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Medical Compound

Description: Patent for "a compound to be used as a gargle or wash in the treatment of the mouth, throat, &c., when the mucous membrane of the said parts is affected by the use of tobacco, opium, or morphine, alcoholic drinks, &c., and also in cases of indigestion, dyspepsia, malarial, and typhoid fevers, &c. (lines 8-14).
Date: April 2, 1889
Creator: Roberts, Andre

Car Seat Recorder.

Description: Patent for a new and improved car-seat recorder. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the following elements: a car-axle, the depressible car-seat, and the recording apparatus arranged alongside the seat and consisting of friction feed-wheels, a paper strip, meshing spur-gears, and a puncturing device arranged vertically, a lever which operatively connects said seat and apparatus, and gearing which connects the latter with the axle, whereby movement of the car operates said apparatus and enables the record to be made by slitting the strip when the seat is depressed" (lines 22-33).
Date: March 2, 1886
Creator: Bywaters, Joseph K. & Burke, John Y.

Spring for Riding Saddles.

Description: Patent for a new and improved saddle spring. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with a riding-saddle, of the series of transverse bridge-springs extending over the saddle-opening and having spiral ends bearing on the tree, and the longitudinal springs at the sides of said traverse springs" (lines 52-57).
Date: September 2, 1884
Creator: Reason, Thomas & Crenshaw, Marcus L.


Description: Patent for a new drafting-pen which includes a tie member that unites and resists separation of the blades of a pen, yet the tie member is movable and allows the blades to separate.
Date: April 2, 1912
Creator: Smith, Edwin R.

Gun Attachment

Description: Patent for improvement of a gun handle attachment to rifles and shotguns. It is intended to be applied to the barrels end for support and so the user has use of the elbow joint.
Date: January 2, 1906
Creator: Wight, Alfred T.