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Adjustable Trace Clip

Description: Patent for Adjustable Trace Clip. "The invention relates to an adjustable trace clip, and has for its primary object to provide a clip of this character in which the connecting strap between the back and belly bands may be adjusted with relation to the trace so as to permit the back band to properly fit the animal and also allow the longitudinal adjustment of the trace" (lines 9-16).
Date: May 24, 1912
Creator: Bradfute, Benjamine F.

Stovepipe-Anchor for Tents

Description: Patent for a "stove pipe anchor for use on tents and other portable structures" (lines 9-12) in order to reduce draft and prevent "entrance of the elements" (lines 14-15) through the hole in the tent, including illustrations and instructions.
Date: November 6, 1917
Creator: Fitch, Morgan L.

Insect Destroyer And Fumigator

Description: Patent for an insect destroyer and fumigator. Illustrations included.
Date: October 4, 1904
Creator: Heffner, John H. & Kidd, Eugene Z.


Description: Patent for a potato digger, which leaves the potatoes on top of the soil and can be used in a variety of different soil types.
Date: October 19, 1909
Creator: Herring, Jesie M.


Description: Patent for Trace Fastners which is useful for securing a trace upon a whiffletree.
Date: December 16, 1902
Creator: Thornton, Burus M. & Thornton, William E.


Description: Patent for improvements in plows by providing readily-operable means for adjusting the plow-shovel on the standard, to facilitate adjustment of the shovel and of the gage with relation to each other, thereby to vary the cut of the shovel, to improve the means for holding the gage assembled with the standard, and generally to simplify and increase the efficiency of plows of this character. (Lines 14-21) Illustration is included.
Date: March 22, 1904
Creator: Wilson, William H.


Description: Patent for improvements in bolt-holders by “providing a combined bolt-holder and screw-driver…. in which the hook or engaging member is quickly and conveniently adjustable to any angle to allow the tool to be employed in various positions to engage bolts set.” (Lines 15-22) Illustration is included.
Date: March 25, 1902
Creator: Carter, Hiram C.

Wire Stretcher

Description: Patent for a wire-stretcher designed to repair wire fences manually.
Date: October 22, 1901
Creator: Pearson, Charles Ewell


Description: Patent for a new and useful combination tool, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 31, 1898
Creator: Karner, Joseph C.


Description: Patent for a water conveyer for irrigation, which has a series of buckets on a conveyer belt which pour over a waterwheel to power the motor of the machine. This model has streamlined the buckets water flow to minimize the power used from the motor.
Date: December 24, 1907
Creator: Dove, John Oliver

Gate Latch

Description: Patent for "improvements in latches for gates, doors, and the like." (lines 12-13) This latch "may be conveniently operated from either side of the door and may be locked against operation." (lines 15-17)
Date: August 11, 1903
Creator: Carter, Hiram Claborn


Description: Patent for a draft equalizer for animals pulling farm equipment in fields.
Date: March 7, 1911
Creator: Glover, Milford S.


Description: Patent for certain new and useful improvements in ant-traps.
Date: April 12, 1898
Creator: Selvidge, Charles W.

Harrow and Cultivating Implement

Description: Patent for a harrow and cultivating implement which "may be readily adjusted and adapted to various uses" (lines 12-13).
Date: April 21, 1908
Creator: Sherrill, Samuel T.

Method of Destroying Stumps of Trees.

Description: Patent for a method of destroying the stumps of persimmon and sassafras trees using saltpeter, soda, and salt.
Date: April 1, 1902
Creator: McLelland, Jacob J. E.

Revolving Fan

Description: Patent for a new and useful revolving fan. This design "relates to certain improvements in revolving fans, such as are employed especially in connection with tables and the like for fanning the persons seated thereat" (line 8-11).
Date: December 14, 1897
Creator: Gibson, Levi A.

Cotton Weevil Destroyer

Description: Patent for cotton weevil destroyer. Illustration included.
Date: October 25, 1904
Creator: Stephens, Lee Albert

Gage for Plows.

Description: Patent for a new type of gage for a running plow, that can be adjusted for a specific depth
Date: December 17, 1901
Creator: Wilson, William H.

Wire-Fence Tool.

Description: Patent for wire fence tool attachment for a wire stretching machine. The tool can also perform other operations related to the fence wires when detached from the machine.
Date: October 22, 1901
Creator: Pearson, C. E.

Bedstead Brace.

Description: Patent for a new and useful bedstead-brace. "This invention is an improved construction of bedstead-brace, the object being to provide an exceedingly cheap, simple, and efficient device which can be applied to any and all beds" (line 7-11).
Date: January 21, 1902
Creator: Campbell, Ike W.

Hame Attachment

Description: Patent for improved Hame Attachment with "snap hame-hook" (line 11) "preventing accidental displacement." (line 13-14)
Date: June 26, 1900
Creator: Dobbs, William, Jackson


Description: Patent for a certain new and useful wire stretcher, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: November 28, 1899
Creator: Hancock, Benjamin Columbus


Description: Patent for a new and useful sash fastener, which is "capable of holding a sash at any desired adjustment and of being arranged to lock the sashes against vertical movement on each other" (line 13 - 14).
Date: February 13, 1900
Creator: James, Will S.