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Regional Water Plan: Region I (East Texas), 2016, Volume I. Main Report

Description: Water plan for Region I (East Texas) describing water sources and suppliers in the area, usage statistics and forecasts, water needs, water management strategies for suppliers and counties, water conservation plans, drought response plans, financing of the plan, and the process of creating the plan.
Date: December 1, 2015
Creator: East Texas Regional Water Planning Group

[Trading Card: Beauchamp Springs]

Description: Trading card issued as part of the Geocache Challenge program for Tyler State Park, depicting a stream creating a small waterfall between large, moss-covered rocks into a pool below. The back of the card includes information about the park and the springs.
Date: 2011
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department.

Tyler State Park

Description: A map of Tyler State Park showing bathroom access, campgrounds, trails, fish and catch regulations for said fish, etc. There is additional information for purchasing park passes that allow for free access to all 90 Texas state parks for free yearly for the recipient and their carload of guests.
Date: 2013
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department.

Tyler State Park

Description: This is an illustrated map of the Tyler State Park near Tyler in Smith County, Texas. The map shows the access routes in the park, camp sites, hiking trails, and a legend that shows the location of the parks amenities.
Date: February 2015
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department.
Location Info:


Description: Patent for improvements in wedge-buckles by using a “combination of a stiff plate having wedge-shaped side jaws, of the strap having an inwardly-curved spring portion terminating in projections and flanges which engage the jaws, and adapted to be straightened outwardly in clamping a belt of band between the plate and strap” to (Lines 18-24, p. 2) Illustration is included.
Date: November 27, 1900
Creator: White, Lee

Burial Apparatus

Description: Patent for improvements in burial apparatus, relating particularly to linings and coverings for graves, which are designed to do away with all appearance of earth or dirt in the placing of caskets or coffins in the ground.
Date: May 7, 1901
Creator: Spear, William

Back-Band Hook

Description: Patent for "a simple and inexpensive construction of hook which is capable of ready and convenient adjustment and with which different articles of cloth, such as may be on hand, may be used as a back-band, and also so formed as to prevent cutting or tearing of the back-band with which it is used and to be quickly and positively clamped in position on the band" (lines 13-21).
Date: June 25, 1901
Creator: Pool, Robert C.


Description: Patent for an improved buckle that will hold straps in place, particularly those straps with irregularly sized and spaced openings.
Date: May 29, 1901
Creator: Pool, Robert C.