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Primary view of Comparison and Assessment of Mechanical and Herbicide-Chemical Side-Trimming Methods of Managing Roadside Vegetation by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
Brennan, Leonard A.
September 2012
Primary view of Synthesis of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Impacts : Technical Report
Joseph, John F. & Sharif, Hatim Osman
August 2012
Primary view of Best Practice for Using RAS in HMA
Zhou, Fujie; Button, Joe W. & Epps, Jon
October 2011
Primary view of Design and Scope of Impact of Auxiliary Lanes: Technical Report
Qi, Yi; Chen, Xiaoming; Cheu, Ruey Kelvin; Yu, Lei; Wu, Jianing; Wang, Yubian et al.
June 2014
Primary view of Feasibility Study of Two-Lift Concrete Paving: Technical Report
Hu, Jiong; Fowler, David; Siddiqui, Md Sarwar & Whitney, David
April 2014
Primary view of Construction of New Profiler Certification Tracks
Fernando, Emmanuel G. & Harrison, Gerry
April 2014
Primary view of Implementation of Curing, Texturing, Subbase, and Compaction Measurement Alternatives for Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
Zollinger, Dan; Won, Mooncheol; Ley, Tyler; Riding, Kyle; Wimsatt, Andrew; Zhou, Wujun et al.
April 2013
Primary view of Evaluation, presentation and repair of microbial acid-produced attack of concrete
Hu, Jiong; Hahn, Dittmar; Rudzinski, Walter; Wang, Zhuo & Estrada, Luzelva
October 2011
Primary view of Implementation of technology for rapid field detection of sulfate and organic content in soils
Shon, Chang-Seon; Sebesta, Stephen & Scullion, Tom
March 2012
Primary view of Analysis of roadway departure crashes on two-lane rural roads in Texas
Lord, Dominique; Brewer, Marcus A.; Fitzpatrick, Kay; Greedipally, Srinivas R. & Peng, Yichuan
September 2011
Primary view of Texas Department of Transportation administration research: tasks completed Fiscal Year 2010
Baker, Richard; Ding, Liang; Epps, Jon; Estakhri, Cindy K.; Fry, Gray; Geiselbrecht, Tina et al.
February 2011
Primary view of Fatigue failure and cracking in high mast poles
Goyal, Raka; Dhonde, Hemant B. & Dawood, Mina
March 2012
Primary view of HeatWurx patching at two locations in San Antonio
Freeman, Thomas J. & Epps, Jon A.
June 2012
Primary view of Texas Flexible Pavements and Overlays: Year 1 Report -- Test Sections, Data Collection, Analyses, and Data Storage System
Walubita, Lubinda F.; Das, Gautam; Espinoza, Elida; Oh, Jeongho; Lee, Sang Ick; Scullion, Tom et al.
June 2012
Primary view of MASH test 3-11 on the 5-inch cast in place deck barrier anchors
Bligh, Roger P.; Menges, Wanda L. & Arrington, Dusty R.
October 2011
Primary view of Steel fiber replacement of mild steel in prestressed concrete beams
Tadepalli, Padmanabha R.; Hoffman, Norman; Mo, Y. L. & Hsu, Thomas T. C. (Thomas Tseng Chuang), 1933-
January 2011
Primary view of Recommendations for design, construction, and maintenance of bridge approach slabs
Puppala, Anand J.; Archeewa, Ekarut; Saride, Sireesh; Hoyos, Laureano R., 1972- & Nazarian, Soheil, 1955-
May 2012
Primary view of Pavement Preservation and System Optimization Task Force
Lomax, Timothy J.
January 2011
Primary view of Catalog of effective treatments to improve driver and worker safety at short-term work zones
Fontaine, Michael D. & Hawkins, H. Gene
January 2001
Primary view of Lane assignment traffic control devices on frontage roads and conventional roads at interchanges
Nelson, Alicia A.; Tydlacka, Jonathan M.; Stevens, Roma G.; Chrysler, Susan T. & Voigt, Anthon P.
October 2010
Primary view of Continuous prestressed concrete girder bridges. Volume 1, Literature review and preliminary designs
Mander, John B.; Parkar, Anagha S. & Hueste, Mary Beth D.
October 2011
Primary view of Pavement repair strategies for selected distresses in FM roadways
Dessouky, Samer; Oh, Jeong Ho; Yang, Mijia; Ilias,Mohammad; Lee, Sang Ick; Freeman, Tom et al.
June 2012
Primary view of Developing a mixture design specification for flexible base construction
Epps, Jon A.; Sebesta, Stephen; Sahin, Hakan; Button, Joe; Luo, Rong & Lytton, Robert
October 2011
Primary view of Performance of lap splices in large-scale column specimens affectedby ASR and/or DEF
Bracci, Joseph M.; Gardoni, Paolo; Eck, Kathleen M. & Trejo, David
June 2012