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Herbs Made Easy

Description: Booklet containing a general overview of how to grow and harvest herbs, with recipes that use basil, bay, chives, cilantro, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme.
Date: 2011~
Creator: Anding, Jenna & Masabni, Joe

Suitability analysis guidebook/training materials : manual for application of suitability analysis for a selected region in Texas

Description: "This report is part of Task 2 of implementation project 5-5667, which focuses on the development of a prototype application of the Suitability Analysis model using GIS for a selected region in Texas. It is organized in two sections. Section I provides a description of study area and background information on data collection and analysis process. section II introduces a prototype model with a step-by-step process to run it."
Date: August 2010
Creator: Anjomani, Ardeshir; Tayebi, Ali; Nostikasari, Dian & Kharel, Gehendra

Apprenticeship in Texas for the 21st Century

Description: This pamphlet gives updated information about apprenticeships in Texas as of 2014 and provides information about registered apprenticeships including definition, qualifications, benefits, and components. Pictures of apprentices performing activities included
Date: 2014/2015
Creator: Apprenticeship Training and Advisory Committee

Peer grouping and performance measurement to improve rural and urban transit in Texas

Description: "Rural and small urban transit systems in Texas will become even more important with predicted changes in population trends. Rural demographic trends indicate growth in the number of persons age 65 and over coupled with a decrease in population density. Small urban area trends indicate substantial population growth and broadened geographic boundaries, yet resources to provide rural and small urban transit are limited. Therefore, transit managers find it is increasingly important to maximize service efficiency and effectiveness. The purpose of this research was to identify peer groups, performance benchmarks, and strategies used by successful transit providers to achieve high performance. The research project identifies peer groups based on the transit environment within which each agency operates, so that agencies can be compared to other operators who face similar environments. Peer group effectiveness and efficiency performance are examined within and between rural and urban peer groups, and high performers are identified for case studies. Through the case studies, key attributes are identified for achieving high operating efficiency and/or effectiveness. Performance strategies are categorized to provide transit providers with transferrable information to improve performance and increase the return on transit investment."
Date: September 2010
Creator: Arndt, Jeffrey C.; Edrington, Suzie; Sandidge, Matthew; Quadrifoglio, Luca & Perkins, Judy