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Description: Patent for hose support with pivoted standard having a part which is adapted to support the nozzle of the hose, with illustrations.
Date: October 20, 1914
Creator: Praeger, Ewald


Description: Patent for a bat roost that provides roosting space, as well as a space for hibernation. The bat roost will have a lower space that allows the user to clean out the droppings.
Date: January 6, 1914
Creator: Campbell, Charles A. R.

Tub Holder

Description: Patent for improvements made to tub holders, primarily to suit tubs of various sizes for heating water. Purposes for holding tubs include boiling water for clothes and food. The improvements focus on support of the tubs, and allow for rotation of tubs with ease and efficiency.
Date: April 28, 1914
Creator: Dullnig, Adolph Cleveland


Description: Patent for spring hubs in automobiles and other vehicles. This prevents jarring and jolting between the spindle and the wheel.
Date: February 10, 1914
Creator: Lasswell, William H.

Lard-Extracting Machine.

Description: Patent for a machine by which lard, or other substance with a similar consistency, "may be extracted directly from the original shipping vessel, such as a barrel... so that the lard will be expelled though and delivered from a dispensing nozzle" (lines 18-23); including instructions and illustrations.
Date: December 30, 1913
Creator: Paolucci, Henry E.


Description: Patent for an account index card holder with “superposed parallel arms” (lines 111-112) that allow portions of the front and reverse side of each card to be visible. The holder and its supports may be used with a system for organizing, tracking, and indexing accounts.
Date: November 4, 1913
Creator: Roach, William Eli.

Printing Press

Description: Patent for a printing press design that has a "type carrying member" which is a "circular rotary disk," and a "mechanism for elevating the ink supplying rolls and paper carrying platens to permit of the passage of the type therebelow without being affected," (lines 11-12, 23-26) including illustrations.
Date: March 3, 1914
Creator: Sadovsky, Nathan

Spring Wheel

Description: Patent for a spring wheel design that will "effectually resist both the vertical and lateral stresses to which the wheel is subjected when in use" (lines 11-13), including illustrations.
Date: February 24, 1914
Creator: Mathiesen, Marius


Description: Patent for a biplane design that has improved lift, steering, stability, and landing, including illustrations.
Date: July 28, 1914
Creator: Herrmann, Ernst W. F.


Description: Patent for a live animal trap that uses a trigger and allows for live bait. Wire fabric is used to prevent animals from digging and escaping.
Date: March 3, 1914
Creator: Herring, Henry H.


Description: Patent for a pencil sharpener that sharpens pencils quickly and efficiently. This invention catches the resulting shavings and dust, and has a compact design to fit in a pocket.
Date: November 4, 1913
Creator: Wolf, John J.


Description: Patent for a new bandage or dressing clamp that will hold a bandage in place. It includes two circular, notched jaws held together by an adjustable tube. Illustrations included.
Date: April 21, 1914
Creator: Lupton, Minnie May