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Description: Patent for new and improved bridle-bits, including illustrations.
Date: September 25, 1900
Creator: Lee, Joseph Loverel


Description: Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Sash-Holders," an invention which "aims to provide a sash-holder of simple construction for supporting a sash at any elevation and which will secure it when closed against being opened from the outside."
Date: November 13, 1900
Creator: Hardy, Isham B.


Description: Patent for rein supports to be attached to the front of a buggy, with an adjustable height and being collapsible for storage.
Date: June 11, 1901
Creator: Hill, William E.

Wire Stretcher

Description: Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustration included.
Date: May 5, 1908
Creator: Todd, James C.; Harvison, John A. & Howard, William F.

Sash - Balance.

Description: Patent for certain new and useful improvements in sash balancing, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: March 27, 1900
Creator: Cayce, Henry P.

Sash Fastener

Description: Patent for a window sash fastener. Illustration included.
Date: May 28, 1904
Creator: Clements, John H.

Nesting and Brooding Box

Description: Patent for a nesting and brooding box made to keep poultry safe from other animals and to be easily transported. Illustrations included.
Date: 1907-27-03
Creator: Bradford, Joseph W.

Cotton Chopper

Description: Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustration included.
Date: October 24, 1907
Creator: Dewald, Louis

Cotton Chopper

Description: Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustrations included.
Date: August 26, 1907
Creator: Dewald, Louis & Dewald, John P.

Hub-Attaching Device.

Description: Patent for hub attaching device. "This invention relates to means applied to ordinary vehicle-axles for preventing wear upon the same, a false wearing-surface being provided, which may be renewed when necessary, either on account of wear or for any other reason"(lines 11-16)
Date: November 18, 1902
Creator: Simon, Adolph P.

Window Fastener

Description: Patent for a "combined automatic window fastener and lock by means of which a sliding window-sash may be securely held and fastened at any desired point of elevation and locked against movement in either direction."
Date: September 2, 1902
Creator: Parks, Leonard D.


Description: Patent for an improved bottle closure.
Date: November 25, 1902
Creator: Parks, Leonard D.

Surgical Instrument.

Description: Patent for improvements to a device to perform an operation known as a perrineorhaphia, including an illustration of the device. This device stabilizes the edges of a wound on the perineum so the surgeon can place sutures and close the wound.
Date: September 16, 1902
Creator: Simpson, Richard H.

Non-Refillable Bottle

Description: Patent for a non-refillable bottle.
Date: July 31, 1902
Creator: Parks, Leonard D. & Honeycut, Anderson D.


Description: Patent for sash-lock. This device is designed for locking a window sash at any given position. It may be applied to a window frame without damaging the frame or sash.
Date: August 25, 1903
Creator: Clements, John H.


Description: Patent for "new and useful improvements in Ditchers" (lines 5-6).
Date: July 7, 1903
Creator: Brown, John Dayton

Attachment for Cultivators

Description: Patent for attachment for cultivators that consist of new improvements that allow for cultivator-beams to spread apart and draw together with the attachment. This attachment can be affixed while the cultivator is in use.
Date: August 25, 1903
Creator: Faubion, Rufus O.; Workman, Calvin W. & Workman, Cave G.


Description: Patent for a windmill.
Date: July 8, 1902
Creator: Tompkins, Jesse; Mathews, A. & Royalty, G. W.


Description: Patent for locking windows in place at various elevations with illustrations.
Date: January 21, 1908
Creator: Kinsey, Columbus M.


Description: Patent for improved chicken coop with simplified construction and modified features.
Date: June 26, 1906
Creator: Harp, Charles A.

Wire Stretcher

Description: Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustration included.
Date: May 15, 1906
Creator: Culp, Willis Harmon


Description: Patent for a plow with adjustable handlebars and a better guidance system for depth and position in the ground.
Date: January 29, 1907
Creator: Tucker, Samuel Houston

Cotton Chopping Machine

Description: Patent for a cotton chopping machine. This invention is used to thin cotton plants with revolving blades that cut and destroy plants. Illustrations included.
Date: March 31, 1906
Creator: Tucker, Samuel Houston