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Veneer Basket.

Description: Patent for stronger, lighter construction of baskets frequently used in shipping fruit, although the improvement "may be used for any and all purposes of which it is capable" (lines 13-15).
Date: June 3, 1902
Creator: Aber, Edgar

Veneer-Bending Machine

Description: Patent for improving veneer bending through a slower process which allows the entirety of the veneer to be heated.
Date: September 30, 1902
Creator: Aber, Edgar


Description: Patent for a vehicle jack improvements that includes "a lifting-arm or support having a flexible winding element" (lines 15-16).
Date: September 23, 1902
Creator: Zwicker, August


Description: Patent for brick-kilns to "provide means for burning bricks in a much shorter time and more effectively than is possible with usual constructions, and, further, to protect the kiln-walls against the injurious effects of heat" (lines 9-13).
Date: October 30, 1900
Creator: Aber, Edgar

Bale-Band Tightener

Description: Patent for a bale-band tightener, illustrations included.
Date: October 2, 1900
Creator: Splettstosser, Fritz


Description: Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Can-Openers." (line 5-6) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 9, 1909
Creator: Davis, James Walter & McBee, Marshall E.


Description: Patent for a new invention of a farm implement hand-tool which is a combination of a rake and a fork, functioning either as a rake or a fork with a single adjustment, including description and illustrations.
Date: July 15, 1902
Creator: Zwicker, August


Description: Patent for improvement in pruning-knives by creating a hollow slot in the handle of the knife and a pivoted blade; in which the blade can be pull out of the slot when in use and place it back to the slot when it is not in use. Illustration is included.
Date: March 4, 1902
Creator: Zwicker, August

Improvements in Seed-Planters

Description: Patent for an improved seed planter that can be attached to a plow. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: October 17, 1911
Creator: Rogers, John H.


Description: Patent for a stake for supporting tomato plants, which has wire coils on a stake with cords that wrap around the plant and then attach to the coils.
Date: November 24, 1908
Creator: Ford, John Owen


Description: Patent for a ceiling fan hanger that allows the fan to be moved higher or lower in the room as needed and stays firmly in place at each height setting.
Date: March 12, 1907
Creator: McBee, Marshall E.

Spark - Arrester.

Description: Patent for a new and useful improvements in spark-arresters. This design is to "provide and improved device of this class which is adapted to be connected with the pipe or escape-flue" (line 20 - 23).
Date: February 1, 1898
Creator: Woods, Murray Stover


Description: Patent for a new and improved nail puller, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 13, 1900
Creator: Lubbock, William Lochart

Combined Bird and Insect Catcher

Description: Patent for a combined bird and insect catcher. Illustration included.
Date: April 27, 1909
Creator: Martin, Charles H. & Ross, William N.

Handling Machine for Baskets

Description: Patent for a handling machine for baskets. This invention is designed to form wire handles to baskets. Illustrations included.
Date: January 4, 1910
Creator: Haberle, Fred Leopold

Churn Motor

Description: Patent for a churn motor. This invention is a manually motored churn. Illustration included.
Date: February 26, 1907
Creator: Cole, Emory W.


Description: Patent for a plow. Illustration included.
Date: February 26, 1907
Creator: Nunnally, Bruce

Weighing and Lifting Device

Description: Patent for a weighing and lifting device. Illustration included.
Date: November 21, 1905
Creator: Davis, James W. & Alexander, Thomas J.

Crude-Oil Burner

Description: Patent for a hydrocarbon burner primarily used for stoves and furnaces. Illustrations included.
Date: June 21, 1910
Creator: Reed, Rufus C.


Description: Patent for a shingling bracket. Illustrations included.
Date: July 19, 1910
Creator: Carr, Benjamin F.

Fence-Wire Fastener

Description: Patent for a fastener for wire fences. Illustrations included.
Date: February 25, 1913
Creator: Arnwine, Charles L.

Steam Engine

Description: Patent for steam engine. Illustration included.
Date: May 11, 1909
Creator: Hill, John A. & Hill, Melvin W.

Shaking Churn

Description: Patent for a shaking churn. Illustration included.
Date: July 19, 1904
Creator: Park, Reece W. & Arnwine, Charles L.


Description: Patent for "a simple and inexpensive fire-dog adapted to be used in any ordinary open grate and capable of affording convenient means for cooking in an open fireplace." (Lines 10-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: September 15, 1896
Creator: Lewis, Harry J.