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Primary view of Binder Rheology and Performance in Warm Mix Asphalt : Interim Report
Arega, Zelalem & Bhasin, Amit
August 2012
Primary view of Project report on the continued development and analysis of the Flexible Pavements Database
Banerjee, Ambarish; Aguiar-Moya, Jose Pablo; Sivaram, Prasad; Smit, Andre de F. & Prozzi, Jorge Alberto
February 2011
Primary view of Laboratory and field evaluations of external sulfate attack in concrete
Drimalas, Thanos; Clement, John C.; Folliard, Kevin J.; Dhole, Raj & Thomas, Michael D. A.
January 2011
Primary view of Equipment replacement optimization
Fan, Wei; Brown, Leonard; Patterson, Casey; Winkler, Mike; Schminkey, Justin; Western, Kevin et al.
October 2011
Primary view of Peer state assessment of TxDOT maintenance program and practices:  workshop and road rally findings
Gao, Lu; Chi, Seokho; Prozzi, Jorge Alberto; Yildirim, Yetkin; Zhang, Zhanmin; Centurion, Claudia et al.
January 2011
Primary view of Literature review of current practices in dealing with fluctuations of maintenance budgets
Gonzales, Epigmenio.; Li, Wenxing; Murphy, Mike; O'Connor, James T.; Bhat, Chandra R. & Yildirim, Yetkin
September 2011
Primary view of Megaregion freight planning : a synopsis
Harrison, Rob.; Johnson, Donovan & Loftus-Otway, Lisa
March 2012
Primary view of Implementing a project and portfolio management system for TxDOT project development
Khwaja, Nabeel
October 2011
Primary view of Implementing a project and portfolio management system for TxDOT project development
Khwaja, Nabeel
October 2011
Primary view of Materials selection for concrete overlays : the final report
Kim, Dong H.; Fowler, David W.; Ferron, Raissa P.; Trevino, Manuel M. & Whitney, David P.
July 2012
Primary view of Materials selection for concrete overlays :  information survey review and evaluation of existing concrete overlays in Texas
Kim, Dong Hyun; Trevino, Manuel; Whitney, David P. & Ferron, Raissa
April 2011
Primary view of Shear strengthening of reinforced and prestressed concrete beams using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) sheets and anchors
Kim, Yungon.
February 2012
Primary view of Design and application of accessible land-use modeling tools for Texas regions
Kockelman, Kara; Anjomani, Ardeshir; Paul, Binny M.; Nostikasai, Dian; Tayyebi, Ali & Kharel, Gehandra
August 2010
Primary view of Developing a Testing Device for Total Pavements Acceptance : Third Year Report
Lee, Jung-Su; Nam, Boo H.; Lewis, Mike; Hayes, Richard; Scullion, Thomas & Liu, Wenting
August 2012
Primary view of Comparative study of mechanical and corrosion resistance properties of bridge post-tensioning strands
Mac Lean, Sean Anthony; Breen, J. E. & Kalina, R. D.
August 2011
Primary view of Estimating Texas motor vehicle operating costs : final report
Matthews, Ronald; Seedah, Dan; Ates, Murat; Kim, Kyung Jin; Anderson, Garrett; Vaughn, James et al.
November 2011
Primary view of Training Manual for Pavement Concrete Proportioning Method
McLeroy, Meredith; Fowler, David; Won, Moon & Whitney, David
February 2010
Primary view of The Texas rigid pavement database annual report, 1999
Medina, Cesar; Dossey, Terry & McCullough, B. Frank
November 2003
Primary view of Texas roundabout guidelines : final report
Mills, Alison; Duthie, Jen; Machemehl, Randy B.; Ferguson, Erin; Waller, Travis; Sun, Dazhi et al.
October 2011
Primary view of A web-based pavement performance and maintenance management and Geographic Information Systems mapping system for easy access to pavement condition information
Murphy, Michael & Zhang, Zhanmin
February 2011
Primary view of Validation and implementation of the structural condition index (SCI) for network-level pavement evaluation
Murphy, Michael; Zhang, Zhanmin & Peddibhotla, Sree Sravya Sruthi
June 2011
Primary view of Traffic operations and safety benefits of active traffic strategies on TxDOT freeways
Nezamuddin, N.; Jiang, Nan; Zhang, Ti; Waller, S. Travis & Sun, Dazhi
October 2011
Primary view of Proposed TxDOT strategic research program
Persad, Khali (Khali Ram), 1956-; Gilliland, Cynthia A. Weatherby; Nash, Phil; Machemehl, Randy B.; Stockton, Bill & Cleveland, Theodore
October 2010
Primary view of Implementation of Database for TxDOT ARRA Projects
Persad, Khali R. & Suri, Jasjyot S.
August 2011