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Description: Patent for a churn that can produce butter in very short period of time with minimal effort.
Date: May 19, 1913
Creator: Hoefer, Charles Jr.; Belt, Marcus L. Jr. & Belt, William R.

Gearing For Bicycles.

Description: Patent relating to "a new and useful improvement in gearing for bicycles and the like, and has for its object to so construct and arrange a device of this description as to avoid sudden shocks or jars which are occasioned by unevenness in the road-bed over which the machine is traveling, and also to enable the rider to exert a sudden force upon the pedals without straining the framework or wheels of the machine" (lines 9-18).
Date: August 17, 1897
Creator: Godfray, Ernest H.

Acetylene Gas Generator

Description: Patent for "a new and useful acetylene-gas generator" (lines 5-6), including illustrations and instructions.
Date: April 26, 1898
Creator: Williams, B. F.

Cement Kiln

Description: Patent for a new and improved cement kiln for drying gypsum and other materials employed in the manufacture of cement and plaster.
Date: April 28, 1902
Creator: Malone, Samuel R.

Combined Statement-Blank and Envelop.

Description: Patent for combining statement-blank and envelop that comprises a signature that provides the ability to add the bank statements in a paper that could be folded to create an envelop.
Date: November 14, 1905
Creator: Harwell, Mace

Apparatus for Calcining Plaster

Description: This patent is for an apparatus for calcining plaster of any kind. Or an apparatus that keeps clean the inner surface of a revoluble drum for ventilating the drum during the calcining operation. The apparatus also provides for easily removing the material after the completion of the cooking operation (Lawrence, 1902).
Date: March 12, 1902
Creator: Lawwrence, Ambrose


Description: Patent for a cut-off for water pipes, which provides a new construction to control the flow of supply of water from a roof.
Date: February 27, 1912
Creator: Pruden, John B.


Description: Patent for a plowshare with a reinforced and self-sharpening point.
Date: November 3, 1908
Creator: Awalt, Francis Marion

Combined Cotton Chopper and Cultivator.

Description: Patent for a combined cotton chopper and cultivator, which allows cotton to be chopped earlier and to be done by one person.
Date: November 17, 1908
Creator: Agee, Jonathan F.


Description: Patent for cement that is better or equivalent to Keene's cement from England, made from pure gypsum and various chemicals and only calcinated once.
Date: May 7, 1907
Creator: Jones, Thomas


Description: Patent for cement of the type commonly known as Keene's cement, which is harder and glossier than other types of cement.
Date: March 23, 1909
Creator: Jones, Thomas

Cement Plaster.

Description: Patent for a cement plaster that is similiar to "Keene's" cement.
Date: February 28, 1911
Creator: Cady, Jephtha Daniel


Description: Patent for a tag holder for attaching to boxes and cases.
Date: September 10, 1907
Creator: Guinn, James J.


Description: Patent for a cotton gatherer, which harvests the cotton and boll at the same time.
Date: October 4, 1910
Creator: Ayers, Robert M.

Generator for Acetylene Gas

Description: Patent for a new and improved generator for acetylene gas.
Date: November 16, 1897
Creator: Williams, Benjamin F.


Description: Patent for an oil burner for stoves, which is easy to manufacture and use.
Date: June 14, 1910
Creator: Banks, John C.

Cement Plaster Kettle

Description: Patent for a cement plaster kettle. This "invention is an improvement in kettles for cooking gypsum in order to convert the same into cement-plaster" (line 8-10). Illustration included.
Date: April 5, 1904
Creator: Malone, Charles Henry


Description: Patent for a lawnmower. Illustrations included.
Date: January 2, 1912
Creator: Klock, George W.


Description: Patent for a lock used to secure the openings of grain bags. Illustrations included.
Date: May 17, 1910
Creator: Chambless, James A.


Description: Patent for a stalk cutter for cutting dead stalks left over from the last crop that has an improved rotary cutter and lifting mechanism.
Date: October 22, 1907
Creator: Klock, George Wade

Calcining Apparatus

Description: Patent for a calcining apparatus. This furnace is designed for calcining lime and other materials. Illustration included.
Date: November 24, 1903
Creator: Lawrence, Ambrose

Calcining Apparatus

Description: Patent for a calcining apparatus. This invention if for the calcining plaster of all types. Illustration included.
Date: June 7, 1904
Creator: Kibler, Daniel L.


Description: Patent for a crate to transport bottled beverages, which is protected by slidably mounted, sealed enclosures with guide strips, guide rods, and terminal hooks. Bottles are held upside down within protective neck encasements. Accidental opening of the crate is reduced since the opening side cannot be slid open until the seals are broken.
Date: January 17, 1911
Creator: Wyman, Lewis Henry