lines 65-70).
Patent for an improvement to the method of cleaning seeded cotton.