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Primary view of U.S. and Texas international trade and transportation
Anazia, Larry K. & Boske, Leigh B.
July 2011
Primary view of Quantitative characterization of microstructure of asphalt mixtures
Badgekar, Swapneel; Bhasin, Amit & Izadi, Anoosha
October 2010
Primary view of Potential connected vehicle applications to enhance mobility, safety, and environmental security
Balke, Kevin N.; Songchitruksa, Praprut. & Zeng, Xiaosi
February 2012
Primary view of Fracture properties and fatigue cracking resistance of asphalt binders
Bhasin, Amit.; Izadi, Anoosha & Motamed, Arash
March 2012
Primary view of Designing Fine Aggregate Mixtures to evaluate fatigue crack growth in asphalt mixtures
Bhasin, Amit; Motamed, Arash & Izadi, Anoosha
April 2001
Primary view of The potential for improving rail international intermodal services in Texas and the Southwest region of the United States
Blaze, James R. & Harrison, Robert
June 2011
Primary view of Equity evaluation of vehicle miles traveled fees in Texas
Burris, Mark; Larsen, Lisa. & Whitty, James M.
March 2012
Primary view of Evaluating the effect of street network connectivity on first/last mile transit performance
Chandra, Shailesh. & Quadrifoglio, Luca
November 2011
Primary view of Understanding emerging commuting trends in a weekly travel decision frame: implications for mega-region transportation planning
Chen, Binbin & Zhang, Ming
September 2011
Primary view of Development of warrants for installation of dual right-turn lanes at signalized intersections
Chen, Xiaoming & Li, Da
April 2012
Primary view of International air cargo operations and gateways: their emerging importance to the state of Texas
Cho, Hee Deok & Boske, Leigh B.
July 2011
Primary view of Developing infrastructure for interconnecting transportation network and electric grid
Damnjanovic, Ivan & Kim, Seok
September 2011
Primary view of Managing commodity risks in highway contracts: quantifying premiums, accounting for correlations among risk factors, and designing optimal price-adjustment contracts
Damnjanovic, Ivan & Zhou, Xue
September 2011
Primary view of Compendium of student papers: 2011 undergraduate transportation scholars program.
Desorcie, Felicia; Jian, Ruoxin; Kelly, Pete; Larson, Shawn; Rasulo, Marcus; Rivera, Joshua et al.
May 2012
Primary view of Network methods for project selection based on optimizing environmental impact
Duthie, Jennifer Clare; Waller, S. Travis & Ferguson, Erin M.
August 2010
Primary view of On jointly analyzing the physical activity participation levels of individuals in a family unit using a multivariate copula framework
Eluru, Naveen; Bhat, Chandra R. & Sener, Ipek N.
September 2010
Primary view of Robust pricing of transportation networks under uncertainty
Gardner, Lauren Marie; Waller, S. Travis & Boyles, Stephen D.
September 2010
Primary view of Use of Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for roadside condition assessment
Gharaibeh, Nasir G. & Hart, William Scott
December 2010
Primary view of Senior automobile crashes and fatalities in Texas : are older Texas drivers safe?
Goodwin, Gwendolyn C. & Price, Anthony
September 2011
Primary view of Predicting damage in concrete due to expansive aggregates : modeling to enable sustainable material design
Grasley, Zachary Charles & Rahman, Syeda
April 2012
Primary view of Development of pedestrian safety based warrants for permissive left-turn control
Guo, Aohan & Yi, Qi
December 2010
Primary view of Another look at the question of density and rail transit
Hall, Kadijah & Lewis, Carol Abel
July 2011
Primary view of Export growth, energy costs, and sustainable supply chains
Harrison, Rob & Seedah, Dan
November 2010
Primary view of Hybrid distribution trucks: costs and benefits
Harrison, Robert & Anderson, Garrett
June 2011