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Cotton-Stalk Knocker.

Description: Patent for improvements in cotton-stalk knockers. This invention "relates to cotton-knockers, and more particularly to a device of this class which may be readily attached to or combined with a wheeled cultivator of usual form" (lines 11-14). Includes specifications and illustrations.
Date: June 5, 1900
Creator: Chitty, Robert Henry
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for improvements in milk coolers. The invention "has for one of its objects the provision of a simple and inexpensive knockdown construction which will permit packing into compact form when desirable. Another object is to provide a milk-cooler having adjustable shelves of improved construction, whereby milk pans or pails of different sizes can be easily accommodated. A further object .... is to provide a milk-cooler of the water-evaporation capillary-feed type which will be strong, compact, and of large capacity and provided with improved means for draining, catching, and retaining the water, holding the fabric, and adjusting and securing the shelves" (lines 9-23). Includes specifications and illustrations.
Date: July 3, 1900
Creator: Dean, William Volney
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for "an oven through which a current of cool or heated air may be passed to maintain the same at a desired temperature for either purposes of baking, evaporating, drying or roasting substances therein, as may be found desirable" (lines 10-15).
Date: June 12, 1900
Creator: Turner, Robert W.
Item Type: Patent

Plow Attachment

Description: Patent for "a shovel or point attachment for plow-stocks for operation in turf, stubble, or grubby or rocky soil deep or shallow, the attachment being particularly adapted for turning stalks, weeds, grass, and stubble" (lines 11-17).
Date: June 25, 1901
Creator: Buster, Walter L.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for improvements to a device used to trap birds, to keep them from damaging or consuming agricultural crops..
Date: November 19, 1901
Creator: James B. Barry.
Item Type: Patent

Egg-Preserving Compound.

Description: Patent for a mixture of chemical for preserving eggs; ingredients, measurement and instruction are in included. No illustration.
Date: April 28, 1903
Creator: Brooks, James M.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for improvements in plows in which the plow can be “converted into a middle-burster or single-stock, according to the nature of the land and the character of work to be performed.” (Lines 12-15) Illustration is included.
Date: May 24, 1904
Creator: Weldon, Johnathan L.
Item Type: Patent

Breast Pump

Description: Patent for a maual breast pump. Illustration included.
Date: November 21, 1904
Creator: Ezell, Uberto Desaix
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for "pouches; and its primary object is to provide a novel device of this character adapted to be applied to the male organ to catch and retain all discharges coming therefrom, whereby a patient's clothes are prevented from becoming soiled" (lines 11-14) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: November 21, 1904
Creator: Ezell, Uberto Desaix
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a stalk chopper particularly designed for slicing cotton and corn stalks. Illustrations included.
Date: May 18, 1907
Creator: Canuteson, Alfred & Ringness, John J.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a new and useful car coupling, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 1, 1899
Creator: Adams, William Franklin
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a new and useful sulky plow, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: October 25, 1898
Creator: Allen, Jefferson Davis
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a new and useful wire stretcher, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 23, 1900
Creator: Olson, John Lauris
Item Type: Patent

Spring Trip-Foot

Description: Patent for a spring trip-foot. This invention is designed for use in supporting a small plow carried behind the planter. Illustration included.
Date: October 18, 1909
Creator: Vance, John C.
Item Type: Patent

Sulky-Frame for Agricultural Implements.

Description: Patent for "a new and improved sulky-frame adapted for the attachment of several agricultural implements and provided with means for elevating or lowering the frame and the implement thereto attached, whereby the latter is brought in contact with the soil or elevated above such contact." (Lines 16-23) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 27, 1895
Creator: Carson, John Richard & Denman, Jackson Harvey, Jr.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for "an improvement in grain-binders... which can be so constructed as to receive the grain direct from the platform of the reaper without the assistance of elevating mechanism." (Lines 8-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: June 20, 1889
Creator: Schubert, George
Item Type: Patent

Horse and Team Holder.

Description: Patent for "a device adapted to be applied to ordinary vehicles, and designed to be connected with the driving reins, and capable of automatically engaging the horse or team, and by preventing the same from advancing or turning to the right or left or backing, thereby obviating the necessity of tying a horse or team, of dropping the traces, or of leaving it stand with small weights that endanger life." (Lines 12-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 21, 1895
Creator: Moore, Franklin Orville
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a combination tool "specifically adapted for use as a pan or plate lifter or a stove-lid lifter and which may also be used for holding dishes while being washed" (lines 4-7), including illustrations.
Date: May 18, 1897
Creator: Swenson, Charles E. & Swenson, Olive C.
Item Type: Patent

Double-Incline Wrecking-Frog.

Description: Patent for a wrecking-frog that has "a minimum of weight and maximum of strength and durability, which will accurately guide a derailed wheel to replacement upon the track and which is also equally adapted to derailing a train, car or other vehicle when an occasion arises rendering derailment necessary or expedient" (lines 10-16).
Date: October 31, 1893
Creator: Mooney, Patrick T.
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a tongue support that lessens the weight and wearing of the tongue on the horse's neck. The spring is made of steel, is two or more coils, and sits on the tongue rod. The spring's firmness is adjustable, and only enough weight to hold the tongue in place is put on the animal.
Date: December 12, 1893
Creator: Young, Delma H.
Item Type: Patent

Metal-Banding or Bale-Wiring Tool.

Description: Patent for an improved "banding or bale wiring tool, especially adapted to be inserted in between the bars of a bailing press, to grasp and cut the wire, after said wire has been firmly drawn around the bale, and twist the two ends of the wire together to form a tie" (lines 20-25).
Date: August 15, 1893
Creator: Schubert, George
Item Type: Patent

Combined Halter and Weaning-Muzzle.

Description: Patent for a combined halter and weaning muzzle, "the halter being adapted for use independently of the muzzle and the latter being detachably connected to the halter" (lines 17-19). The halter is "the combination of a chin-strap and nose-band made in one piece and a weaning nose-band" (lines 18-20).
Date: July 7, 1896
Creator: Schow, Ottinus E.
Item Type: Patent