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Primary view of Biological, Social, and Economic Impacts of Exempting a Largemouth Bass Fishing Tournament from Slot Length Limits at Lake Fork Reservoir, Texas
Barkoh, Aaron
Primary view of Assessment of Short-term Preserved Milt for Mass Production of Striped Bass Morone saxatilis Fry
Barkoh, Aaron; Schlechte, Warren; Kurten, Gerald; Hamby, Steven & Glenewinkel, Hugh
Primary view of Use of Aluminum Sulfate to Reduce High pH Fingerling Striped Bass Production Ponds Fertilized with Nitrogen and Phosphorus to Control Prymnesium Parvum
Begley, Drew C.
August 2012
Primary view of Attempted Maturation of Snook in Ponds and Cages
Colura, Robert L.
Primary view of Preliminary Evaluation of the Use of Calcified Structures for Separating Spotted Seatrout Stocks
Colura, Robert L.
Primary view of Guidelines for the Culture of Black Bass
Glenewinkel, Hugh; Barkoh, Aaron; Engeling, Todd; Hall, Lee; Paret, John & Owens, Tony
December 2011
Primary view of Effects of Two Pond Filling Strategies on Production of 75-mm Channel Catfish Ictalurus Punctatus in Plastic-Lined Ponds
Glenewinkel, Hugh; Kurten, Gerald & Barkoh, Aaron
Primary view of A List of Indigenous Fish, Shellfish, and Aquatic Plant Species of Texas, Management Data Series No. 9, 1989
Harvey, William D.; Neck, Raymond W.; Johnson, N. Joyce; Garrett, Gary P.; Howells, Robert G. & Cody, Terry J.
Primary view of A Biosecurity Manual for Inland Fisheries Division Hatcheries
Kittel, Carl; Schmid, Rob; Sparrow, Reese; Mathews, Jim; Lyon, Dale & Smith, Dennis
Primary view of Evaluation of Community-Level Physiological Profiling for Monitoring Microbial Community Function in Fish Hatchery Ponds
Kurten, Gerald L. & Barkoh, Aaron
Primary view of Comparison of Liberal and Conservative Water Exchange Effects on Water Quality and Channel Catfish Fingerling Production in Hatchery Ponds
Kurten, Gerald L.; Barkoh, Aaron; Wyatt, Thomas; Glenewinkel, Hugh & Paret, John M.
Primary view of Comparison of Three Different Shrimp Trawl Body Mesh Sizes and Their Effect on Percent Bycatch, Catch Rates, and Total Length of Commercial Shrimp in Texas Bays
Lingo, Mark E.
Primary view of Effects of Zooplankton Additions on Zooplankton Populations and Fingerling Florida Largemouth Bass Production in Plastic-Lined Ponds
Martinez, Juan G.; Owens, Tony & Barkoh, Aaron
Primary view of Summary of Fish Tagging in Texas Bays: 1975-1988
Marwitz, Steven R.
Primary view of Survival and Harvest of Channel Catfish in Two Community Fishing Lakes
Munger, Charles
Primary view of Occurrence of Prymnesium parvum (Golden Alga) in Texas Intertidal Water 2008 and 2009
Nelson, Janet & Byrd, Meridith
August 2011
Primary view of Use of Trail Cameras for 24-hour Monitoring of Boat Ramp Activity
Olsen, Zachary & Wagner, Tom
unknown creation date
Primary view of Summary of the 2007 Nighttime Roving Counts and Pre-trip Flounder Gig Surveys
Olsen, Zachary; Wagner, Tom & Cupit, Willy
Primary view of Long-Term Growth of South Carolina and Texas Red Drum 1986-1988
Procarione, Lynne S. & Bumguardner, Britt W.
Primary view of Trends in Texas Commercial Fishery Landings, 1977-1988
Quast, William D.
Primary view of Baseline Data: Wetland Plant Compositions along a Salinity Gradient within Matagorda Bay
Schrift, Angela & Hartman, Leslie
July 2013
Primary view of A Summary of the 2014 Federal Recreational Red Snapper Harvest Monitoring Study
Texas. Coastal Fisheries Division.
Primary view of Survival Of Laboratory-Held Texas And South Carolina Red Drum Fingerlings Exposed to Extreme Texas Winter Temperatures
Texas. Coastal Fisheries Division.
Primary view of Trends in Texas Commercial Fishery Landings, 1994-2012
Texas. Coastal Fisheries Division.