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Tool-Handle And Tool.

Description: Patent for certain new and useful improvements in tool handles and tools, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 22, 1899
Creator: Lantz, Albert C.

Baling Press.

Description: Patent for several improvements in baling presses for making cylindrical bales, the machine being able to be set up in both the horizontal and upright positions.
Date: May 22, 1900
Creator: Byars, Edgar.

Double-Action Pump

Description: Patent for "double-action submerged force-pumps which can be operated by any suitable power, but particularly adapted for operation by windmills provided with variable gearing...simple in construction and strong and durable and in which there are no parts which can be disarranged during operation and from which all valves may be removed without disturbing the pipe and which will maintain a continuous flow of water during operation."
Date: October 21, 1902
Creator: Byars, Edgar


Description: Patent for a press for baling cotton and other fibrous materials.
Date: October 14, 1902
Creator: Mount, T. S.

Apparatus for Cooling Water.

Description: Patent for a water-cooling apparatus composed chiefly of a subterranean cistern and a water-supply source.
Date: May 20, 1901
Creator: William J. Dossey


Description: Patent for a telephone switch. "This invention relates to switches for telephone and more particularly to shifting devices for short-circuiting certain classes of lines, and the object is to provide a system of cutting off communication in what are called 'party' lines" (line 8-13). Illustration included.
Date: September 19, 1903
Creator: Mount, Timothy S.

Calendar Clock

Description: Patent for calendar clock. Illustration included.
Date: March 8, 1906
Creator: Woods, Jesse Leroy


Description: Patent for a baling machine. Illustrations included.
Date: September 15, 1906
Creator: Bryan, William Silous

Process of Preserving

Description: Patent for a process for preserving corn and is done without canning it.
Date: May 29, 1906
Creator: Melton, Ephraim B.


Description: Patent for a coupler for railway cars. Illustrations included.
Date: January 3, 1906
Creator: Brandt, Olof Nelson

Stalk Breaker

Description: Patent for breaking cotton stalks. This device is designed to break down cotton stalks while sparing stalks of growing young wheat. Illustration included.
Date: February 19, 1908
Creator: Shaw, Drury P. & Tackaberry, W. J.

Wire-Fence Machine.

Description: Patent for a new and useful wire-fence machine that can be conveniently carried around.
Date: March 22, 1898
Creator: Watson, James A.

Wire Fence Tightener.

Description: Patent for certain improvement in a wire-fence tightening device.
Date: January 4, 1898
Creator: Gililland, John S.

Photograph Gallery Appliance

Description: Patent for a photograph gallery appliance. This invention is to replace special card mounts. Illustration included.
Date: February 2, 1904
Creator: Bunnell, Walter A.


Description: Patent for certain new and useful improvements in baling presses, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 27, 1900
Creator: Byars, Edgar


Description: Patent for improvements in cultivators, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 8, 1891
Creator: Williams, William Edwin

Cotton Gin.

Description: Patent for a new and improved cotton gin. This design consists of an "endless wire-gauze band or apron, bound at its sides with strips of flexible material, such as leather . . . and provided on its inner side with slats, in combination with the saw-shaft, the condenser-roller, and the upper roller, around which the band passes, provided with longitudinal channels . . . in [a] cylinder and [a] wiper" (lines 81-92).
Date: June 14, 1881
Creator: Edgar, Valentine K.

Artificial Stone.

Description: Patent for artificial stone made of a special combination of cement that hardens and stays hard under water. It also does not conduct heat.
Date: March 19, 1895
Creator: Power, John H. & Power, Rufus M.

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "has relation to that class of car-couplings in which the open ends of a coupling bar or link are engaged by hooks in the draw-heads; and it consists in the improved construction and combination of parts of such a coupling, in which the hooks are projecting from the under sides of arms pivoted upon the draw-heads and dropping down by their gravity, and in which the said hooks project into registering recesses in the upper side of the draw-head" (lines 23-33).
Date: June 29, 1886
Creator: Boyers, Robert L.

Ribbon and Lace Show Cabinet.

Description: Patent for a new and improved showcase for merchants. This design obviates "the necessity of frequent handling of the goods . . . and much time is saved in the exhibition of them, and in taking account of stock, and the cabinet aids in selling the goods, as they are exhibited by it to a greater advantage than when laid out upon the counter in boxes or kept in boxes placed in an ordinary show-case" (lines 80-87).
Date: September 19, 1882
Creator: Lowry, Lucien P.


Description: Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and efficient double action force pump that has one cylinder and one plunger. It also equalizes the opposite strokes of the plunger, and pushes water into the common chamber with both strokes.
Date: October 2, 1894
Creator: Thompson, John W.


Description: Patent for a new and improved bedstead. This design consists of a frame with tension wires "extending diagonally across the bed-frame to the side pieces thereof at points intermediate between the corner posts, and independent tension devices to which the ends of the wire are connected, whereby a longitudinal and lateral strain is exerted upon the bed-frame when the wires are adjusted" (lines 1-7).
Date: November 24, 1885
Creator: Clowers, William B.