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Description: Patent for pipe cutter. This is an improvement to the pipe cutter which already exists. A portion of the pipe "is removed. . . instead of the material being displaced and wedged apart without removing as is the case with the commonly used cutter." (Johnson)
Date: November 24, 1914
Creator: Johnson, Willie H.


Description: Patent for a nutcracker that can crack all kinds of nuts, with relatively little force, on appropriate surfaces like tables. The Patent includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: November 17, 1914
Creator: Fort, Foster W.


Description: Patent for a bee hive which has multiple compartments which the bees can travel through and, when keeper wants to remove honey all the bees can be sent into one compartment to avoid the danger of being stung. It also has ventilation and rain protection.
Date: November 5, 1907
Creator: Caperton, William Elson

Stenographer's Note - Book

Description: Patent for a new and useful Stenographer's Blank Book to "provide a connection for the covers whereby they may be automatically secured at the desired relative inclination without fastening the tape, cord, or ribbon forming the connection" (line 20 -24).
Date: November 2, 1897
Creator: Stuart, Benjamin F.

Cigar-Box Clip.

Description: Patent for an inexpensive improvement to cigar box clips or clamps, that will make it easier for the box to be left open at a tilted angle, for the purpose of displaying the cigars or other objects inside.
Date: November 21, 1911
Creator: Holder, Andrew Thomas.


Description: Patent for a motion transmitter for wave motors, "the primary object of the invention being to produce motion-transmitting mechanism which will effect the conversion or translation of reciprocity motion into continuous rotary motion in the same direction."
Date: November 27, 1900
Creator: Walker, James Constant

Means for Effecting Upward Draft in Privies, Commodes, &c.

Description: Patent for a new and improved ventilation system. This design consists in "an aperture having a size about ten inches by seven inches in area, a ventilating draft-flue having a diameter of about six inches by six and one-half inches and a height of about ten feet, and a receptacle having a diameter of about twenty-two inches, the said relative proportions being followed accordingly as the size of the privy, commode, or closet is increased or decreased" (lines 56-64).
Date: November 2, 1886
Creator: Bardon, Prosper

Receipt Book Holder.

Description: Patent for a new and improved holder for receipt books. This "is especially designed for the use of weighers" (line 8). The design calls for being "attached to the scales . . . that is, in the most convenient and agreeable position for the weigher. The book is always at hand, can be fully controlled by the weigher, and saves him [or her] very much trouble" (lines 42-48).
Date: November 2, 1880
Creator: Dickey, Robert Barbour

Oil Burning Apparatus.

Description: Patent for a new and improved oil-burner. This design "is in oil burners intended for heating purposes, the combustion being, as in Bunsen burners, so complete as to afford little or no light. The apparatus involves constriction of the flame from a burner to arrest combustion and the admixture of air therewith as the gas rises while still heated through a laterally-perforated tube, at the top of which it is either ignited or conveyed away for subsequent consumption" (lines 11-21).
Date: November 12, 1889
Creator: Streeter, George D.

Street-Sprinkling Appratus.

Description: Patent for an inexpensive street-sprinkling apparatus. It can be steam, electric, cable, or horse powered, and can sprinkle a wide or narrow street. "The invention consists in a vehicle preferably running upon a railway-track and provided with a water-tank and with independent sprinklers or final-distributors or sets of distributors, the one located at an end or the ends of the vehicle and discharging by gravity, and the other at the sides thereof, toward an end or the ends, and discharging under pressure or by force" (lines 24-33). Water is pressurized in the tank, and uses the force of gravity to distribute it.
Date: November 5, 1895
Creator: Campbell, Louis W.

Combined Tabled, Copy, and Bill Holder.

Description: Patent for a combined tablet, copy, and bill holder meant to hold "file-pins in their operative and inoperative positions, to provide simple and improved means whereby a tablet or bills may be covered when not in use or when carrying the device, to protect the same from dirt, &c. and, furthermore, to provide improved means for supporting the holder in position for transcribing" (lines 12-18).
Date: November 26, 1895
Creator: Stuart, Benjamin Franklin & Willson, Frederick WIlliam

Stamp Sticking or Sealing Machine.

Description: Patent for a stamp sticking or sealing machine that is meant "to provide a device with a moistening pad capable of applying moisture to the mucilage of the stamps, and with a guide or way through which the stamps may be passed, and by which they are guided to and past the moistening pad; and the invention consists in certain novel features of construction whereby the device is made capable of easier manipulation, whereby it may be held in one hand so as to cause the stamps to make contact with the pad, thus leaving the other hand of the operator free to draw the stamps over the pad and to affix them" (lines 8-21).
Date: November 13, 1894
Creator: Shaw, James Tyus

Soil-Breaking Machine.

Description: Patent for a soil-breaking machine that breaks soil, plows and grades, cuts clods, and other things. The invention has a main frame, a drum that has heads and separated cutters that connect the heads, soil-ejector bars that eject dirt, and a carrier that deposits dirt at a desired point.
Date: November 27, 1894
Creator: Ross, William H.

Core-Holding Mechanism for Cotton-Baling Machines.

Description: Patent for a core-holding mechanism for cotton-baling machines that provides "new and improved means for engaging and disengaging the core, so that it is guided vertically, and the bale is susceptible of being conveniently and rapidly removed from the machine and a core introduced for the formation of another bale" (lines 19-24).
Date: November 27, 1894
Creator: Smith, Hamilton E.

Cotton-Baling Machine.

Description: Patent for an effective cotton-baling machine that improves on how cotton is compressed and fed into the rotary, that stretches the cotton to its thinnest, that improves on how the core is carried, that raises and lowers the compressor roller, that improves on the rack-and pinion mechanism, that improves on how the ends of the cotton roll are pressed, and that quickly and easily finishes each bale.
Date: November 27, 1894
Creator: Smith, Hamilton E. & Dare, Benjamin A.


Description: Patent for a baling press made up of a vertically movable core that moves up as it gets wrapped up in the internet, supporting drums, a feed apron that presses the material to the core, a pivoted swinging frame with a compression roller, a bale support, a mechanism that lifts the frame when the bale is finished, and a rack-and-pinion mechanism that raises the compression roller that moves up to let the bale get bigger, and a mechanism that rotates the rack-and-pinion.
Date: November 27, 1894
Creator: Smith, Hamilton E.

Cotton-Baling Machine.

Description: Patent for a cotton-baling machine that compresses cotton between two pressure-rolls and rolls it around a core. This invention improves "the mode of applying pressure to the pressure rolls, and [improves] the manner of mounting the core-roll in position within the compress, and for facilitating the removal of said core-roll; and the elevation therefrom of the compress-roll" (lines 15-21).
Date: November 27, 1894
Creator: Bessonette, Charles Lewis