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Cotter-Pin Puller
Patent for cottor-pin puller that is useful to pull cotter pins that are secured in shafts, fly wheels or any other devices without bending or twisting or damaging them.
Patent for improved automatic liquid fuel feed regulator for steam generators especially adapted for use in connection with steam generators in which liquid hydrocarbon or case is used as fuel.
Patent for a new and useful Grave-Marker. The body of the improved grave marker or cradle is elongated or somewhat elliptical in contour, and its central portion is open, in order that the grave marker or cradle may surround a grave.
Patent for new and useful Internal-Combustion Engine. Improves the provision of an engine which the cylinder is provided with a semi-spherical upper end, fr the rotatable reception of similar shaped power cylinder carrying shell.
Mowing Machine
Patent for various refinements in mowing machines.
Rotary Drilling Apparatus
Patent for well drilling apparatus (commonly known as rotaries) with eliminated screws and nuts, and reduced minimum number of parts, and which provides a quickly and easily operable gripping device.
Design of the Child's Quaker Bonnet
Patent for ornamental design bonnet manufactured out of the coarse fiber loofah.
Non-Freezing Water-Supply System.
Patent for a new water-supply draining apparatus to prevent pipes from freezing in cold weather, including illustrations.
Patent for a new railroad tie constructed of concrete material with detachable internal reinforcements used to support the rail fastening system, with illustrations.
Water-Gage-Glass Column.
Patent for a new water gage column, resistant to breakage, made of glass used to measure water levels indicating boiler steam pressure, with illustrations.
Patent for an improved pencil sharpening attachment that attaches to the driving shaft of the motor of an electric fan. The fan serves the purpose of acting as a fan and sharpening a pencil.
Belt Attachment for Trousers.
Patent for a new invention of belt loops for trousers that are located inside the waistband with "the loop in the middle of the back being located lower than the others, and a belt confined entirely within the trousers and secured to the trousers at the front only and at a point lower than the adjacent loops." (lines 71-77).
Resilient Wheel.
Patent for a resilient wheel showcasing adjustable or sectional rims. Modification also exhibits lightness quality, balance for proper distribution, and is noiseless with easy running abilities.
Patent for hose support with pivoted standard having a part which is adapted to support the nozzle of the hose, with illustrations.
Marking Attachment for Planters.
Patent for an attachment for agricultural machines, such as planters and cultivators, that marks off the distance between rows. The attachment consists of a marker that projects laterally from the ground to form a guide for the driver of the machine.
Patent for a horse releaser constructed so that the shafts may be released when it is desired to detach a horse from a vehicle. It also provides an improved means of holding the shafts in place and preventing them from moving when it is not desired to release the shafts.
Patent for a cotton chopper that connects to other machines, such as cultivators.
Apparatus for Use in Connection with the Refining of Petroleum.
Patent for refining "petroleum for burning oil (kerosene)". (lines 16-17)
Cotton Seed Planter.
Patent for "a new and useful edge drop feeder or seeder". (line 14)
Process of Refining Crude Cotton-Seed Oil.
Patent for "refining crude cotton seed oil designed to increase the yield of refined oil of the required color, odor and flavor." (lines 11-13)
Can Spout.
Patent for "new and useful improvements in stoppers and discharge spouts for cans, or receptacles more particularly to cans employed in shipping kerosene oil, cotton seed oil, turpentine syrups and various other liquids." (lines 10-15).
Egg Tester.
Patent for "an improved egg tester". (line 14)
Crate-Clamping Machine.
Patent for "improvement in crate clamping machines" (line 10), holding end boards and partition of crates to enable crate assembly.
Patent for strong and durable standard for wagons that are adjustable to any size bolster.
Under-Drilling Bit.
Patent for improvements in the design of under drilling bits in order to "reduce labor, time and expense of drilling" and "to permit the drilling of a more perfect hole" (lines 25-27), including illustrations and a description of the design.
Folding Table
Patent for an improved folding table design, including illustrations.
Patent for an improved type of cotton chopper that thins rows of plants on both flat and rough terrain. Includes illustrations and instructions.
Oil Burner
Patent for simple and efficient mechanism capable of producing heat which vaporize oil.
Gate-Operating Mechanism.
Patent for a gate-operating mechanism for quickly opening and closing a gate, including farm gates, from either side without the use of springs, including a description of the design and illustrations.
Dasher for Churns.
Patent for a more buoyant and compact churn dasher.
Store Furniture.
Patent for a ribbon or tape cabinet with rotating stand which allows access to all compartments through a single cabinet opening.
Method of Forming Concrete Foundations and the Like.
Patent for forming concrete foundations and piers by placing metal tubes into the ground and enveloping them with gravel.
Differential Mechanism.
Patent for differential mechanism using worm and beveled gears to control the rear wheels of a vehicle.
Bale-Tie Buckle.
Patent for a buckle that secures ends of bale ties so that they are not exposed nor endanger the hands of farm workers.
Composition of Matter to be Introduced into the Inner Tubes of Pneumatic Tires for Rendering the Tires Puncture-Proof.
Patent for a mixture of dextrin, asbestos, magnesia, glycerin, wood alcohol and water that is introduced into tire tubes to prevent and seal tire punctures.
Odorless sanitary dry closet
Patent for odorless sanitary dry closet
Electric-heated steering-rim
Patent for electric-heated steering-rim
Patent for elevator
Door Check
Patent for door-check
Patent for a ventilator
Lantern globe
Patent for lantern globe
Patent for an oil burner which ensures the "formation of a thorough mixture of oil, air and a fluid under pressure, such as steam or compressed air" and the prevention of the "flooding of the burner with surplus oil".
Refrigerator Drip-Pan.
Patent for a refrigerator drip pan which is closed and prevents water from being spilled.
Patent for a churn that can produce butter in very short period of time with minimal effort.
Incubator Alarm
Patent for incubator alarm in which an audible signal will be triggered when the temperature of the incubator is above or below the normal predetermined degree.
Spring Axle
Patent for an axle to provide assistance to the wheel to adapt to the irregularities of the surface.
Telegraph system
Patent for telegraph system using keyboard operated remotely.
Life Boat
Patent for life boats to use for large passenger ships, cruise and other boats that can be installed at the sides of the ships for easy access during evacuation.
Patent for a pipe cutter in which "a portion of the material of the pipe is removed to form the cut, instead of the material being displaced and wedge apart without removing".
Patent for improvements to engine starters that enable the driver of an automobile to start an engine by applying pressure to foot pedals.