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Description: Patent for improvement in corn-shellers; in which “it consists in a perforated casting provided with radial teeth or projections which extend toward its center and which is to be secured to a support having an opening through it, combined with a double-ended handle which has an opening through its center and teeth projecting from the opening.” (Lines 13-20) Illustration is included.
Date: September 22, 1891
Creator: Bander, Charles Bornet


Description: Patent for a car-coupling that has a "hollow draw-head provided with a horizontal chamber, a vertical pin-hole near the forward end of said chamber, and a slot in the lower part of said draw-head opening into said chamber, of a sliding latch mounted in said chamber and provided with a lip projecting beyond the outer end of said latch and curved downward as shown, and with a groove on the lower side of said latch, of a pivoted arm engaging in said groove, and a weight integral with said arm and wholly inclosed within said slot and adapted to move said sliding latch forward beneath the lower end of the pin when the latter is raised" (lines 5-18). A coupling pin is mounted in the pin-hole.
Date: April 7, 1896
Creator: Barry, Jefferson D.


Description: Patent for tool handles relating to "improvements in handles for hoes, rakes, and similar agricultural or mechanical implements; and it consists in the novel devices hereinafter described and claimed (lines 10-15).
Date: February 7, 1898
Creator: Barry, Jefferson D.


Description: Patent for improvements in trace-carriers in which it would “provide each with a buckle or similar means that can be attached to the back-band of a harness for horses. The purpose is to provide means to a trace-chain which may be readily inserted in the carrier to prevent from removal, either accidentally or otherwise, so long as the carrier remains in position for service.” (Lines 12-20) Illustration is included.
Date: June 23, 1891
Creator: Barton, Samuel Jones


Description: Patent for a simple, inexpensive, durable, and efficient car coupling "which will insure positive automatic coupling when two opposite draw-heads come together" (lines 16-18).
Date: April 26, 1892
Creator: Bird, Robert L. & Bird, John L.


Description: Patent for a nut-lock "to be used in connection with a vertical bolt" connecting the axles and wheels of a vehicle or a railroad car with the other parts of the vehicle or railroad car (lines 8-12). It also has "many other purposes" that are not detailed (line 13).
Date: June 3, 1902
Creator: Bolen, Brantle W.


Description: Patent for improvement of plows; and it consists of a combination of two plows, which are attached to separate beams of their own, and which run upon opposite side of the growing plants for the purpose of cutting away weeds and dirt from around them, with two culitivators or shovels, which run immediately in the rear of said plows, and which clutivators are attached to beams of their own and serve to throw the dirt back toward the plants, as will be more fully described hereinafter.
Date: April 4, 1881
Creator: Carter, Charles Henry


Description: Patent for an insecticide specifically for insects that burrow into the shucks of corn. "The general object of my invention is to provide a compound capable, when affected by moisture incidental to the sweating of the corn in the crib, of generating a poisonous gas which will permeate the shucks and reach and destroy the insect within the shucks, where it cannot be destroyed by simply sprinkling the corn with a poisonous powder or solution" (lines 17-25).
Date: September 13, 1892
Creator: Carter, Joseph John


Description: Patent for a milk cooler, which has a water tank above the jugs of milk that slowly drips cold water onto porous cloths covering the milk jugs.
Date: August 10, 1909
Creator: Dickson, Tomas Edward


Description: Patent for a wire-stretcher used in the building and repair of wire fences, including illustrations. This wire-stretcher's design has features which improve the efficiency of the construction of wire fences.
Date: April 17, 1906
Creator: Feist, Felix L.

Washing Machine

Description: Patent for a washing machine so it can "provide a simple and improved device of this character, which can be efficiently operated" (p. 03).
Date: May 21, 1889
Creator: Fleischhauer, Louis, of Perry, Texas, Assignor of One-Third to Johannes Wohlert, of Same Place

Governor for Cotton Gins.

Description: Patent for a new and improved governor for cotton gins. This design utilizes a moveable suspended roll-breast and a moveable rocking frame to regulate the amount of cotton fed into the roll-box. This design simplifies and cheapens gin production, and it makes the parts of the gin more adaptable to other gins of different sizes.
Date: January 3, 1882
Creator: Forbes, Lycurgus D.

Governor for Cotton Gins and Cotton Gin Feeders.

Description: Patent for a new and improved governor for cotton gins. This design "consists, first, in the combination of an oscillating or movable roll-breast with a regulating attachment, whereby the size of the roll or the pressure of the cotton in the roll-box is made to regulate the feed to the gin to any desired degree; second, in forming a series of slots through the outer side of the roll-breast, so that the cotton seed may be discharged through the outer side of the breast, as well as in addition to the usual slot which is made through the bottom of the roll-box" (lines 15-25).
Date: May 10, 1881
Creator: Forbes, Lycurgus D.

Wash Boiler.

Description: Patent for a new and improved laundry boiler. This design consists in "a partition at its lower end slightly above the bottom formed with a screw-threaded neck at its center, a perforated tube fitting with its lower end upon the neck and having its upper end closed, and a number of perforated triangular tubes upon the side of the boiler provided with stoppers at their upper ends and extending from the partition in the lower end of the boiler, and a rack consisting of rings connected at their upper edges by cross-pieces" (lines 76-86).
Date: October 5, 1886
Creator: Fountain, Henry Stephen


Description: Patent for a plow. This invention is a cultivator-plow designed for cultivating cotton, corn, potatoes, etc. into rows while at the same time cutting out grass and weeds. Illustration included.
Date: November 24, 1903
Creator: Griffin, Tom & Howell, Louis

Post Auger.

Description: Patent for a new and improved post-auger. This design "is to improve that class of post-augers whose blades are made adjustable so as to make large or small holes. They have ordinarily been adjusted by means of a bolt, nut, and slot in the blade; but the blades work out of correspondence with each other, the nuts becoming more or less loosened. [This design] dispense[s] with bolt, nut, and slot" (lines 15-23).
Date: October 22, 1889
Creator: Harris, Green Berry