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Mowing Machine

Description: Patent for various refinements in mowing machines.
Date: August 25, 1914
Creator: Caruthers, Edgar

Rotary Drilling Apparatus

Description: Patent for well drilling apparatus (commonly known as rotaries) with eliminated screws and nuts, and reduced minimum number of parts, and which provides a quickly and easily operable gripping device.
Date: June 22, 1915
Creator: Black, Lee J.

Elevator and Conveyer for Concrete-Mixers.

Description: Patent for improvements in elevators and conveyers for concrete-mixers “whereby the mixed concrete can be fed to the wall mold at different elevations, the elevator being extended and the conveyer raised for constructing the successive stories of the building.” (Lines 17-21) Illustration is included.
Date: July 1, 1913
Creator: Miller, Frederick


Description: Patent for a boring drill. The invention creates a new means "for connecting the constituent members of the head so as to provide novel means for assembling the head with a driving element" (lines 19-22).
Date: 1913-6-10
Creator: Larnce, John B.; Townsend, S. L. & Keith, Aubrey R.

Safety Oil-Tank

Description: Patent for improvements to safety oil tanks to prevent explosions, including illustrations.
Date: May 6, 1913
Creator: Smith, James H.


Description: Patent for a door hanger which supports heavy doors, in particular "barn doors, freight car doors, and the like."
Date: April 29, 1913
Creator: Caneavri, Joseph


Description: Patent for a life preserver with features to support both a wearer's waist and neck.
Date: August 12, 1913
Creator: Hansen, Carl Albert Edvard

Propelling or Power-Generating Mechanism.

Description: Patent for the constructions of a propelling machine of a vessel, which is provided an electric motor in an engine as a power source for propelling the vessel.
Date: July 22, 1913
Creator: Caldwell, John C.


Description: Patent for "handle-bars for bicycles, velocipedes, and the like; and the primary object is to enable the successful use of animals' horns in the formation thereof and to provide for the adjustment and securing of such handle-bars in either a raised or lowered position or at any point within range of a circular adjustment" (lines 8-15).
Date: September 6, 1898
Creator: Martin, John L.

Non-Refillable Bottle.

Description: Patent for improvements to non-refillable bottles to prevent tampering and/or re-filling of container with alternate substance. Item is designed to be used on any ordinary bottle.
Date: August 19, 1902
Creator: Allen, Edward


Description: Patent for an improved splint.
Date: July 3, 1900
Creator: Hughes, James, Gilbert

Electrically-Actuated Sawmill Set-Works

Description: Patent for an electrically-actuated sawmill set-works that regulates movement of the clutch-stop and set-shaft, which determines the extent of knee-movement including illustrations.
Date: October 16, 1900
Creator: Carroll, William M.

Cheese-Cutting Gage.

Description: Letter Patent for gage "for cutting articles in bulk, such as whole cheese" (lines 9-10); including illustration and instructions
Date: May 1, 1900
Creator: Pittman, J. P.


Description: Patent for a roller truck that is comprised of "plurality of rollers, a suitable framework upon which said rollers operate, and an improved means of retaining them in position in said framework." (lines 14-17); including illustration and instructions
Date: May 8, 1900
Creator: Sotey, William

Reamer for Oil or Artesian Wells

Description: Patent for "a reamer of novel construction for enlarging the bore or opening of a well when it is required to increase the diameter to receive the casing or for other purpose. The reamer combines a head and a guide, the latter entering the bores, so as to steady and give proper direction to the tool and also prevent the cuttings entering and filling the bore during the process of enlargement" (lines 9-18).
Date: September 8, 1903
Creator: Higgins, Pattillo

Mining Sulfur.

Description: Patent for extracting sulfur that is being mined from the stratum that has the minerals. A fluid medium, such as air or a heated liquid, is forced into the stratum which assists with the elevation of the liquid mineral. As the minerals come up the heated tubes, the liquefied minerals are sent into vats.
Date: September 8, 1903
Creator: Higgins, Pattillo

Garment-Fitting Device.

Description: Patent for a series of flexible bands and tapes to be used for efficient fitting of garments with regards to seam lines and marking patterns upon cloth by measuring the waist, skirt, and sleeve areas.
Date: February 2, 1909
Creator: Johnson, Mary M.


Description: Patent for an improved hydraulic drill to penetrate and bore holes into earth, clay and similar materials, including illustrations.
Date: August 11, 1903
Creator: Higgins, Pattillo

Crate or Box.

Description: Patent for "a crate or box of knockdown form consisting of a crate or box made of separable sections and bound together by wires and stay-bolts that are loosely set into the sections" (line 11-16) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: September 26, 1905
Creator: Hines, Warren H.

Car Truck Bolster

Description: Patent for a car-truck bolster. The design improves upon existing versions to bolster a car or truck in order to readily makes repairs in a simple and expeditious manner. The bolster can be taken apart which allows for each part to be replaced separately.
Date: January 30, 1906
Creator: Fowler, T.

Rotary for Oil-Wells.

Description: Patent for a pipe rotary for use "in sinking oil-wells" (line 10). The patent allows for the power to be applied to the "pipe-sections which constitute the casing of the well" (line 14-15).
Date: February 6, 1906
Creator: Bernard, Horace D.

Well-Bailing Apparatus

Description: Patent for specifications of Well Bailing Apparatus.
Date: August 27, 1907
Creator: Carroll, Monroe. W.