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Description: Patent for a clamp. This device is employed to use a hoisting line attached to well casing or tubing. Illustration included.
Date: November 22, 1910
Creator: Athey, Earl

Blank Book.

Description: Patent for a new and improved blank book. This design "is an improvement upon the Megee-Miller blank book which adapts it for use of type-writers and others requiring one whose sheets or leaves may be readily detached and again secured together after having been written or printed. The sheets are detachably connected with a binding-strip by means of a cord or cords" (lines 7-14).
Date: April 19, 1892
Creator: Burris, James W.

Blank Book.

Description: Patent for a new and improved blank book. This design "consists in securing blank sheets to a binding forming the back of the book . . . so that the attachment and detachment of the sheets may be conveniently effected. Thus [the design] produce[s] a blank book which is particularly adapted for use of type-writers and other copyists" (lines 11-18).
Date: June 14, 1892
Creator: Burris, James W.


Description: Patent for improvements in farm gates in which the gate “is mounted in a simple manner that is capable of being strained up, so that it will always swing through one quadrant and being able to operate from a distance.” (Lines 40-44) Illustration is included.
Date: April 8, 1902
Creator: Clark, George R.


Description: Patent for calipers that can be adjusted micrometrically to within one five-thousandth of an inch. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: June 29, 1897
Creator: Clarke, George R.

Envelope or Bag Machine

Description: Patent for a machine "for making envelopes, paper bags, and the like wherein the blank which is to form the envelope or bag is automatically fed into the machine at its receiving end by a suitable feeder and is folded and gummed on its way through the machine, being finally delivered in a marketable condition at the delivery end of the machine" (lines 10-17).
Date: June 24, 1890
Creator: Clarke, George R.

Feeder for Printing-Machines.

Description: Patent for a feeder for printing machines that supplies sheets for them to be printed automatically. It has a reciprocating bed with a cylinder over it which rotates when the bed moves. Blank sheets are on the beds, and the cylinder moves the sheets off the beds, into rollers.
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Clarke, George R.

Feeder for Sheets of Paper, &c.

Description: Patent for improvements to sheet feeders "to take the sheet which is to be red from the bottom of the pile of sheets on a reciprocating platform which moves forward, when the sheet is seized by the suction-roller, with approximately the same speed as that of the periphery of the said roller" (lines 11-17).
Date: January 14, 1890
Creator: Clarke, George R.

Hat-Pouncing Machine.

Description: Patent for a felt hat-pouncing machine that can automatically pounce a hat no matter its contour, and means are "provided for setting the pouncer or pouncing-roll to bear uniformly on all parts of the convex surface to be pounced" (lines 13-15).
Date: March 17, 1896
Creator: Clarke, George R.


Description: Patent for "a self-feeding and self-delivering printing machine which prints sheets and not webs." (Lines 8-10) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 8, 1895
Creator: Clarke, George R.


Description: Patent for a simple sheet-feeder that separates the sheets from a pile so they can be fed one at a time. The patent improves on the suction-roller mechanism that takes a sheet and rolls it into a printer. It does not use grippers or mechanical means for grabbing a single sheet.
Date: August 14, 1894
Creator: Clarke, George R.

Saw Tooth.

Description: Patent for a new and improved saw tooth. This design "relates to saws having attachable and detachable teeth held to their places by locking plates or keys inserted, like the teeth, within recesses in the saw-plate; and it consists in a novel construction of the parts, also in combining with the same a spring-bolt, whereby each tooth and its locking key are securely held in position, with facility for detachment when required, and whereby, also, any drawing action, in cutting of the wood on the tooth, tightens the attachment of the tooth" (lines 8-18).
Date: July 29, 1884
Creator: Conover, Philip V.

Electric Car Brake.

Description: Patent for a new and improved electric car brake. This design "consists in a combination . . . of a friction-wheel mounted on a laterally-adjustable vertical shaft, provided at its upper end with a beveled cog-wheel, engaging with a beveled cog-wheel on a horizontal shaft, journaled in the under side of the car-floor, on which horizontal shaft is loosely mounted a worm, which engages with a worm-wheel mounted on [a] shaft . . . when this worm is locked on the shaft . . . the brake-chain will be wound on the shaft of the worm-wheel, and the brakes will be applied" (lines 10-23).
Date: September 26, 1882
Creator: Conover, Philip Vorus

Electric Car-Brake.

Description: Patent for a new and improved electric car-brake. This design "consists in a car-brake formed of a pinion attached to the car axle, the pinion taking in a ratchet-wheel provided with a projecting pin, that enters into the slots of a wheel provided with a sleeve, upon which the brake chain is wound, which sleeve can be moved on the axle by means of a lever that is actuated by a rod passing into a helix connected with a battery to the locomotive" (lines 11-19).
Date: February 24, 1880
Creator: Conover, Philip Vorus

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "a draw-head having a slotted top and a recessed bottom, of a transverse slotted bar journaled in bearings, one end being extended for the attachment of a handle, and the headless coupling-pin having the reduced or flattened portion to permit of its ready insertion and withdrawal from the transverse bar" (lines 73-80).
Date: January 11, 1887
Creator: Dial, Augustus A.


Description: Patent for a thill-coupling that has a clip-eye, pivot-bolt, and an open-slotted thill-iron that has flat and extended jaws with a hole. The jaws are lined up with the thill-iron, meant to secure a railroad spike into place. The invention also has a flat bar-spring attached to the thill-iron.
Date: July 30, 1895
Creator: Dibrell, Anthony