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Description: Patent for an improved design for a lace-rack, or a container to stow away lace boards. Illustrations included.
Date: August 3, 1912
Creator: Jones, Laurence E.

Steam Cotton-Baling Tamper.

Description: Patent for improvements in steam cotton-baling tamper by automating the tamping process and the feed of cotton to the baling hopper. Illustration is included.
Date: October 7, 1913
Creator: Walker, Jackson Lamar

Tool-Handle And Tool.

Description: Patent for certain new and useful improvements in tool handles and tools, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 22, 1899
Creator: Lantz, Albert C.

Double-Action Pump

Description: Patent for "double-action submerged force-pumps which can be operated by any suitable power, but particularly adapted for operation by windmills provided with variable gearing...simple in construction and strong and durable and in which there are no parts which can be disarranged during operation and from which all valves may be removed without disturbing the pipe and which will maintain a continuous flow of water during operation."
Date: October 21, 1902
Creator: Byars, Edgar


Description: Patent for a press for baling cotton and other fibrous materials.
Date: October 14, 1902
Creator: Mount, T. S.

Apparatus for Cooling Water.

Description: Patent for a water-cooling apparatus composed chiefly of a subterranean cistern and a water-supply source.
Date: May 20, 1901
Creator: William J. Dossey

Baling Press.

Description: Patent for several improvements in baling presses for making cylindrical bales, the machine being able to be set up in both the horizontal and upright positions.
Date: May 22, 1900
Creator: Byars, Edgar.


Description: Patent for a combination tool for pipe fitters and mechanics. The tool can be combined with a number of separate tools, including a die-stock and tap. The tool is foldable when not in used.
Date: December 19, 1911
Creator: Richardson, Charlie N.


Description: Patent for a stalk-cutter that employs rotating breaking members to uproot the stalk and cut it rather than simply cutting the stalk and leaving the roots underground.
Date: November 7, 1911
Creator: Buchanan, Amos. W.


Description: Patent for a mud scraper attachment for vehicles, which prevents mud from getting in the wheels of the vehicle on muddy dirt roads.
Date: November 17, 1908
Creator: Whitaker, Ira Paschal


Description: Patent for a churn, which is run by a foot treadle attached to a wheel that turns the dasher in the churn.
Date: March 9, 1909
Creator: Stagg, Frank E.

Cloth-Winding Machine.

Description: Patent for a cloth winding machine, which measures cloth for cutting and then winds the rest of the bolt of cloth back up.
Date: April 7, 1908
Creator: Blythe, Edward Willey


Description: Patent for a telephone wire cutout for use in manually grounding the telephone line during a storm.
Date: March 29, 1910
Creator: Smith, James L.

Wire-Fence Machine.

Description: Patent for a new and useful wire-fence machine that can be conveniently carried around.
Date: March 22, 1898
Creator: Watson, James A.

Wire Fence Tightener.

Description: Patent for certain improvement in a wire-fence tightening device.
Date: January 4, 1898
Creator: Gililland, John S.


Description: Patent for certain new and useful improvements in baling presses, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 27, 1900
Creator: Byars, Edgar

Process of Preserving

Description: Patent for a process for preserving corn and is done without canning it.
Date: May 29, 1906
Creator: Melton, Ephraim B.


Description: Patent for a railroad water tank, which automatically opens the discharge valve when the spout is opened.
Date: August 15, 1911
Creator: Miller, Charles H. & Bunnell, Walter A.

Photograph Gallery Appliance

Description: Patent for a photograph gallery appliance. This invention is to replace special card mounts. Illustration included.
Date: August 9, 1904
Creator: Bunnell, Walter A.


Description: Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustrations included.
Date: January 24, 1911
Creator: Smith, Otis M. L. & Smith, Estus K,


Description: Patent for a chimney jacket construction for naval vessels. Illustrations included.
Date: December 17, 1912
Creator: Newell, Allen


Description: Patent for a cattle guard to prevent cattle from treading upon railroad tracks. Illustrations included.
Date: October 25, 1910
Creator: Reed, Conwell P.


Description: Patent for a coupler for railway cars. Illustrations included.
Date: April 28, 1908
Creator: Brandt, Olof Nelson