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Improvement in Gas-Furnaces and Forges.

Description: Patent for "an apparatus in which the gases from one or more forges, instead of passing off unconsumed into the atmosphere, enter a furnace and are burnt therein, thereby furnishing heat for the generation of steam in a boiler connected with said furnace, which steam is used to drive a fan that impels a blast into each forge, and is also used to propel an engine that operates a hammer, the exhaust from the engine being conducted to the tuyeres of the forges through pipes in which are placed red-hot iron plates, which decompose the steam, taking up the oxygen, and liberating the hydrogen which is burnt in the forges." (Lines 12-25) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: November 7, 1871
Creator: Morris, Joseph R.

Coffee and Teapot.

Description: Patent for an improved coffee and teapot, in which the coffee or tea are boiled into the water and then strained out. Included instructions and illustrations.
Date: June 15, 1869
Creator: Heiss, Gregor

Improved Anchor for Animals.

Description: Patent for improvement in animals’ anchor in which it allow the animals to graze without being twisted or wound up the rope by using the combination of a swiveled loop and a pivoted loop with each other, and a pin. “This pin is made with four wings, or radial longitudinal flanges, tapering to a point at its lower end and is readily forced into the ground, and easily drawn out, but will resist a very strong side-draught.” (Lines23-27) Illustration is included.
Date: June 8, 1869
Creator: Raiford, P. H.

Improvement in Rotary Engines.

Description: Patent for rotary engines "driven by steam or other elastic agent, or which may be used for pumping water" (lines 29-32) to obtain "a more direct application of the force applied to drive the engine" (lines 39-40) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 6, 1872
Creator: Richardson, John Dun

Improvement in Machine for Cutting Stalks in the Field Preparatory to Plowing.

Description: Patent for improvement in machine for clearing cotton and corn-fields of the stalks after the crops have been gathered by “providing a revolving drum or roller with knives, set spirally around it, which cut the stalks of cotton or corn-fields into pieces of any desired length, for the purpose of being plowed under the surface for fertilizing, by rolling it over them.” (Lines 14-19) Illustration is included.
Date: May 4, 1869
Creator: Wright, Reuben

Improvement in Spark-Conductors for Railroad-Trains.

Description: Patent for improvement in spark-conductors for railroad trains by using a “horizontal flue in sections and use “other devices to engage and disengage the sections, where by to arrest and extinguish sparks and conduct the smoke, ashes, and cinders to the rear.” (Lines 16-20) Illustration is included.
Date: April 27, 1869
Creator: Wright, Reuben

Improvement in Standards for Vehicles.

Description: Patent for "a stanchion pivoted in a strong metal box adapted to be fastened to the side of the platform of the car or truck, the box being open at the top and at one end, so that the stanchion can be turned down on its pivot by the side of the platform, to be out of the way of loading the car or truck platform with goods which cannot be conveniently loaded when the stanchions are upright." (Lines 6-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 12, 1874
Creator: Martin, James J.

Improvement in Apparatus for the Manufacture of Gas from Oils.

Description: Patent for "machines for the manufacture of gas from oils, benzine, gasoline, &c.; and it consists in providing the tank or cistern with a retort constructed with an outer cylinder surrounding one or more cylinders or tubes, which inner cylinder is provided with perforated plates at the top and bottom thereof, and the space between said plates filled with sponge or other porous material, while the space or chamber between the inner and outer shell of the retort serves as a mixing-chamber for the oil and air before being forced through the sponge and delivered to the service-pipe." (Lines 17-30) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: June 18, 1872
Creator: Gearing, Charles & Gearing, Franklin A. G.

Improvement in Vapor-Burners.

Description: Patent for, "an improved construction and arrangement of vapor-burner, by which the same is readily lighted, adjusted to a larger or smaller flame, or extinguished" (lines 13-17). Illustration included.
Date: February 27, 1877
Creator: Sawyer, Frederick A.