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Primary view of Cultivator.
Baker, Alonzo L. & Baker, Russell
December 8, 1908
Primary view of Coach-Equalizing Suspender.
Best, William Newton
March 4, 1902
Primary view of Oil Burner
Casad, Roland C.
April 15, 1913
Primary view of Col. William N. Selig: The Man Who Invented Hollywood
Erish, Andrew A.
Primary view of DOLL NOVELTY.
Flint, William G.
November 4, 1902
Primary view of Combined Latch and Lock for Screen Doors, etc.
Hart, Joel T. & Hart, John D.
February 5, 1912
Primary view of Apparatus for Transmitting Sound-Waves
Harvey, Fred Brown
October 17, 1911
Primary view of The CIA in Hollywood: How the Agency Shapes Film and Television
Jenkins, Tricia
Primary view of Playing-Cards.
Noonan, James Harrison
March 27, 1906
Primary view of Safety Lamp-Burner.
Witmond, Christopher B. J.
March 24, 1914