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Description: Patent for Windmill that is adapted to be held in various positions. This Windmill device will be strong, durable, and easy to construct.
Date: June 10, 1913
Creator: Houston John J

Collin County Community College District Annual Financial Report: 2012-2013

Description: Annual financial report of the Collin County Community College documenting income, expenditures, and other relevant financial information for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. Includes a brief overview of the college departments related to finances and the local economy as well as school accomplishments of the year.
Date: 2013-23~
Creator: Collin County Community College District

Collin County Community College District Annual Financial Report: 2012

Description: Comprehensive annual financial report of the Collin County Community College District for fiscal year 2012 including basic financial statements and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) supplemental statements, unaudited statistics, audit reports, supplementary financial information, and related data.
Date: November 28, 2012
Creator: Collin County Community College District


Description: Patent for an envelop adapted "as a cover or wrapper for valuable papers, money, and the like." (Lines 10-13) Illustrations included.
Date: May 8, 1900
Creator: Dennis, Millard Jefferson & Davis, William Clarence


Description: Patent for new stalk rake design, “especially applicable as a rake for gathering corn or cotton stalks from the ground preparatory to plowing the same or otherwise fitting it for use”, (lines 13-17) including illustrations.
Date: July 15, 1902
Creator: Clark, Joesph Lauson


Description: Patent for a stalk chopper that chops weeds, vines, and stalks into smaller pieces or kills them in order for the ground beneath to be readily cultivated.
Date: September 30, 1902
Creator: Adamson, William Levi


Description: Patent for an improved washboard, that will be "simple, inexpensive, and efficient" while allowing water to fully drain from it after washing is finished, including illustrations.
Date: July 17, 1900
Creator: Bailey, Robert E.


Description: Patent for new and useful improvements in cultivators, relating to an attachment which may be applied to use upon any variety of cultivator with carrying-wheels, which provides efficient means for cutting cotton-stalks or weeds after cotton harvest.
Date: January 22, 1901
Creator: Kerr, Robert Lee