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Stylographic Fountain-Pen.

Description: Patent for stylographic fountain pens to improve them by allowing the "ink to flow freely from the point of the pen" (line 35) and allowing easy, pressurized ink refills.
Date: February 3, 1880
Creator: Fisher, Charles N. & Downes, Charles L.

Core-Holding Mechanism for Cotton-Baling Machines.

Description: Patent for a core-holding mechanism for cotton-baling machines that provides "new and improved means for engaging and disengaging the core, so that it is guided vertically, and the bale is susceptible of being conveniently and rapidly removed from the machine and a core introduced for the formation of another bale" (lines 19-24).
Date: November 27, 1894
Creator: Smith, Hamilton E.

Cotton-Baling Machine.

Description: Patent for an effective cotton-baling machine that improves on how cotton is compressed and fed into the rotary, that stretches the cotton to its thinnest, that improves on how the core is carried, that raises and lowers the compressor roller, that improves on the rack-and pinion mechanism, that improves on how the ends of the cotton roll are pressed, and that quickly and easily finishes each bale.
Date: November 27, 1894
Creator: Smith, Hamilton E. & Dare, Benjamin A.