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Hame Tug.

Description: Patent for a new and improved hame-tug. This design "relates to a hame and trace attachment, having for its object to provide a simple, strong, and durable device to connect the front end of the trace chain or strap to the hame, whereby the movement of the said chain or strap is prevented from wearing the parts, and thus necessitating frequent repair or replacement" (lines 9-16).
Date: September 18, 1888
Creator: Anderson, Charley N. & McPhaill, Robert

Head Frame for Cattle.

Description: Patent for a new and improved head-frame for cattle. This design is "to prevent cattle from breaking down or going through fences" (lines 9-10). To this end, it "compris[es] the bar bearing longitudinally on the face of the animal, bent forward at its upper end to form a hook, and provided with a rearwardly-convex bend near its lower end, the rectangular frame integral with the lower end of the bar, having its sides forwardly convexed . . . and provided with the inwardly-extending arms, the adjusting-bolt connecting the sides of the frame, and the transverse bar carried by the [other] bar and provided with rings" (lines 71-82).
Date: October 2, 1888
Creator: Dorris, James Orson

Machine for Putting Ties on Bales.

Description: Patent for a new and improved machine for putting ties on bales. This design consists in a "frame-work which is to be placed across the bale . . . a shaft journaled in the frame and provided with a reel at each end, and pawls and ratchets with hooked ropes or chains . . . a double rope which is to be passed around the bale . . . and suitable U-shaped hooks . . . to provide a machine whereby cotton and other bales can be compressed at that point where the tie has come off, so as to allow another tie to be placed around the bale, and thus prevent the loss of material" (lines 16-33).
Date: May 1, 1888
Creator: Dunbar, William E.

Mechanical Motor.

Description: Patent for a new and improved motor. This design consists, "with the frame having the side and end slots, of the two drive-wheels and their springs, the movable spring-actuated shaft having the central pinion, the pivoted lever, the catch of the same, the crank-shaft formed with the central crank and having the pinion, the connecting-pitman, the pivoted adjustable fan-rod formed with the series of apertures near its upper end and along its central part, the adjustable weight, and the connecting-rod" (lines 116-126).
Date: May 8, 1888
Creator: Haines, Samuel Alfred

Fruit Gatherer.

Description: Patent for a new and improved fruit gatherer. This design consists "[i]n a fruit-gatherer, the combination of the pole, the jaws attached to its upper end, the sliding collar, the links connecting the collar and the sleeve, the rods, the jaws, the ring, the tube attached thereto and encircling the pole below said jaws, and the sleeve which supports the ring and is adjustable on the pole longitudinally for the purpose of adjusting the mouth of said tube in the desired proximity to the said jaws" (lines 13-22).
Date: September 25, 1888
Creator: Hall, Francis Asbury

Pruning Implement.

Description: Patent for a new and improved pruning implement. This design consists in "the combination, with a staff, of the jaw-arms pivoted to the staff and provided with the upwardly-projecting and curved jaws, the collars fitted loosely on the staff, the rods connecting the said collars, and the link-arms pivoted to the collar and to the jaw-arms" (lines 11-17).
Date: September 25, 1888
Creator: Hall, Francis Asbury


Description: Patent for a new and improved wheel. This design, when "traversing soft and marshy soil[,] the ribs or lugs engage in the surface in the ordinary way; but in passing over hard or stony soil the flange bears on the surface and prevents jarring. The ribs and the flange are flush with each other . . . and this height may be considerably more than that of the ordinary ribs . . . for the reason that the said height does not affect the regularity of motion of the wheel in passing over hard soil. The advantage in tapering the ribs or lugs and the inner side of the flange is to prevent earth from clogging therein" (lines 51-53).
Date: October 16, 1888
Creator: Hatch, Jerome B. & Stroud, Wiley N.

Throat Latch Fastener.

Description: Patent for a new and improved throat-latch fastener. This design consists in a "connecting-plate for bridles, having the side and end bars, the intermediate transverse bars . . . and the central longitudinal bar, having a stud in one portion thereof" (lines 79-83).
Date: April 17, 1888
Creator: Hopson, Franklin Oliver

Spring Punch.

Description: Patent for a new and improved spring-punch. This design "is to provide a punch in which the dies may be easily changed and adjusted, thus enabling one punch to serve for various purposes. [The] invention consists in constructing a punch with two or more sets of connected or geared levers, whereby the power of the jaws is greatly increased. It is not necessary, therefore, to apply as much power to the handles to produce the same result. The invention consists, further, in providing one of the jaws with a slot in which a number of dies may be secured" (lines 14-26).
Date: February 28, 1888
Creator: Jones, Wesley Corry

Ant Trap.

Description: Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design consists in "the combination of a tube having a longitudinal slot in its top at one end and a transverse slot in the bottom near the other end, the top of the tube on each side of the longitudinal slot bent downward, a pen secured to the end of the tube having the longitudinal slot, a portion of one side piece of the pen forming an end for the tube and the other side piece being cut away and secured to the tube, and a receptacle under the end of the tube having the transverse slot, the upper edges of the pen and of the receptacle being bent" (lines 65-77).
Date: February 28, 1888
Creator: Miller, Marshall Crittenden