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Primary view of Nozzle.
Adams, Don B.
March 16, 1897
Primary view of Retort Vaporizer and Superheater
Biddison, Stella D.
March 26, 1889
Primary view of Paper Separator
Brintnall, Harry W. & Venney, Felix A.
October 24, 1905
Primary view of Electromagnetic Ore-Separator.
Charlton, Thomas
February 16, 1909
Primary view of Bottle-Stopper.
Davis, Clifton H.
February 11, 1896
Primary view of Headlight-Shade.
Green, John R.
July 18, 1911
Primary view of Electrical Battery
Haschke, Juluis E. & Haschke, Feodor G.
June 14, 1904
Primary view of Syringe
Hill, Hiram McClung & Farrington, Charles Oliphint
December 15, 1908
Primary view of Apparatus for Chilling and Whitening Lard Compounds
Humphreys, Jerome N.
August 27, 1912
Primary view of Nutcracker
Moser, Frank W.
September 10, 1912
Primary view of Cotton-Seed Linter
O'Brien, Edward J.
August 5, 1890
Primary view of Examining the influence of tolls on commute departure and route choice behavior in the Chicago region
Paleti, Rajesh; Bhat, Chandra R. & Eluru, Naveen
August 2010
Primary view of Cotton-Press.
Taylor, George
June 25, 1895
Primary view of Moistening and Sprinkling Attachment for Brooms.
Taylor, James P.
May 23, 1905
Primary view of Oil Burner
Wafer, William H.
June 16, 1903
Primary view of Check-Punch.
Woodworth, Charles H.
March 17, 1896
Primary view of Journal-Bearing.
Woodworth, Charles H.
December 1, 1896