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Shuttle Operating Mechanism for Looms.

Description: Patent for a new and improved shuttle-operator for looms. This design "has for its objects to provide novel, simple, and efficient mechanism for actuating the picking-sticks which effect the flight of the shuttles; to avoid the use of the ordinary lower picker-shaft; to avoid lateral angles in the picking-levers, which actuate the picking-sticks to throw the shuttles, and to otherwise improve the picking motion of looms for obtaining simplicity, strength, durability, power, and efficiency" (lines 8-18).
Date: October 21, 1890
Creator: Fisher, Finis E.

Mattress-Sewing Machine

Description: Patent for providing "means whereby the ticking may be held and properly presented to the stitching-machine, and whereby the latter may be fed along the edge of the filled tick and caused to operate thereon. . . [providing] simple means whereby a binding may be laid upon the united edges of the tick by the advance of the sewing-machine as the latter is fed along the edge, said binding being attached by the same stitching which closes the opening in the ticking. . .[and providing] means whereby the raw edges of the ticking may beheld and stretched, and whereby when properly aligned they may also be clamped along their entire extent and held in proper position for stitching (lines 10-29).
Date: October 28, 1890
Creator: Stephenson, Edwin N.