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Improvement In Corn And Cotton-Seed Planters.

Description: This patent is an upgraded corn and seed planter machine that plants corn, cotton, and other types of seeds for mass production. The machine is aligned with the surface of the ground. It does not converse with the plows that are attached to it, freeing up the machine to release seeds proficiently with ease.
Date: April 9, 1878
Creator: Adams, Benjamin F.

Apparatus for Barreling Soap-Stock.

Description: Patent for "an apparatus for filling barrels with soap-stock or other thick liquid of similar consistency, the object being to provide a machine whereby the barrels may be filled quickly through the bung-hole." (Lines 12-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 9, 1897
Creator: Ahrenbeck, William C.

Improved Baling-Press.

Description: Patent for improvements in portable press by dividing the pressing-chamber into two parts, one of which is fixed to the wagon-frame, the other part is movable. “The movable part contains the follower, adapted to be titled with it, and operated by the winding-drum, cords, wheel and the wings, working in the horizontal slots in the sides of these parts.” (Lines 81-85) Illustration is included.
Date: January 12, 1869
Creator: Berkeley, J.


Description: Patent for an automatic car-coupling that is designed to be operated from either side of the car. The danger of an operator passing between cars to couple or uncouple the cars is avoided in this invention, and the coupling can be adapted to couple cars that have draw-bars to unequal height. The coupling can be manually operated if wished.
Date: January 28, 1896
Creator: Boyd, James S.


Description: Patent for "car-couplers of the link-and-pin type which couple automatically and are provided with unlocking-levers operated from the top and side of a car, and designed to avoid the necessity of passing between the cars to couple or uncouple the same." (Lines 11-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 28, 1896
Creator: Boyd, James S.

Improvement in Fences

Description: Patent for an improvement in fences through the manufacturing of a fence or fence-paneling of hoop-iron, so that it may be sold in sections of any desired length, rolled up in compact form, easily and cheaply transported to any distance, and put up by the farmer with rapidity and facility.
Date: June 4, 1872
Creator: Brown, Floyd G.

Nut Lock.

Description: Patent for a new and improved nut lock. This design "consists in a friction roller held loosely between two nuts, or between a nut and any object to be held by a bolt, which roller, when the nut or lock-nut is screwed down upon it, binds the nut or nuts upon the bolt and locks them securely thereon" (lines 11-16).
Date: January 20, 1885
Creator: Campbell, James A.

Spindle-Nut Attachment.

Description: Patent for improvement in spindle-nut by providing “an extension to the spindle-nut, not being a washer in any sense of the word, but to all intents and purposes an integral part of said nut adapted to extend toward the outer end of the axle-box and to hold the same to its seat upon the spindle as efficiently as when the parts were new.” (Lines 35-41) Illustration is included.
Date: February 3, 1903
Creator: Carlton, Edward

Roller Compress

Description: Patent for roller compress. This is an "improved roller-compress,especially adapted for forming cylindrical bales from cotton-bat by winding the same in successive layers upon itself" (p. 1, lines 8-11), including instructions and illustrations.
Date: March 30, 1900
Creator: Carter, E. D.


Description: Patent for cotton press for bailing cotton employed in forming cylindrical bales from bat or sheet of cotton received from the condenser. (lines 10-13)
Date: January 27, 1903
Creator: Carter, Edward D.