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Description: Patent for a new and improved saddle. This design "consists in a rubber or other elastic seat having a thick central portion with tapering thin edges and a leather covering for the same" (lines 9-11).
Date: November 4, 1884
Creator: Adams, James E. & Shero, Philip

Animal Trap.

Description: Patent for a new and improved animal trap. This design consists in "the combination of the base-board having the opposite recesses and the transverse shaft, the yoke having the spring-coils mounted on the projecting ends of the shaft in said recesses, the standard having the holding-rod, the trigger, and the guards or prongs secured in the base-board" (lines 20-26).
Date: August 19, 1890
Creator: Anderson, Henry C.


Description: Patent for improvements to churns, "and has special reference to what are known as 'vibrating-dasher' churns." (lines 11-12) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 3, 1891
Creator: Anderson, Henry C.


Description: Patent for a new and improved churn. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the standards, the longitudinal bars connecting the same, the driving-shaft journaled on the upper bars, the counter-shaft journaled on the lower bars and provided with a crank-disk at one end, gearing between the driving-shaft and the counter-shaft, the balance-wheel on the counter-shaft, the rock-shaft journaled on the upper bars and provided with the oppositely-extending crank-arms between the said bars, the crank arm depending from the end of the rock-shaft, [and] the pitman" (lines 88-99).
Date: April 29, 1890
Creator: Anderson, Henry C.

Churn Motor.

Description: Patent for a new and improved churn-motor. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the frame, the rock-shaft arranged longitudinally in the top of the same and having the arm and the cross-head, the dasher-rods pivoted to the cross-head, the crank-shaft journaled transversely in the frame below the rock-shaft and having the fly-wheel and the pulley, the pitman connecting the crank-shaft and the arm, the driving-shaft arranged transversely in the frame, the pulley thereon, and the belt connecting the pulleys" (lines 64-74).
Date: June 18, 1889
Creator: Anderson, Henry C.


Description: Patent for a new and improved clasp. This design "compris[es] a base and a reversely bent or inclined retaining or clamping arm formed of a single continuous wire with an eye at one end thereof and a bend or enlargement at the other end thereof, the frame or base being substantially rectangular, and the upward bent arm extending through the eye at one end of the base and having the bend or enlargement at the other end arranged near or against the end bar at the opposite end of the frame" (lines 66-76).
Date: November 11, 1890
Creator: Anderson, Henry C.


Description: Patent for improvements in animal-traps that would be capable of catching two animals; to set the trap, bait is placed upon the hooked ends of the bait-hooks, the jaws are elevated and retained in a position by the link-catches, which have the lower hooked ends engaging the trigger, which has its free end engaging the eye at the inner end of the bait hooks, thus setting the trap, (lines 66-73) ready to catch animals. Illustration is included.
Date: May 5, 1891
Creator: Anderson, Henry Clay


Description: Patent for "a draft-equalizer that the draft will be equally distributed among each of the animals attached thereto, so that one may travel in the furrow, if desired, and the remainder permitted to move over the unplowed ground" (lines 22-27).
Date: May 14, 1901
Creator: Anderson, Samuel Cornelious

Wick Trimmer.

Description: Patent for a new and improved wick trimmer. This design "is to provide a lamp-wick trimmer with adjustable guides that will afford means to retain the implement in correct position for use on lamp-wick tubes of different sizes, and furthermore to furnish the wick-trimmer with blades that will shear the wick from each side edge toward the center simultaneously" (lines 7-14).
Date: May 31, 1892
Creator: Andrews, Daniel L.


Description: Patent for "a gate which can be built at a comparatively low price, which will be durable and practical, and which can be opened from either side with ease" (lines 13-17).
Date: July 30, 1901
Creator: Baker, Cicero McRee


Description: Patent for gate that uses a lever mechanism for operation while seated in a vehicle or on horseback. This invention allows the user to open and close the gate while seated. Illustration included.
Date: October 16, 1906
Creator: Baker, Guilford D.


Description: Patent for a plow improvement specifying the method in which the handle attaches to the beam of the plow. Parts of the plow are adjustable.
Date: February 6, 1906
Creator: Baker, Jefferson H.

Device for Holding Paper over Cakes in Ovens.

Description: Patent for a new and improved paper-holder for cake baking. With this design, "[a] cake is placed in the oven, the holder placed in position over it, the hoop or frame raised, and a paper placed upon [another] hoop. The [first] hoop is then pressed down upon it, when the cake may be baked without the top being scorched" (lines 40-45).
Date: December 3, 1889
Creator: Balfour, Emma

Obstetrical Device.

Description: Patent for an obstetrical device that consists of metal knee braces and hand holds, which allows pressure to be exerted on the knees by either the patient or a doctor which helps the mother's pushing power to increase and shorten labor.
Date: November 16, 1909
Creator: Barnes, Henry J.

Extension for Bedsteads

Description: Patent for "an adjustable, folding, and removable attachment that can be adjusted to various heights, one that can be easily attached to and detached from the bedstead, and one that when so detached can be neatly folded into a compact mass,which will occupy very little space" with an adjustable guard (lines 11-19).
Date: July 22, 1890
Creator: Belsher, Julia A.