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Description: Patent for "a bottle-stopper which shall not require any wire, cap or clamp for holding it and which shall by reason of its form and of the materials of which it is composed afford a tight joint or seal under all circumstances." (Lines 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 11, 1896
Creator: Davis, Clifton H.


Description: Patent for "new and useful improvements in wagon-bodies, having for its object simplicity and durability," (lines 10-12) including illustrations.
Date: December 27, 1887
Creator: Folsome, Charles F.

Cotton and Corn Planter.

Description: Patent for a cotton and corn planter that does not put as much pressure on the tongue of the machine as previous models and that allows the plow attachment to be lifted higher off the ground to avoid obstacles.
Date: June 4, 1907
Creator: Goodnight, Frank H.


Description: Patent for car locks "that cannot be tampered with without the fact being readily perceptible, and thus prevent the car passing unobserved the point where such lock was opened." (Lines 13-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 2, 1897
Creator: Haley, Fred H.

Improvement in Plows.

Description: Patent for improvement in plows: "The invention consists in so attaching a revolving disk, cutter, or colter to the beam of the plow that it will rotate on its own axis, and vibrate laterally, to accommodate itself to the line of draft or direction of the beam of the plow; also, in the means used by which the revolving cutter or colter is attached to the beam of the plow, and having the means of swiveling or turning in the beam to accommodate itself to the line of draft of the plow" (lines 22-31) including illustrations and instructions.
Date: December 28, 1869
Creator: Hall, Thomas J.

Improvement in Adjustable Saddle-Trees.

Description: Patent for "improvements in saddle-trees; and the invention consists in constructing the forward ends of the trees with the hinged connection between its sides, to allow lateral adjustment of the sides to and from each other..." (lines 10-13) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: June 16, 1874
Creator: Heaton, George & Eckley, Charles

Wheeled Plow.

Description: Patent for a wheeled plow with multiple accessories attached to it that allows for adjustment of each accessory separately, holds the weight of the parts better, and keeps the parts more securely connected to the plow.
Date: February 26, 1907
Creator: Hendon, Walter P.