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Adjustable Rack for Railway-Cars.

Description: Patent for improvements on racks in railway-cars including more storage for smaller items, an adjustable rack for children or elderly persons to be able to reach without needing to stand on the car seat, a titled hinge that allows a rack to be pulled for ward and pushed back, and other improvements.
Date: August 2, 1898
Creator: Butler, Michael

Air-Compressor for Water-Elevators.

Description: Patent for "an improvement in air-compressors for water-elevators, and it consists in the novel mechanism for compressing air, by which water is designed to be raised from a cistern, or other reservoir." (Lines 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: December 10, 1895
Creator: Warren, Governor D.


Description: Patent for improvement in annunciator by “providing a circuit-closing attachment for annunciators by means of which an electric lamp will be lit when the annunciator-drop falls.” (Lines 15-18) Illustration is included.
Date: October 20, 1891
Creator: Fouts, Lambert F.

Apparatus for Boring Artesian Wells.

Description: Patent for a new and improved artesian-well borer. This design "has for its object to furnish a combination tool which will wear or cut the harder grades or rock frequently met with in boring wells of this class, and also to furnish a tool which will be harder than the common steel too or auger, thereby dispensing with the necessity of taking out and sharpening" (lines 13-20). It consists in "[a] fluted hemispherical mass of corundum for boring Artesian wells, said mass being provided with cutting-edges which extend from the apex to the base, [and] a metallic core embedded within the mass" (lines 16-20).
Date: April 5, 1892
Creator: Brown, Frank O.

Apparatus for Burning Garbage, &c.

Description: Patent for an improved apparatus for burning refuse and consists of a roasting chamber, a garbage grate, grates that slope and carry the product away after combustion, flues that open above the grates, and the wall partly closes on one end to let the products away after combustion.
Date: August 22, 1893
Creator: Garretson, William H. & Tainter, Silas B.

Apparatus for Handling and Cleaning Seed-Cotton.

Description: Patent for improvements in apparatus for handling and cleaning seed-cotton by “conveying cotton through a pneumatic tube and for automatically delivering therefrom to each of a series of gins an amount of cleaned cotton graduated at all times to the need of each gin. The flow of the main current in the tube is not interrupted by the several subtractions.” (Lines 17-23) Illustration is included.
Date: June 2, 1891
Creator: Elam, William E.

Apparatus for Protecting Electrical Circuits.

Description: Patent for an apparatus for protecting electrical circuits, and is an improvement on a previous patent (No. 537,932) issued to the inventor. This patent consists of "an electrical circuit, an alarm or indicator, a continuously-operating signal-transmitter at the protected structure operating to affect or influence the alarm or indicator, and a second or duplicate continuously-operating signal-transmitter located at the watchman's station, operating in unison with the first-named signal-transmitter to affect the alarm or indicator equally and oppositely as regards the first-named transmitter, whereby a signal is sounded or an alarm given only when the two transmitters are out of unison or when one is changed, varied, or interfered with in an unauthorized manner" (lines 72-86).
Date: January 7, 1896
Creator: Oram, John M.

Artificial Leg.

Description: Patent for an artificial leg that has an improved ankle joint and a socket for the stump. It is also more comfortable than other artificial legs.
Date: February 12, 1895
Creator: Chapman, Edward

Attachment for Sewing Machines.

Description: Patent for a new and improved attachment for sewing machines. This design "is to prevent the presser-foot from catching in the fibers of the material as the same is being sewed" (lines 13-15). It is "composed of a sheet-metal plate bent upon itself to form a loop and having an integral arm extending from the upper edge of the loop out of the plane thereof and having its free end concaved" (lines 93-97).
Date: November 18, 1890
Creator: Tynes, Minor E.

Automatic Cotton or Corn Planter.

Description: Patent for an automatic cotton or corn planter that is simple and inexpensive, and is a line of planters that sows in parallel rows that does not need to be guided by hand. The devices are independently adjustable.
Date: March 13, 1894
Creator: Nehrmeyer, Henry

Automatic Railway-Gate.

Description: Patent for an automatic railway gate that consists of a picket shaft under the rails, cranks between the rails that are connected to the picket shaft, springs holding the shaft, tread rails that run along the rails and join the cranks, and guide blocks along each tread rail.
Date: February 13, 1894
Creator: Warren, Governor D.

Automatic Track Sweeping and Oiling Attachment for Street-Cars.

Description: Patent for improvements in automatic track sweeping and oiling attachments to street cars by having a transverse shaft carries a hub which has a series of brushes. When “the street car moves forward, the brushes on the transverse shaft are revolved, which sweep the rails and keep them clean.” (Lines 90-93) Illustration is included.
Date: May 12, 1891
Creator: Nesmith, Robert Henry


Description: Patent for a rigid, strong, and adjustable to different inclinations awning-bracket meant to be permanently attached to a building. It can be folded for shipment or storage.
Date: January 14, 1896
Creator: Harry, Owen K.


Description: Patent for improvements in baby-walkers by using the combination of a circular base, standards, a rim connecting the tops of the standards, a rotating plate having runners on its lower side engaged with the rim, a guide-flange, a rigid central shaft having a ratchet-wheel, and a pawl for engaging the ratchet. Illustration is included.
Date: April 28, 1891
Creator: Lawson, Henry William