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A Cultural Resources Survey of a Portion of the Proposed Oncor Electric Delivery Killeen Switch to Fort Hood Tap 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild, Bell County, Texas

Description: A report on the findings of an archaeological survey of the proposed site of the Oncor Electeric Delivery Killeen Switch to Fort Hood Tap 138kV Transmission Line rebuilding project in Bell County, Texas to determine whether there were any cultural resources in the area.
Date: August 2013
Creator: Atkins North America, Inc.

A Cultural Resources Survey of the Proposed Cedar Bayou to Morgan's Point Pipeline Project, Within Parcel TX-HR-0004,0000 (Hog Island) Harris County, Texas

Description: A report on the findings of of a archaeological survey of the proposed route of the Cedar Bayou to Morgan's Point Pipeline Project on Hog Island, Harris County, Texas performed to determine whether there were any cultural resources in the area.
Date: August 2013
Creator: Atkins North America, Inc.

Intensive Archaeological Survey for the North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority Proposed Loop 571 Extension Between U.S. Highway 79 and U.S. Highway 259, Henderson, Rusk County, Texas

Description: An archaeological survey report of the the proposed site of the Loop 571 Extension between U.S. Highway 79 and U.S. Highway 259 in Henderson, Texas to determine whether any cultural resources were present in the area.
Date: September 2013
Creator: Atkins North America, Inc.

National Register of Historic Places Eligibility Testing of Sites 41LT56, 41LT310, 41LT387, 41LT397, 41LT415, 41LT422, 41LT424, 41LT425, and 41RT413 in Luminant's Kosse Mine, Limestone and Robertson Counties, Texas

Description: Report on the results of archaeological investigations at nine sites at Luminant's Kosse Mine in Limestone and Robertson Counties, Texas, to determine whether the sites were eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
Date: September 2011
Creator: Atkins North America, Inc.

Quantitative characterization of microstructure of asphalt mixtures

Description: "The main objective of this study was to quantitatively characterize the three dimensional micro-structure of the asphalt binder withing the fine aggregate matrix of an asphalt mixture and compare the influence of binder content, coarse aggregate gradation, and fine aggregate gradation on this micro-structure."
Date: October 2010
Creator: Badgekar, Swapneel; Bhasin, Amit & Izadi, Anoosha

Exploratory study : vehicle mileage fees in Texas

Description: This project evaluates Vehicle Mileage (VM) fees as a possible funding mechanism for meeting the State of Texas' long-term transportation needs. Researchers conducted listening sessions with the general public and stakeholders to gather input on the concept. Researchers also prepared a decision matrix that can aid policy makers in evaluating the various trade-offs in policy that will be encountered in vehicle mileage fee system development. This study identified both challenges and opportunities for implementation of VM fees.
Date: January 2011
Creator: Baker, Richard & Goodin, Ginger

Texas Department of Transportation administration research: tasks completed Fiscal Year 2010

Description: "This research project evaluates numerous transportation issues and develops findings and/or recommendations based on results. This project has been structured to address some of the emerging, critical, and unique considerations related to transportation."
Date: February 2011
Creator: Baker, Richard; Ding, Liang; Epps, Jon; Estakhri, Cindy K.; Fry, Gray; Geiselbrecht, Tina et al.

Potential connected vehicle applications to enhance mobility, safety, and environmental security

Description: "Researchers first conducted a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art connected-vehicle research and technologies. Once researchers had a thorough understanding of the technology, they focused on selecting and developing the near-term practical applications that use connected vehicle technology. The research team then sought expert opinions from the Texas Transportation Institute working group during two brainstorming sessions, which produced two lists of potential applications and prioritized the applications based on deployment feasibility. In particular, a total of five applications were selected for development of the full concept of operations, including two in safety, two in mobility, and one in environmental security. These applications address various problems, including wrong-way driving and unprotected-grade-crossing crashes (safety): work-zone merge efficiency and safety, and freeway speed harmonization (mobility): and slippery pavement-related crashes (environmental security)."
Date: February 2012
Creator: Balke, Kevin N.; Songchitruksa, Praprut. & Zeng, Xiaosi

Project report on the continued development and analysis of the Flexible Pavements Database

Description: "The efforts of 0-6275 were primarily twofold. One aspect was geared towards extensive performance monitoring and material testing for better characterization of the experimental sections included as part of 0-5513 as well as new sections that were to be incorporated in the enhanced version of the TFPD. The other aspect of the study was to look into the calibration of the transfer functions in the newly developed MEPDG as well as Texas ME Design procedure being sponsored by TXDOT through the 0-5798 research study. It was understood that an effort to determine reliable bias correction factors would necessitate a large volume of project specific information for a number of pavement sections that are well spread out within the state such that differences in materials, traffic, construction practices and climate are captured. The TFPD supplemented by other databases like the DCIS and the LIMS will ensure that the data needs for the calibration exercise are met and fulfilled to the extent possible. When time series data were not available, the researchers utilized relevant data from the FHWA's Long Term Pavement Performance Studies (LTPP). This interim report summarizes the activities performed during the first 7 months of the project, when the current project was terminated. Therefore, this document reports on the work performed in Tasks 1 through 7.
Date: February 2011
Creator: Banerjee, Ambarish; Aguiar-Moya, Jose Pablo; Sivaram, Prasad; Smit, Andre de F. & Prozzi, Jorge Alberto