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Guano Distributor

Description: Patent for the distribution of guano for fertilization over a given area of territory.
Date: July 19, 1912
Creator: H. D. Pate

Lamp-Adjusting Mechanism

Description: Patent for improvements for lamp-adjusting mechanism for one of the lamps of an automobile for operation from driver's seat. The driver is enabled from seat to partially rotate one of the forward lamps, causing the light to follow curve of road.
Date: September 30, 1913
Creator: Maxfield, Nelson


Description: Patent for improved lamp burners, which reduces explosion risk, improves wick trimming, and maintains chimney positioning.
Date: September 16, 1913
Creator: Mills, Virgil H.


Description: Patent for rail joints that will remove the need for bolts to secure the chairs. The joints will also allow the chair to be removed from the rail without using tools.
Date: October 14, 1913
Creator: Ernest, Albert C.


Description: Patent for an insect trap that entraps and kills insects that infest live plants or trees. This trap has a lantern to attract insects; the lantern is mounded in a pan that can be filled with liquid that injures and kills the insects.
Date: October 7, 1913
Creator: Cook, Katherine B.

Sad - Iron Attachment For Pressing Seams.

Description: Patent for a new and useful improvements in Sad-Iron Attachments for pressing Seams to "provide a device of this class which is adapted to be connected with an ordinary sad - iron" (line 12 - 14)
Date: November 2, 1897
Creator: Rice, Margaret Elizabeth

Ventilator and Mirror-Protector.

Description: Patent for improvements in ventilators and mirror-protectors is to “arranging pendent streamers and a rotatable fan near a mirror that the means for actuating the fan will serve to agitate the streamers for the chasing of flies from the mirror and also ventilate and cool a room by the current of wind produced by the fan.” (Lines 9-15) Illustration is included.
Date: July 8, 1902
Creator: McBride, William C.


Description: Patent for a bicycle frame that can be used on bicycles in general, but is particularly suited for spring frame bicycles including illustrations.
Date: September 11, 1900
Creator: Mills, Virgel H.

Cultivator and Planter

Description: Patent for improvements in combined cultivators and corn/cotton planters to adapt an ordinary cultivator for planting of seeds with adjustable seed-tube and furrow opener to accommodate various character of ground being worked or cultivation being done.
Date: July 5, 1900
Creator: Prentice, Peter Mack


Description: Patent for improvements of patent no. 685838, dated November 5, 1901 by the same inventor George Daniel Hayes. The improvements included “the mounting of the plunger-operating lever, so as to insure a quick and positive disengagement thereof from the plunger-rod at the completion of the stroke and also to arrange for applying the power to the lever in such a manner as to obviate twisting thereof.” (Lines 14-19) Other improvements such as improved tension device for the plunger-operating lever, to provide the press with means whereby all of the bales may be formed of equal lengths and, means for preventing backward movement of the bales. Illustration is included.
Date: May 17, 1904
Creator: Hayes, George Daniel

Device for Exterminating Insects on Plants.

Description: Patent for improvements in insects control device on plants in which it allows “convenient and practicality to apply smoke and fumes to the plants at any stage of growth, whereby any insect which may prey upon the plant or its fruits may be effectually exterminated.” (Lines 13-18) Illustration is included.
Date: March 22, 1904
Creator: Cottle, Thomas M.


Description: Patent for Baling-Press designed particularly as a further improvement of the press and eliminate the long operating lever. (lines 12-14).
Date: December 12, 1905
Creator: Hayes, George Daniel


Description: Patent for improvements in plows for hand-propelled device for use in gardens, including illustrations.
Date: August 27, 1901
Creator: Ward, John A.

Device for Making Castings.

Description: Patent for "making castings of various kinds, and more especially for making castings for dental use" (lines 10-12) including illustrations.
Date: April 20, 1909
Creator: Davison, Hugh M. ; H. M. Davison

Cow, Calf and Colt Weaner.

Description: Patent for a weaner to be worn by cows, calves and colts "reducing inconvenience by the animal" (line 12) and allowing for the administration of medicine or antiseptic.
Date: February 13, 1906
Creator: Horn, William Thornbrough

Steering-Gear for Traction-Engines

Description: Patent for improvements to a steering gear for traction engines by means of a steam-cylinder and a valve to control the steam flow, including illustrations.
Date: January 16, 1906
Creator: Cantelou, Peter Louie


Description: Patent for a hydrant model by V.H. Mills, with a mechanism that prevents pipes from freezing in cold water and a novel joint between the spout and the plug of the cock.
Date: January 2, 1906
Creator: Mills, Virgil H.

Attachment for Cultivators.

Description: Patent for an improved arch-bar for cultivators that allows increasing and decreasing the space between drag bars without having to stop the team of horses.
Date: July 31, 1906
Creator: Weempe, Charles M.

Railway Tie.

Description: Patent for a hollow metallic railway tie that is braced horizontally and vertically, with a new type and arrangement of tie-plates. This railway tie prevents rails from slipping, and allows for spreading of the track, which is useful on curves.
Date: August 7, 1906
Creator: Pepple, John W.

Lifting-Jack, Clamp, and Wire-Stretcher

Description: Patent for a device that combines three tools - a lifting-jack, a clamp, and a wire-stretcher all in one. It does so without sacrificing the functionality of any part.
Date: June 12, 1906
Creator: White, Andrew J.


Description: Patent for a wrench where the movement of the jaws is partially automated.
Date: March 6, 1906
Creator: Tiner, John F.


Description: Patent for a cotton chopper that can also chop or cut corn, cane, broom-corn, peas, or any similar plants that are planted thick in drills or rows. This particular chopper includes an approved arrangement and adjustment of the chopping-blades that can be set to cut at different angles.
Date: March 13, 1906
Creator: McKee, Jacob Rufus

Plow Attatchment

Description: Patent for "converting walking-plows into riding or sulky plows." (lines 10 & 11) with instructions and illustrations.
Date: April 29, 1905
Creator: Smith, Fletcher & Smith, Joe Vane


Description: Patent for combination-heater in which it can be submerged directly in a body of water contained in any open-top vessel, such as a bath-hub, bucket or other receptacle for the purpose of raising the temperature of the water to a desired degree. (Lines 12-16) Illustration is included.
Date: March 24, 1903
Creator: Mansfield, Charles Augustus & Hayes, George Daniel