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Primary view of Improvement in Policemen's Batons.
Beery, Simon & McDonald, John W.
October 14, 1873
Primary view of Dredging Apparatus.
Douglas, William M.
February 14, 1893
Primary view of Combined Lister Plow and Planter.
Dudley, Thomas J.
May 7, 1907
Primary view of Picture-Hook.
Hall, James B.
February 6, 1894
Primary view of Lift.
Jones, Athelstan O.
February 6, 1900
Primary view of Car-Truck Bolster.
Maher, John N. & Wheless, Thomas H.
May 28, 1895
Primary view of Combined Cotton, Corn, And Sorghum Planter
Schofield, Jake Drommond
May 28, 1889
Primary view of Planter
Schofield, James Drommond
August 12, 1890