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Description: Patent for a lever jack. Illustrations included.
Date: February 17, 1908
Creator: Dillon, John
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a hinge. Illustration included.
Date: July 9, 1907
Creator: Donaldson, James W.
Item Type: Patent

Improvement in the Methods of Baling and Packing Cotton

Description: Patent for improvement in the methods of baling and packing cotton specifically optimizations in the packing and baling of cotton by avoiding all the mechanical appliances used in forming and securing bales of cotton, such as the press, canvas bagging, band, buckles, and bale-ties.
Date: July 18, 1876
Creator: Drake, James A. & Singer, Edgar C.
Item Type: Patent

Polisher or Brush.

Description: Patent for a new and useful improvements in polishing brushes.
Date: May 17, 1898
Creator: Dumble, William K.
Item Type: Patent

Bale-Band Tightener

Description: Patent for a bale-band tightener, for "baling-presses; and its object is to provide a new and improved bale-band tightener which is simple and durable in construction and arranged to permit the operator to conveniently place the bands in position and fasten the ends together after the bale is pressed." (Lines 7-13)
Date: October 5, 1897
Creator: Duval, John L.
Item Type: Patent

Bale Ejector for Baling Presses.

Description: Patent for a new and improved ejector for baling presses. This design "consists in the combination, with a baling-press follower having channels with inclines and recesses at their rear ends, of trucks provided with ropes or chains, pulleys, pulley-segments having arms, and stationary arms for drawing the trucks forward, and with ropes or chains, pulleys, and weights for drawing the truck rearward. The trucks have recesses with inclined shoulders in their sides to receive prongs having front and rear shoulders, and attached to pins pivoted to the said trucks" (lines 29-40).
Date: March 24, 1885
Creator: Duval, John Lum
Item Type: Patent

Bale Tie

Description: Patent for a new and improved bale tie. This invention is to "provide a new and improved bale-tie which is simple and durable in construction, not liable to become accidentally unlocked, and arranged to permit its use on ordinary compresses" (line 7 - 11).
Date: December 14, 1897
Creator: Edmonston, Thomax Cole
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for improvements in fertilizers “for restoring to the soil the elements which form the food for plants, and which have been abstracted therefore by the absorption of successive crops, or which are naturally deficient in quantity or entirely wanting in the soil.” (Lines 12-16) Instructions on preparing the fertilizers and ingredients are included. No illustration.
Date: February 21, 1882
Creator: Elsasser, Isaac
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for improvements in "gaskets or packing rings for steam-cylinders, and is designed to prevent the gasket from becoming broken or spread apart at the port-openings therein" (lines 7-10).
Date: May 14, 1901
Creator: Engers, Jacob
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for improvements in the construction and design of reed organs.
Date: July 9, 1907
Creator: England, James R.
Item Type: Patent

Improvement in Compositions for Filling Teeth.

Description: Patent for a new compound for use as a tooth filling as related to dentistry. Names all of the ingredients forming the compound and lists the necessary proportions of each ingredient.
Date: February 9, 1875
Creator: Erlenmeyer, Erwin
Item Type: Patent

Improvement in Churns.

Description: Patent for "a new and Improved Churn" (lines 5-6) including illustrations.
Date: August 4, 1874
Creator: Ewing, Nathaniel
Item Type: Patent

Tourist's Glass.

Description: Patent for "improvements in tourist's glasses" ... "intended for the use of tourists, hunters, ranchmen, botanists, mineralogists, and analogous purposes, the object of which is to combine with a compass a plurality of instruments particularly adapted for the aforesaid persons and purposes" (lines 10-17) including illustrations.
Date: January 21, 1908
Creator: Faehrmann, John M. ; J. M. Faehrmann
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a switch stand with a switch that moves horizontally for the purpose of affording the operator greater and easier control over the switch. Illustrations included.
Date: April 30, 1908
Creator: Farrell, John T.
Item Type: Patent

Exercising Device.

Description: Patent for an "exercising device for teaching beginners the correct touch on the piano to systematically develop finger [technique]." (Lines 9-11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: April 30, 1895
Creator: Felden, Oscar
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a box fastener that works to fasten the lid automatically when the lid is placed on the box.
Date: January 17, 1893
Creator: Fisher, Charles N.
Item Type: Patent

Steering Device for Vehicles.

Description: Patent for certain new and useful improvements in steering devices for vehicles, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: June 28, 1898
Creator: Fisher, Charles Nicholas
Item Type: Patent


Description: Patent for a wrench that uses friction-rollers to clamp the thing that is being turned. A rotary ring-shaped cam is what actually turns the wrench's object, and there are teeth that surround the outside of the cam. A pawl, when turning the handle, turns the teeth. This is what makes the cam rotate.
Date: September 15, 1896
Creator: Fisk, Marston
Item Type: Patent

Apparatus for Washing and Scrubbing Gas.

Description: Patent for a washer-scrubber that cleans gas from "tarry matter, ammonia, sulphureted hydrogen, carbonic acid and other impurities" (lines 14-16). The machine divides gas into streams, sprays it with washing liquor, spreads it over reticulated and perforated plates.
Date: March 7, 1893
Creator: Fitzgerald, John H.
Item Type: Patent

Improvement in Railroad-Switches.

Description: Patent for improvement in railroad-switches by “mounting a frog on a plate, and provided with pivoted rails or rail-sections, arranged for operation in connection with fixed rail-sections upon the plate, to form a continuity with either line of main rail, and connected below the plate by pivoted bars or levers, to secure a relative action or adjustment of the pivoted or movable rail-sections, whereby a very perfect and simple frog operating to prevent break in the main line or lines is obtained, and which is capable of being adjusted by passing trains in opposite directions of travel.” (Lines 5-18) Illustration is included.
Date: July 16, 1872
Creator: Fitzsimmons, Henry
Item Type: Patent

Improvement in Thill-Couplings.

Description: Patent for improvements in thill-couplings "whereby provision is made for the easy connection and disconnection of the shafts or pole of the vehicle without any unscrewing or removal of bolts or pins" (para. 2).
Date: November 26, 1872
Creator: Fitzsimmons, Henry
Item Type: Patent