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Description: Patent for improvements in hose-couplings in which the coupling process would be trouble-free and without injury to the hose when the freight cars are uncoupled or when one car breaks away from another in case of accident. (Lines 24-31) Illustration is included.
Date: March 1, 1898
Creator: Harding, Daniel J.

Combination Box And Stock Car

Description: Patent for "a new and improved box and stock car which is simple and durable in construction and arranged to permit of readily transforming the car to carry either box-freight or live stock." (lines 10-13) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 22, 1900
Creator: Russell, Charles Henry

Index and Trial-Balance.

Description: Patent for improvement in indexes and trial-balances by using removable spring-strips to hold all the papers together in one place and can be easily remove when needed. Illustration is included.
Date: April 2, 1901
Creator: Templeton, Allison


Description: Patent for "a construction wherein the oil may be quickly and economically heated to cause the impurities to separate from the oil" (lines 9-12).
Date: August 13, 1901
Creator: Carter, George Fitzhugh