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Description: Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Sash-Holders," an invention which "aims to provide a sash-holder of simple construction for supporting a sash at any elevation and which will secure it when closed against being opened from the outside."
Date: November 13, 1900
Creator: Hardy, Isham B.


Description: Patent for improving lightning arresters, an invention used to distribute electrical current over a large area and ground it at a different points should a building be struck by lightning.
Date: June 15, 1901
Creator: Wood, William D.; Roach, Henry B. & Pots, William M.

Planter Attachment for Plows

Description: Patent for a combined cotton, corn, and sugar-cane planter attachment for plows, which is intended "to provide a simple, cheap, and automatically operating planting attachment for plows which may be used for the planting of seeds of various kinds, as cotton, corn, sugar-cane, and the like, and which may be readily attached to and detached from a plow."
Date: November 13, 1900
Creator: Riewe, Friedrich

Ventilating Apparatus.

Description: Patent for a ventilating apparatus "adapted for use in connection with buildings, storehouses, and school and other buildings, both public and private" (lines 9-12).
Date: March 26, 1901
Creator: Vernon, William E.

Cultivator and Planter

Description: Patent for improvements in combined cultivators and corn/cotton planters to adapt an ordinary cultivator for planting of seeds with adjustable seed-tube and furrow opener to accommodate various character of ground being worked or cultivation being done.
Date: July 5, 1900
Creator: Prentice, Peter Mack


Description: Patent for a motion transmitter for wave motors, "the primary object of the invention being to produce motion-transmitting mechanism which will effect the conversion or translation of reciprocity motion into continuous rotary motion in the same direction."
Date: November 27, 1900
Creator: Walker, James Constant

Flushing-Tank for Water-Closets, &c.

Description: Patent for improvement for Flushing-Tanks for Water-Closets, Urinals, Sinks, &c. through adoption of an immovable siphon and gate
Date: February 26, 1897
Creator: Carroll, Samuel C

Rotary Reciprocating Engine.

Description: Patent for a rotary reciprocating engine that is smaller, has more horse-power, and has less friction than previous models.
Date: May 8, 1900
Creator: Williams, Win D.


Description: Patent for key-bars for use on type-writers and cash-registers.
Date: October 30, 1900
Creator: Irish, Gilbert H.

Frame-Lifting Device for Disk Plows or Similar Implements.

Description: Patent for "improvements in disk plows and similar implements, and especially to means employed for raising and lowering the frames of said plows in order to regulate the depth of the furrow" (lines 9-13).
Date: October 30, 1900
Creator: Hendon, Walter Preston


Description: Patent for an invention that can be applied to a mantel, consisting "essentially, of a flexible screen, guard, or shield adapted to wind upon a roller, the latter being housed in the space formed between the shelf off the mantel and the headboard" (lines 22-25). It is intended to prevent fire from getting into the from from the fire, control heat radiation, and provide a closure for the fireplace when it is not in use.
Date: September 30, 1899
Creator: Cox, Thomas J.


Description: Patent for fireplace guards that connect to mantels, which can be folded out of sight, or rolled out to prevent sparks or closing off the fireplace when not in use.
Date: March 7, 1899
Creator: Cox, Thomas J.


Description: Patent for improvement of seed planter "adapted for the planting of various kinds of seeds" (lines 10-11) and addition of tilting movements, including illustrations.
Date: June 25, 1900
Creator: Wendtland, Wilhelm & Wunderlich, W. F.

Combined Cultivator and Cotton-Chopper.

Description: Patent for a combined cultivator and cotton-chopper, to "provide an improved cotton-chopping mechanism which is adapted to be combined with and operated in connection with a sulky-cultivator, whereby a growing crop of cotton may be plowed and chopped or hoed simultaneously" (lines 15-20).
Date: March 13, 1900
Creator: Blaschke, Frank J.

Acetylene-Gas Generator.

Description: Patent for an improved acetylene-gas generator "which is kept in a relatively-cool condition by a surrounding bath of water and which generator is removable at will from the floatable bell of the tank. A further object is to prevent the waste carbid from dropping into the water of the expansible tank and to provide for the free discharge of gas from the generator [...] while [...] permitting the expeditious removal of said generator for the purpose of cleaning and recharging" (lines 13-24).
Date: January 25, 1900
Creator: Lindholm, Charlie M.

Measuring Device for Rolled Goods.

Description: Patent for an improved "means for measuring rolled goods while the materials is being unrolled and also to indicate the amount of material remaining in the roll" (lines 10-13).
Date: February 10, 1900
Creator: Sauls, Henry & Cook, George S.


Description: Patent for "a new and useful improvement in cactus burners" (lines 4-5), including illustration and instructions.
Date: October 21, 1899
Creator: Snowden, Lewis W.

Fence-Post Extractor.

Description: Patent for a fence-post extractor that is used by placing the extractor alongside the fence-post and extracting it in a vertical line including illustrations.
Date: August 28, 1900
Creator: Morgenthaler, Frank


Description: Patent for improvement in cotton-compresses by employing two compressing rolls, so that while one compress is finishing a bale the other would continuously carry out the feeding operation; making it unnecessary to stop the condenser or any part of the ginning apparatus. Illustration is included.
Date: January 1, 1901
Creator: Rembert, Henry

Combined Bag-Holder and Sifter.

Description: Patent for improvements in a combined bag-holder and sifter by using a supporting bracket secured to a wall, a bag-holder, a sifter located below the bag-holder, a detachable suspending connection between the sifter and the bag-engaging devices rising from the sifter. With this arrangement, the bag will be elevated into the proper position and to hold the bag against lateral movement while the sifter is being operated. The bag is to remain in proper position until the contents has been sifted entirely. Illustration is included.
Date: January 1, 1901
Creator: Shanley, Michael H.

Attachment for Barrels of Firearms

Description: Patent for simple, light, and durable device adapted for barrels of rifles, muskets, and other arms to prevent the noise made from when firing.
Date: January 5, 1899
Creator: Washington, R. M.