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Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "consists in the construction and novel arrangement of the fork-shaped draw-heads having under-beveled bearings between the branches, the slotted coupler-bars having hook-lugs in front of the slots and adapted to interlock, the side bearings or ledges on each side of each hook-lug, designed to support the sides of the bar and to allow the hook-lugs to enter the slots in coupling" (lines 19-27).
Date: June 20, 1882
Creator: Anderson, Lee

Cotton Chopper and Harrow

Description: Patent for "a cotton chopper, the combination, with the wheeled vehicle, of the side and central section-bars carrying the inclined knives, the handles secured to the central section, and double rack connecting said handles, the adjusting-levers pivoted to the central section, and the pivoted perforated arms connecting the levers and outer section bars" (lines 40-47).
Date: December 26, 1882
Creator: Roberts, George W.