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Primary view of Horse-Detacher
Backermann, Henry G.
July 23, 1912
Primary view of Spring
Backermann, Henry G.
September 8, 1908
Primary view of Ant Trap.
Barnes, Robert Hanson & Salles, George Camiel
November 9, 1886
Primary view of Float for Delinters
Blanchard, George L.
June 17, 1910
Primary view of Float for Linters.
Blanchard, George L.
January 25, 1910
Primary view of Railway-Crossing.
Bristow, George O.
October 21, 1913
Primary view of Improvement in Wheels for Vehicles.
Brown, David
December 23, 1873
Primary view of Insecticide.
Brumleu, Ludwig & Brumleu, Ernest
November 27, 1894
Primary view of Vechicle-Top Support.
Buchanan, Sanford McElroy
May 15, 1900
Primary view of Vehicle Top Support
Buchanan, Sanford McElroy; Cain, D. B. & Buchanan, J. F.
April 11, 1905
Primary view of Improvement in Bale-Tie Buckles.
Bunker, Thaddeus, of Cuero, Texas.
September 5, 1876
Primary view of Combined Book and Pencil Holder.
Colbert, Charles W.
May 13, 1913
Primary view of EARTH-AUGER.
Cudd, Decater P.
April 13, 1880
Primary view of Apparatus for Floating Vessels.
Debose, Albert S.
November 12, 1901
Primary view of Car-Replacer.
Debose, Albert S.
February 13, 1894
Primary view of Combined Railway-Switch and Car-Replacing Mechanism.
Debose, Albert S.
November 27, 1894
Primary view of Boll-Weevil or Other Insect Destroyer.
Doak, John S. & Farrington, Alexander G.
March 28, 1905
Primary view of Baby-Protector.
Dodd, Jacob Everette
September 16, 1913
Primary view of Washing-Machines.
Eberhardt, T. C.
January 20, 1874
Primary view of Addressing-Machine.
Eberhardt, Theophilus Charles
December 27, 1887
Primary view of Device for Handling and Cleaning Seed-Cotton by Atmospheric Suction.
Eberhardt, Theophilus Charles
May 19, 1891
Primary view of Engraving-Machine
Eberhardt, Theophilus Charles
November 19, 1889
Primary view of Paper Holder and Cutter.
Eberhardt, Theophilus Charles
November 13, 1888
Primary view of Printing Plate.
Eberhardt, Theophilus Charles
July 22, 1890