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Application guide and specifications for geotextiles in roadway applications

Description: Abstract: "Geotextiles, one among the different geosynthetic products, can be used for a number of functions or applications in pavement design. The benefits of using geotextiles in pavements and other transportation applications have triggered a proliferation of products. While this abundance of new products has led to reduction in costs, it has also made it difficult for TxDOT personnel to choose appropriate products based on their engineering properties. Consequently, this report provides the basis for (i) guidelines for proper use and selection of geotextiles in pavements, (ii) material specifications for geotextiles in pavement applications, and (iii) draft construction specifications."
Date: February 2012
Creator: Zornberg, Jorge G. & Thompson, Nathan

Geosynthetic-reinforced unbound base courses: quantification of the reinforcement benefits

Description: "As part of Research Project 0-4829, a new testing device was developed and a monitoring program was initiated to evaluate the performance of geosynthetics used as reinforcement for unbound base courses. This implementation involves the use of the new testing device and procedures developed by the 0-4829 research project. Specifically, the testing involves a modified pullout device for characterization of the confined stiffness in geosynthetic reinforcements. The project also provides continued monitoring of 32 experimental test sections constructed on FM2 (Bryan District) for the purposes of correlating field performance with material characterization. The experimental component of this implementation project was accomplished by testing four different geosynthetic reinforcement products in order to verify the draft specifications recommended by project 0-4829. The field component of this implementation project involved continued condition survey, moisture monitoring, falling weight deflectometer (FWD) testing, and weather data gathering in order to establish the threshold of the proposed parameter in the new specification based on field performance."
Date: February 2012
Creator: Zornberg, Jorge G.; Ferreira, J.A.Z.; Gupta, R.; Joshi, R.V. & Roodi, G. H.

Guidance on extracting value from Texas Department of Transportation's land holdings

Description: "In this report the Center of Transportation Research at The University of Texas at Austin undertook a comprehensive research study to identify and determine when, where, and under what circumstances Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) should pursue the implementation of Value Extraction Applications (VEA), and how to effectively recognize and involve key stakeholders."
Date: July 2012
Creator: Prozzi, Jolanda; Paes, Thiago; Loftus-Otway, Lisa & Caldas, Carlos

Materials selection for concrete overlays : the final report

Description: Concrete overlays have been a rehabilitation method for many years. It has been extensively utilized and studied in other states, but Texas is still at an initial stage of fully implementing the method. The large volume of concrete highways in Texas makes bonded concrete overlays, unbonded concrete overlays, and whitetoppings very viable options. However, there is a lack of educational guidelines for pavement engineers for concrete overlay construction. This research presents the information gathered from literature review, condition survey, and evaluation of existing concrete overlays in Texas. Also, a laboratory research was performed for recommendations for materials selection and construction for concrete overlays. From these, guidelines for materials selection and construction method developed that will assist in future concrete overlays in Texas are presented.
Date: July 2012
Creator: Kim, Dong H.; Fowler, David W.; Ferron, Raissa P.; Trevino, Manuel M. & Whitney, David P.

Megaregion freight planning : a synopsis

Description: "Megaregion interest has grown strongly in the last decade and is now seen be a growing number of planners as offering effective contributions to problems such as modal congestion, development disparity, and air pollution that individual metropolitan areas or cities cannot resolve individually. Megaregion planning presents an alternative way of mitigating metropolitan problems of large-scale transportation systems, green infrastructure, and economic development and has attracted a number of transportation advocates since 2000."
Date: March 2012
Creator: Harrison, Rob.; Johnson, Donovan & Loftus-Otway, Lisa

Monitoring of experimental sections using a web-based database

Description: "In recent years, a number of databases have been developed as part of TxDOT's Research Program for a diversity of goals and objectives. However, there is no one database that collects and stores lessons learned from long-term field application of different technologies or methods - in particular, after the original research project has concluded. Establishing a database that can hold information from research and construction projects provides TxDOT personnel, practitioners, and researchers with a tool to reference information from past studies to supplement data and avoid duplication of efforts."
Date: February 2012
Creator: Smit, Andrè de Fortier.; Prozzi, Jorge Alberto & Aguiar-Moya, Jose Pablo